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Mistletoe Cowboy by USA TODAY bestselling author Lacy Williams After suffering a career ending injury bull rider Justin Michaels has stalled out At twenty seven he’s back in college to try and find direction for his life Valri North is a few credits away from completing her pre med degree She’s got her life planned out until a disastrous assignment in class and a distracting cowboy threaten to derail her carefully ordered plans

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    Decent development for a novella I appreciated that the h wasn’t a doormat who did all the pursuing but I didn’t like how the H kept pushing her away It was annoying And I wished that he had realized why he shouldn’t be having one night stands instead of getting into an accident and not being able to live that lifestyle any It never mentions that he regretted that part of his life only that he felt like the h wouldn’t want him any because of it That aspect needed to be explored a bit I liked the dual povs and the jumps in time They helped the relationship and feelings be believable All in all an ok novella

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    Lacy Williams has outdone herself with the series Heart of Oklahoma and I have reread them here recently as if it was the first time all over again I thoroughly enjoyed story number three due to the fact that it was realistic and seemed to step off the page as if it was everyday life Many romance novels seem to just appear with a fabulous relations and this is just not the case in real life I enjoyed Mistletoe Cowboy because it was life like and easy to relate too Justin Michaels has experienced life in ways that many individuals should never have to face and because of these hard learned lessons he fills out of sorts and unworthy of anyone anywhere Valri North entered into this picture through her job at the coffee shop a pleasant face to dream about when life becomes overwhelming; however what Justin failed to notice was that he too was a pleasant face to dream about when her days overtook her as well Love can find us when we least expect it no one ever knows when it will pop up and overwhelm them but it is important to grab it when the opportunity rises and too not let it pass you by Mistletoe Cowboy is a loving tale about two individuals who have to get over themselves in order to make a future that would be better for the two of them Love blossoming at it's finest

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    Loved it Short very sweet romance novella

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    After an injury ended his career as a bull rider Justin is trying to find a new direction in his life even though he is back home helping out at the family ranch and attending school Valri is a woman who has a plan for her future but between her multiple jobs attending college and helping out with her younger siblings she comes a distant secondThe bright spot in their day is their interactions with each other at the coffee shop but it is when they find themselves in the same college class that they get to know each other These two couldn’t be a better match as they give each other exactly what they didn’t know they needed I enjoyed the performance of the narrator and thought she did a great job portraying the emotions of the characters

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    35 stars Probably my favourite in this series Another novella length romance but Justin is older and facing complex challenges as he tries to figure out the rest of his life and specifically how Varly fits into it These are lovely relaxing reads at the end of a long week

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    I adore this series A former bull rider and a busy college student seem like an unlikely match but you know what they say about opposites I especially enjoyed the family dynamics within the story I highly recommend itI read this as part of the Cowboy Kisses novella collection by Lacy Williams

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    MissingTaking a RiskJustin likes to flirt with the girl at the Coffee Hut So when he finds himself sitting next to her in a college speech class they finally discover their namesand about each other Valri wants to be a doctor and Justin doesn't know whathe wants He feels that he is not good enough for her Will Justin overcome his negative feelings and take a risk with school and his feelings for Valrico? Lacy has written a wonderful book Looking forward to reading of her books

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    I enjoyed this story Justin felt unworthy of Valri for several reasons including his wild past previous addiction to pain meds and the fact that Valri was much younger I liked the development of Valri's and Justin's relationship from bringing her a meal to class to helping out in a snow storm when she had a flat tire I enjoyed the insight into Valri's overwhelming family responsibilities and how Justin pitched in showing his true feelings without saying a word I highly recommend this book as a sweet clean read

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    RedemptionWhat a sweet romantic deep story I loved Justin in this novella Valri is a little bout if every girl She is so relatable that I could see myself in this story Justin has had a rough few years and it was touching to see his level of growth This is the 3rd book in the series It's been a long time since I read the others I think I'd have loved it even if the other books were fresh in my mind but regardless this was a great book

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    SpeechesJustin is taking a Communication class at night he still hasn't decided a major yet he sits by the door instead of limping down the stairs every class Valri works 3 jobs and helps her parents with her younger siblings and goes to school She first started seeing Justin and knowing his name when he would stop by Coffee Hut where she worked now they were in class together He is scared he isn't good enough We'll see