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another great read It gets difficult finding new things to say about this series, because each book isof the same but in a good way It touches me, it moves me, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and most importantly it challenges me I need to take a page from these books and get my prayer life up to snuff.I liked how this book had everybody involved not just the Yadas, but their families as well Josh is growing up to be an amazing guy, and I look forward to readingabout him in the next books I m looking forward to seeingof Becky s growth as well. The Yada Yadas Got Tight In The Past Year, But They Re About To Learn The Real Meaning Of Togetherness We D Done It We D Taken A Mismatched, Diverse Group Of Women And Cobbled Together A Prayer Group That Really Worked For All Of Us Now That Spring Was Here, We Were Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary And A Wedding, An Early Parole, And Two Baptisms In The Lake Everything Was Feeling Pretty GreatBut It S When We Re In Our Comfort Zone That We Re Most Likely To Let Our Guard Down Without Warning, Lots Of Little Things Seemed To Become Big Problems With A White Supremacy Hate Group Targeting A Local University, Our Very Diversity Almost Became A Liability It Took A Vicious Attack On Nony S Husband To Make Us See That We Had To Get Tough And Fight Back Together I love how Neta Jackson makes the reader think about the issue of racism within society and also within the church Neta does a great job in how the characters are so real.In book 4 it is Spring and the Yada Yadas are Celebrating their one year anniversary and a wedding, an early parole, and two baptisms in the lake A time of Rejoicing and feeling comfortable and many times when we are in our comfort zone that we re most likely to let our guard down and to get our focus off the Author Finisher of our Faith WOW Just when I think the last book was good This 4 was by far the BEST I love the scripture reading in each book Neta Jackson you out did yourself on this book I have already started on the next book I don t want them to end Love love love this series This was 4 in the Yada Yada Prayer group series Don t let the covers fool you, these are NOT fluff books There is so much truth in them yet they are so real I love the main message throughout about healing race and denominational chasms in the Body of Christ I can t recommend them high enough If you haven t read them you are missing out. Another great story Loved this story I m reading all of the books in this series Love all of the characters and how they are all developing. Book three continues with the girls at Uptown Community Church Becky gets baptized and redemption is felt by many in the group can t wait to read where book four takes us. I really needed to visit with the Yada Yada ladies again They did not let me down.I love the world of the Yada Yada prayer group, for each of the ladies life is not perfect they have their problems, but stand together to face whatever is thrown at them This time the ladies have to get tough as they face the threats from a white supremacy group to interracial churches sharing the same church premises, wining the lottery, teen romances and unplanned pregnancies and the violent attack on one of their husbands that leaves him in the ICU.The ladies of the group still manage to find the time each week they need to get together and pray over all the hot issues in their lives This book will make you laugh, get very angry and even shed a tear or two, but I defy you to read it through and not feel any emotion. I especailly enjoyed this book A crisis hits the Yada Yada group that tests their faith Not only the women but their families too In this book everyone gets involved and they ask what the future has in store for them Jodi has a lot of questions and still deal with her interself at times wanting to know again why God lets such evil to happen I know what she means in the book is shows how all the women are going thru things that test their faith It shows how they deal with it, through pray, crying and being there for each other Their lives interact with each others In the book it shows how important each of us are and that we each bring a little something in someone life, rather we think we need to , just a little something goes a long way Being there when the group needed each other for whatever is needed, even if it us just to sit with someone It is hard to accept things that happens to good people yet the bad continues This book teaches that ugly is always around and how we handle it is what is important Our faith is tested from time to time, but are we ready for it when it happens Will we complain, turn our backs on God for letting it happen or pray for understanding and forgiveness It is hard to do these things but to get right in God s eyes we have to take the time, adjust and find our way thru.