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FANS OF SOOKIE STACKHOUSE WILL LOVE EVIE PRESTON New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Scott continues everyone's favorite amateur sleuth Evie Preston's story Evie Preston has the most difficult decision of her life to make Remain in the here and now and pursue the dream opportunity she's just been given ORfind a way to the dark portal where she risks never being able to return to discover what happened to her missing sister and her dead boyfriend Skirting the edge of gritty and glossy Los Angeles Michele Scott takes paranormal mystery in a new direction with romance humor intrigue and a fantastic leading lady I can’t wait to read the next in the series Elizabeth Hunter best selling author of the Elemental Mysteries “A sexy irresistible supernatural mystery mixed with a big cast of colorful characters A fun twisting plot worthy of Alfred Hitchcock that had me guessing until the very end and guessing wrong I might add Michele Scott is a tremendous talent and The Dead Celeb is a helluva lot of fun to read JR Rain bestselling author of Moon Dance and Vampire Games What do you get when a dozen bestselling award winning mysterythriller authors write brand new material centered on one heart stopping event? You get FLIGHT 12 the revolutionary followup by The Twelve to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling DEADLY DOZEN The groundbreaking FLIGHT 12 series will feature a new release from each member of The Twelve plus very special guests with a conclusion so thrilling it could only come from the minds of our readers Join The Twelve in the ongoing FLIGHT 12 project Don't just read about your favorite characters participate in the story win prizes and see storytelling in a totally new way The Flight 12 books in order of publication are Flight 12 May 2014 A Kristin Cunningham Thriller by Allan Leverone Flight 12 June 2014 A Laura Cardinal Thriller by J Carson Black Flight 12 July 2014 A Jess Kimball Thriller by Diane Capri Flight 12 August 2014 A Sloane Monroe Thriller by Cheryl Bradshaw Flight 12 September 2014 A Kirk Weston Thriller by Aaron Patterson Flight 12 October 2014 A Dick Moonlight PI Thriller by Vince Zandri Flight 12 November 2014 An Evie Preston Thriller by Michele Scott Flight 12 December 2014 A Kylie Cain Thriller by AK Alexander and JR Rain Flight 12 January 2015 A Xandra Carrick Thriller by Joshua Graham Flight 12 February 2015 A Jonathan uinn Thriller by Brett Battles Flight 12 March 2015 A Jessie Night Thriller by Carol Davis Luce Flight 12 April 2015 Nick Jennings Thriller by Robert Gregory Browne May 12 New York AP A Skyway Airlines flight carrying 375 passengers and 13 crew bound for Rome’s Fiumicino airport from New York’s JFK International Airport has disappeared off the radar overnight according to airline spokespersons Skyway Flight 12 had left New York at 1200 midnight Monday evening and was said to be operating normally and in good weather conditions According to sources on the ground the plane a Boeing 767 was piloted by an experienced flight crew who issued no alarm of any kind prior to vanishing somewhere over the Atlantic ocean east of Newfoundland The 767 is said to be a reliable twin engine carrier that’s been in service since 1982 with an excellent safety record While a catastrophic mechanical failure is presently being investigated says an FAA spokesman a criminal event is not being ruled out

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    This novella is part of a 12 part series I've only read one other part and I can't really figure out why or how the books fit together One was about terrorists and antimateria but this is about ghosts Evie Preston has a missing sister a dead boyfriend and she hangs out with dead rockstars Her boss is rather demanding she needs to get to another spiritual realm to get her boyfriend back and there's a record deal in the making This seemed like it could be a rollicking good story but the trouble with it is that it doesn't really stand alone it's just an interlude between two other books A lot of time is spent explaining the backstory of what happened in some other book I'm assuming and nothing gets resolved here so you'd have to read another book to find out what happened The flight 12 is just an afterthought and has little to do with anything that happens here and as far as I can tell the conclusion of Evie's story is not for sale yet three years later

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    This is not a stand alone book There's so much background info referred to in every chapter that I often felt lost Also the plot was beyond my realm of belief ie tiers portals ghosts spirits angels and demons My honest opinion I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time on this oneFYI This would have been a two star rating; however I also took away an additional star due to the profuse use of the dreaded f word Call me a prude but I was offended

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    Very goodOk so I read this after reading the first Evie Preston thriller Another book in the series was supposed to come out in the summer of 2015 Then I saw a seuel will cu out in summer of 2017 Well its now call of 2018 It is frustrating to read a book that is really well written and interesting with no conclusion of ending Loved Flight 12 But what happens next? Aaahhhh

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    I liked Dead Celeb and I was liking this novella but when things were becoming really interesting the novel ends suddenly with a letter from the author To find out about Evie look for The Dark Portal out in 2015 Well we are in 2018 and I cannot find The Dark Portal Maybe I have to meet my guardian angel first

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    This was a novella so was mostly filler It ends on a cliffhanger yet the promised next book has so far failed to writtenpublishedMaybe I was in the very small group wanting to find out what happens next? 🤔

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    The excitement of the Flight 12 project continues with The Evie Preston Thriller adding a new twist to the overall plot of the Flight 12 Project Scott's intriguing story delivers her readers to the gate of Skyway Airline's Flight 12 and at same time creates a paranormal mystery for Evie Preston to solve regardless of what happens on the flight to Rome The author immediately grabs her readers' attention and does not let go even at the endExplaining the back story of Evie Preston is important for readers to understand her complicated life Scott places her readers at Preston's side right and in the middle of spine tingling mystery She explains back stories of the many support characters and their role in Preston's lifeScott weaves her ghost story making twists and turns and introducing Preston to the dangers she faces This well developed story has everything a fan of paranormal mysteries expects and even an unexpected romance for PrestonPreston's antagonists include the evil leader and an army of evil support characters Scott helps her readers each understand characters history introducing their role in the plot progressesThe Evie Preston Thriller plot takes readers on every adventure facing Evie Preston while experiencing her good and bad feelings Scott shows her readers what drives Preston's reasoning for moving forward with her fight against evil Readers and travel with Preston through her life from the day her sister disappears to the day she finds romanceScott helps readers understand Evie's spiritual world and gives a picture of the evil Preston is trying to stop This paranormal story takes readers on a great ride providing adventures and twists involving mystery suspense humor and romance Readers learn how Preston deals with real people and spirits both good and badThis warp speed supernatural mystery delivers readers to the departure gate of Skyway Airlines' midnight flight 12 to Rome guessing as to who will board The Evie Preston Thriller by Michele Scott combines great characters and unpredictable story line giving her readers a mystery thriller needing answers You will have to read this book to find who boards and what happens next I recommend this book and gladly give a 5 star ranking

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    Left me hanging Evie Preston Thriller was ThrillingEvery page turned had me nervous with anticipationwho is Evies guardian angel and will they together be able to save Lucas Well written nail bitterand open uestionswhat about that signed contract?

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    Flight 12 The Evie Preston Thriller grabbed me from the beginning Evie is facing all sorts of dangers in the spiritual world as we travel with her from the disappearance of her sister to trying to find loveA paranormal story with romance mystery and suspense

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    I got about 40% into this book and gave up It was the worst book I've ever read