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I was very interested to read Bipolar A Breakdown Cards of the table time I am a mental health nurse of thirteen years experience, most of which has been spent working in a variety of inpatient settings currently working in education Coupled with this, I have my own mental health issues chronic anxiety the treatment for which I have never been happy with, and my father suffered from severe and enduring mental health problems up until his untimely death which I blame in large part on inadequate mental health care..Max provides a thorough introduction and context to the book, his state of mind, and to how it is structured All of which becomes clear and relevant as you read on Max has is an extremely articulate and cogent writer, which is even impressive when you consider his situation at the time he wrote it He has an acerbic and straight to the point style which I appreciate He details the daily drudge of living albeit temporarily in a mental health ward It leads to a mixture of reactions It is funny, sad, annoying and heart breaking several references to his daughter brings the reader back to down to earth, making you realise that this is actual real life rather than just a fictional ACCOUNT The lack of anything resembling a beginning, middle, and end structure just adds to the authenticity of his writing.His descriptions of the ward, staff, and other patients are amusing to me as they mirror my own experiences and observations of working within mental health The people, the names he gives people, their attire, mannerisms, etc., are all people I can pick out and remember Max s description of the ward routine being based around cigarettes and smoking is every mental health ward in the country although differs between areas due to restrictions on smoking His frustration with and the horrendous side effects with the medication he was prescribed, is an all too familiar situation, as is having to beg to be admitted to hospital.This is not a story, not pleasant, not heart warming There are no twists, happy endings, plots or character development, It is a brief, stark snap shot of a person s LIFE when they have hit rock bottom It is, however, though provoking, eloquent, obnoxious, and rude but most of all, real This isn t Benidorm beach reading or maybe for some it is but for anyone with an interest directly or indirectly with the maybe the biggest health issue of the 21st century, mental health then this is essential if not easy reading.To QUOTE Max Peace at all costs It Has Finally Happened The Ebb And Flow Of My Bipolar Tide Has Led Me, As Foreseen By A Sibling Some Years Prior, To Either Prison, Or A Psychiatric Institution One Week In A Psychiatric Acute Ward, From The Pen Of Max J Freeman, Author Of The Paki , And The Forthcoming The PsychiatristsA Word For Word, As Written On NHS Paper Account Of A Week, Post Breakdown, In An Acute Psychiatric Care Ward In Twelve Thousand Words Written In Honesty, And Not Hoping To Impress AnyoneThe Author Welcomes All Reviews Right from the outset the author says the reader will be abused at times, he says at the end you ll probably hate him as much as he does, so if you are easily offended you should go and watch Jeremy Kyle instead That made me laugh, and I kept laughing at his observations throughout the book, I do feel a bit bad about that what with the subject matter, but when he does get down to the nutty gritty I did feel for him.His humour and outlook on life reminded me of Stuart Lee s comedy vehicle, the rants about the system, defending those who deserve it and the constant breaking of the fourth wall and communicating with the reader all had a similar feel.I thought this was going to be a mega rant about the mental health side of things at the NHS, but he was very honest, praising some staff and defending others who were so over worked they couldn t do their job as well as they wanted too It was an interesting read, I m glad he has shared it and hope he got some therapy out of writing it One of the most memorable lines in the book was it s my breakdown If you don t like it, go get your own. I wrote this.Reading back something written in the throws of a mental breakdown is always fun I hope that the reader will forgive me giving myself 5 stars on this, but to be honest, the fact I could wipe my own arse during this week deserves a round of applause.As always, I welcome all honest reviews, regardless of how many stars To know that someone has read something I have written, means far to me than the applause of sycophants.Thanks for reading this piece. For a piece that states it was never intended to be published, as a reader you feel like you are supposed to be reading this book You are being spoken to, you are privileged to be given an insight to a moment in someones life a part of someones life you never expect hear about We all have our own streams of consciousness but it is rare to record them and even rarer to share them, thank you for sharing these difficult moments and giving us an insight to your time at an NHS psychiatric institution. Beautifully written indeed I ve read this book three times so far, and I shall probably read again I liked the writers honesty, his ability to really observe people and himself. Amazing honest and touchingA brutal, honest and insightful, almost familiar rollercoaster of moods and experiences that flow as only a true person who has lived this pain could write Max I salute you for writing and sharing this I feel for you and wish you all the very best in finding peace, at any cost Everyone should read this book to learn what compassion for our fellow humans is and to know the inner torture and pain that hurts so many.