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Winning the lottery, racial attacks, trouble, and pregnancy, and many visits to the hospital keep Jodi and the Yada Yadas on their knees They decide to stand up for what they believe in and it challenges them continually This might be one of the most intense page turning books in the series. 4.5 This is another great instalment of the Yada Yada Prayer Group, with issues ranging from pride to learning to trust Godfully with all aspects of our lives.I love how the Yada Yada ladies are there for each other and how this has extended to their husbands and some of the kids looking out for each other as well.I can t wait to read the final 2 books in the series, but I will also be sad when they are finished For The Yada Yadas, Gettin Caught Up In Troubles Isn T The Problem It S How To Get FreeOnly Weeks Ago, We Yadas Toughened Our Prayer Knees When One Of Our Own Was The Victim Of A Vicious Racial Attack Now It Seems Each Household Is Being Thrown Into Even Bigger And Badder Circumstances It Especially Worries Me, Jodi Baxter, Because I M A Fixer By Nature, And The Prayer List Is Getting Out Of ControlRuth And Ben Are Caught Up In An Unplanned Pregnancy In Their Fifties Chanda Is Deluded By The Glitter Of Her Lottery Dream Come True Florida Wants To Move Her Family, Hoping To Leave Trouble Behind, But It Looks Like It May Catch Up To Her Anyway And I M Finding That Even Good Things Like Prayer Group Can Consume Me In No Time FlatIf There Is An Upside, It S That All This Trouble Is Revealing The Subtle Lies We Yadas Believe About God, Ourselves, Each Other, And Life Maybe Our Best Hope Is To Catch On To What God S Doing And Catch On Quick Before The Enemy Can Take Any Prisoners That D Be A Freedom Worth Celebrating And Celebrating Is What My Spiritual Sisters And I Do Best I picked this book up for an airplane read based upon the recommendation of a friend who has read the whole Yada Yada Prayer Group series I wasn t disappointed The book follows a multi ethnic group of female friends through the trials and tribulations of life Once a month this group gets together to worship God and pray for each other I like the way the book weaves prayer into real life and shows the struggles of one woman in particular to do this It was an engaging read and a practical primer on how to Pray First My goodness, our Yada Yada sisters are snippy and snappy in this book This one has a problemthat one has a problemJodi the anchor worries of them all until she remembers once again to take it to God in prayer cue music Side note on the baby names one seemed incomplete kept wanting to add Nigila hehe. After having read through the series to this one Book 5 I feel like I am meeting with old friends now These books are just awesome They are encouraging and very real I can t recommend them high enough This book is from Scribd For a free 60 day free trial use the following referral link Loved this one and love the series Only two left, I ll be sad when it s done Already read House of Hope Thx so much for writing them, Neta They all have encouraged and enhanced my own prayer life so much Life is not about me it s about God and His purpose for all of us Not quite as good as book 4 but still had a few amazing moments, even a few tears from this emotional Mama, of course It s a simple yet powerful look into how Christians do everyday struggles, how we are blessed when we help each other bear these burdens through prayer. I read the first 4 books in the Yada Yada series several years ago I didn t really remember specifics about them, just that they were good, easy summer reads This is the 5th in the series, and the author does backtrack to things that happened prior to the stories told here I don t remember them being so in your face Christian, not that I find anything wrong with that There was not a lot of action in this edition, but it was a squeaky clean and pleasant enough read I just couldn t figure out what they got caught at And as another reviewer said, the subject of spousal abuse was VERY poorly dealt with. It doesn t disappointIf you ve been following the women of Yada Yada along this journey then you will understand where I m coming from Neta Jackson has done an amazing job of wrapping you into every characters life and showing you the hope and purpose God has for each of them All along the way she manages to remind you of that still small voice we often forget is there nudging us to surround ourselves with the love and support that comes from the most unexpected places Wonderful read again Can t wait for book 6.