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A Devastating Fire Wakes Up The Yadas To A New Reality God Is On The MoveWhat I D Like To Know Is, Why Does God Keep Rearranging My Comfort Zone It Could Have Something To Do With My Yada Yada Prayer Sisters, Who Aren T Afraid To Get In Each Other S Faces And Tend To Expect Big Things From GodBut To Move Forward, Sometimes We Have To Let Go Of What S Behind In Spite Of The Loss Of Two Dear Friends In Spite Of The Breakup Of A Teenage Love In Spite Of The Curse Of HIV In Spite Of Prison Time Hanging Over The Head Of A Beloved Child In Spite Of Fire Consuming The Hopes Of Those Who Have NothingYet Out Of The Ashes, God Is Doing A New Thing It S Time For The Yadas To Press On, Pray On, And Get Rolling

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    I have enjoyed all of the Yada books and feel like I ve gotten to know these women We should all have a group of friends like this I like reading about developing a relationship with God in real life and sometimes ordinary situations.

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    As always a good read I loved following the story of the Yada Yada ladies, and their off spring especially Jodi s Josh and Amanda, and Avis daughter, Rochelle, and grandson, Conrad and Manna House the women s shelter Jodi s still doing her name thing for birthdays although she s almost done everyone s names by now The Uptown Community New Morning church blend is still working out their merging together and it s good to see how they go about this It s also always interesting to learn a bit about Jewish festivals and how they tie in with the Christian faith.

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    On page 203 I just love these books Envy the ladies in this prayer group and wish that I was involved in something similar Their stories touch me and make me realize something is missing in my life.Finished yet another one in this series This particular book seemed to deal with loss..loss of a family pet, loss of a family member, loss of a home, etc and how we need to keep moving forward as difficult as it may seem some times Keep your faith, always.

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    I always like these books b c it s about relationships and being molded and into the image of Christ I so enjoyed the recipes in the back and how to have a seder We are so going to do that next time around Easter It even provided some history and how it foretold what would happen with Jesus Christ came.

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    Wow that was some ride I m still wiping the tears off my face from the last few chapters Good tears though It wasn t sad, just incredibly moving.I m sad there are only 7 books in this series, because they are just incredible I pray I can learn to pray like Jodi and her Yada Yada sisters and I wouldn t mind hearing that still small voice as clearly either.

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    Once again Neta Jackson did a great job with the crazy group of women that make up the Yada Yada Prayer Group The way the storyline incorporates scripture throughout the situations and the the use of prayer in any and every situation makes this a really uplifting and spirit filled story The laughter, fun, and craziness just add the piece de resistance.

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    This is the sixth book in the seriesI recently read book 1 I was hoping the author might have improved somewhat by book six, but it was much the same heavy handed Christianity, and lots of hypocrisy on the part of the main character I won t go there again.

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    In book 6, the Yada Yada Prayer group realizes they have become complacent in their worship, with their families, and in their community Each knows they must reaffirm their belief in the Lord, as God always brings a renewal of life and spirit out of the ashes of destruction.The Yada sisters must grow and embrace the change of merging the Uptown Community with the New Morning Christian Church that potentially can make both stronger as neither would remain homogeneous The sisters especially understand they must pray and welcome newcomers into their prayer group if they are to remain true to the Lord Jodi and Denny set the example by reaching out to those at a nearby juvenile detention center following the pair s understanding that listening to the Holy Spirit telling them that their past was good, but now the challenge is to reach beyond their safe group to others outside that comfort zone.With this dramatic spin that widens the scope of the prayer group from the 1st five books Neta Jackson inspires her readers to be all that God expects us to be The original Yada Yadas expand with the blending of the two groups so that new problems emerge Racism, HIV and other health issues, criminals and juvenile delinquents challenge the Yada Yada Prayer Group members to pray for guidance, listen to that guidance, and apply that guidance to one and all Fans of the series will roll along with the Yadas as God wants them to try new things starting with expanding their sphere as everyone is welcomed in God s tent

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    This series follows a wife and mother of two In book one she attends a womans christian conference where she meets 11 other woman These 12 woman become a close nit group Each book follows them through different trials and experiences while they lean not only on each other but on God I am currently on book 6 and they are all an amazing read I have deffinitly learned a thing or two from these books But most of all they are so good once I pick them up they are very hard to put down again.

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    This installment of the Yada Yada Prayer Group series deals with death, jail, fires, volunteerism, and how to make the best use of God s blessings There was one twist in the storyline that made me tear up a little, but for the most part I read this because of my strange need to complete series So much has happened to these characters that I can t imagine what would be left for the seventh book.