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Every Jury Has A Leader, And The Verdict Belongs To Him In Biloxi, Mississippi, A Landmark Tobacco Trial With Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars At Stake Begins Routinely, Then Swerves Mysteriously Off Course The Jury Is Behaving Strangely, And At Least One Juror Is Convinced He S Being Watched Soon They Have To Be Sequestered Then A Tip From An Anonymous Young Woman Suggests She Is Able To Predict The Jurors Increasingly Odd Behavior Is The Jury Somehow Being Manipulated, Or Even Controlled If So, By Whom And, Importantly, Why From The Trade Paperback Edition Another excellent work by a world revered writer The kernel of the theme here is seemingly encapsulated when the odious Fitch ponders Oh the questions he wanted to ask He d love to start with the two of them and ask whose idea it was, such an ingenious devious plan to study litigation, then follow it across the country then plant oneself on the jury so a deal could be cut for a verdict It was nothing short of brilliant He could grill her for hours, maybe days about the specifics but he knew there would be no answers But of course the plot cannot be that simple and we have to wade through this tantalizing work to know the unadorned truth in the end Typical of his works, the author reveals the sleazy nature of the law and legal practitioners For example we read They did the dirty work that had to be kept to themselves Most of the other lawyers used runners like Clive to spread cash and chase cases and perform dark little deeds not taught in law school, but none of them would ever admit to such unethical activity This steaming work is also about big business, big money, the ruthlessness of the corporate world in certain cases here the tobacco conglomerates How well we know here in Africa how the monolithic companies trample those who dare to get in their way Yet the author clearly pitches his tent with the victims of smoking, as the story peters to an end Those against smoking carry the day, and it becomes illuminating as we read My parents were wonderful peoplethey got hooked on cigarettes when they were in college They hated themselves for smoking but could never give it up They died horrible deaths I watched them suffer and shrivel and gasp for breath until they could not breathe any The Runaway Jury, John GrishamThe Runaway Jury is a legal thriller novel written by American author John Grisham 1998 1375 547 1385 9644182839 624 . I m glad I didn t pay for this book Our apartment building has a bookcase in front of the elevator, and someone in the building must be a Grisham fan, because I ve picked up several of his books from the communal bookcase This is the worst of the Grishams that I ve read.What annoyed me the most was the sheer implausibility of the whole story The civil tobacco trial itself was plausible enough, but the jury foreman protagonist and his accomplice on the outside have a plan to influence the trial via the jury verdict that is so ridiculously far fetched that it s impossible for anyone with common sense to buy into the idea that this could succeed Without giving anything away, they ve been hopping from tobacco trial to tobacco trial in other states where big tobacco trials have been scheduled previously , changing names, registering to vote in each new state, and miraculously getting called for jury duty right when the big tobacco case was happening, and miraculously getting called to be in the jury pool for that particular trial as opposed to the myriad other civil and criminal trials happening on the same day that also need jurors , only to fall just short of getting seated on a jury until this case, when they finally manage to get the protagonist on the jury and put their master scheme into action The whole plot just unacceptably begs belief, and I lost patience with it rather quickly.After about the 1 3 point, I was just reading to see how it ended, not because I cared about any of the characters or the outcome of the trial, but just to get answers to the protagonists true intentions and motivations, which you don t learn until the very end I think this is why it was such a frustrating book for me I would prefer to have someone to root for in a book, and when you are not privy to the motivations or goals of the main character when, in essence, you have no idea whether he s a decent guy or a selfish jerk you can t feel invested in that character or the story. Nicholas Easter, juror number 2 and a mysterious woman known as Marlee conspire to manipulate the jury to secure a verdict in a landmark trial involving a widow plaintiff whose husband died of lung cancer because of cigarette addiction and a big tobacco company They have to play with both sides the plaintiff and the defense and go up against a cunning jury consultant Rankin Fitch who is an expert in jury manipulations Fitch works for the defense.The Runaway Jury is an intensely suspenseful legal thriller I could feel my heart pounding as I read the last pages of the book I was hooked by Grisham s narration as a child mesmerized by bedtime storytelling The book tackles a lot of important points about cigarette smoking which make the storyinteresting Perhaps Grisham s novels are like cigarettes with nicotine substances which make them so addictive.