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Anna Never Knew Werewolves Existed, Until The Night She Survived A Violent Attack And Became One Herself After Three Years At The Bottom Of The Pack, She D Learned To Keep Her Head Down And Never, Ever Trust Dominant Males Then Charles Cornick, The Enforcer And Son Of The Leader Of The North American Werewolves, Came Into Her LifeCharles Insists That Not Only Is Anna His Mate, But She Is Also A Rare And Valued Omega Wolf And It Is Anna S Inner Strength And Calming Presence That Will Prove Invaluable As She And Charles Go On The Hunt In Search Of A Rogue Werewolf A Creature Bound In Magic So Dark That It Could Threaten All Of The PackIt Is Recommended You Read The Prequel Alpha Omega Before Reading Cry Wolf Identity was partly heritage, partly upbringing, but mostly the choices you make in life There s a few things that making reading life a little glum, and one of those things is being excited to read a well loved book by the genre community only to find out that, for irritating reasons, you have absolutely no idea where the other readers are coming from with their devotion.That s what happened to me with Cry Wolf, the first book in the Alpha Omega series I ve been reading the Mercy Thompson books for years now, and every so often when I review one of the sequels with a less than stellar rating, someone will pop up and say oh, you have to read the OTHER series, it s better Or, you have to read about Anna and Charles, their stories are just as good I ve seen the same recommendations in groups as well So I have finally hopped on board, only to fall off again From the start, this book lost a brownie point and a half when I found the first page was diving into an already existing relationship Ugh bug I know from internet snooping that there is a prequel to this, a short story, where the two first meet But on principle I m stomping my foot and saying I don t want to have to read a short story to fully enjoy and connect with a first book in a series That s not how my reading life typically works So, I still kept digging into the book and ignoring the fact that the mated pair have already met, they ve already established this serious life changing bond off page, and we re starting a book where she s moving out of her apartment and into his house.I kept thinking there may be recaps later that would make me see how they first met and understand the connection, something that would explain the bond and make me actually care about their situation, but no It continues as is and I had issues accepting that It didn t help that I felt no spark from Charles people seem to love him but I don t get the charm To me he lacked naughty humor, he was serious as a nail, and I couldn t find much personality in there Anna was average as a heroine but didn t stand out for me either she seems sweet, but nothing that makes me sit up and take notice Together I couldn t observe their sizzle and chemistry.What I DID like reading about was seeing of Bran the man just draws attention whatever series he graces , background story on his bitchy mate Leah, and I seriously liked the intro of sweet Warren Those side characters were much interesting The book was finally picking up until the author did a sad, bad thing to a person I connected with.The storyline was dull for the first half it became interesting when they set out to find the rogue wolf and do investigations There was tension and well done scenes the villain was a worthy, witchy one I don t find flaw with the conflict, crisis and resolution but I did find the first half of the book unnecessarily lackluster The last of heart and emotion from the two mains didn t help that.I doubt I ll give the series another shot, even though some have encouraged at least trying the second book I won t order it fresh, shiny and new, but I ll do an attempt if I run across a used copy Meanwhile, I ll have to continue having fun with Mercy s characters and seeing Bran from a distance. I m not sure how to write this review without excessive gushing Gushing hurts my credibility as a reader Well, I think it s clear that I m not above a little gushing if I love a book But I do try to be objective However, sometimes a good book deserves gushing, and lots of it Such is the case with Cry Wolf My tastes are somewhat simple when it comes to a book I want to be involved and entertained When I read a book that takes me to that next level of pure emotional enjoyment, catching me where I live and feel deeply as a human, I wish I could rate it higher than five stars Patricia Briggs is an author that I was not expecting to come into my life and rock my perception of what I consider good urban fantasy Now, the standard is much higher She has found a way to make the werewolf tale that much enjoyable to this lover of the genre She writes characters that convince me that there must be werewolves out there, and that they aren t all ravening beasts That there is an entire spectrum That they are lonely, in need of love, always fighting a battle of control against their animal natures, or that some have completely given into their animal side That they form bonds of family and love that wrap around them, and when those bonds are taken away, it has the power to destroy them Conversely, the bonds of love and pack, can heal a long broken heart.The characters in this story show that spectrum of wolves very well By the end of the story, they felt like people I knew Oh, and there were some characters that I crossed myself in hopes that I never encountered their likes Mariposa, oh, how she gave me the shudders Oh, and Bran Could I love him now Even though he has some really scary aspects to his personality Although that just increased his appeal to me What control this man has How tortured he truly is Ms Briggs, do write a separate story for Bran, I humbly ask.Charles and Anna More continued goodies with their nuanced, layered relationship It s a symbiotic relationship, almost It would seem that Anna is the weak one, and Charles is the strong one Not so Anna s presence brings strength and calmness to Charles She saves his life numerous times in this story, in fact And Charles gives Anna that reason and that purpose she had not found before She loves him so much it scares her He heals the broken places deep inside of her with his love and devotion And, he brings her to a home where she had been lost before I love that not only does this couple come together, but Anna comes to form deep, important relationships with other wolves in this story, who are in need of the peace that she can give them as an Omega wolf.There were scenes that clutched at my emotions and wouldn t let go When Anna sings to Asil and Bran, and they fall with their heads in her lap These troubled wolves finding the peace that an evil adversary had denied them It was just wonderful to watch.There are dark and scary moments in this story, as Charles, Anna, and Walter, a wolf they encounter, face a very malevolent entity from the old wolf, Asil s past Oh, there was plenty of horror in this story Of the subtle, not in your face, but very unnerving variety And the power of this person, powerful enough to take over a character who is known for his absolute strength and control Shuddering thinking about it.Yes, I m gushing I waited a few days to write this review, trying to get my thoughts in order For me, this is urban fantasy at its best Cry Wolf truly is an exemplary werewolf story to me and that s saying a lot from me It s the kind of book that you don t want to put down for anything Ms Briggs with her misleadingly simple way of telling a story, will have likely a profound effect on you, if you appreciate really good storytelling Watch out if you haven t read her yet In the end, I can t speak for other readers I won t even try I can only speak for myself This was a fantastic story I hope that others who read this enjoy it as much as I did. Love all of her books Friendly warning if you love this series in general, and this instalment in particular, you might want to consider stepping back a bit This is going to hurt But hey, I m kind hearted and compassionate and understanding and stuff, so I promise to try and make this as painless as possible What Don t believe me Oh, good.Just so you know if it hadn t been for the Freaking MacHalo TBR Cleaning Challenge of Doom and Destruction FMTCCoDaD , I would have DNFed the shrimp out of this one before making it to the 10% mark I might be a complete masochist when it comes to my reading choices, but I don t love pain SO much that I would inflict this book thing upon my little self willingly But I needed to finish it so that it would count towards the FMTCCoDaD , so here I am In a great mood, I might add.Soooooo, introducing PoC 21,258 I could brilliantly and ever so cleverly go on and on and on about how absolutely delightful this book is, but I am desperately pressed for time tourists to kill and all that , so I ll just give you the Absolutely Delightful Alpha Beta Gamma I Know My Greek Alphabet Shortlist ADABGIKMGAS in its stead sounds much cooler than instead, if you ask me You are, as usual, very welcome The lovely heroine in this lovely story makes all pity partying, whiny woeing is me heroines look like ridiculous amateurs Someone should give this pathetic crybaby a lifetime achievement award or something Well, either that or shoot her in the head to put an end to her misery Uncharacteristically enough, I think I d like that option better Weird The male lead is the most boring male lead in the history of male leads QED don t you you love it when I back up my arguments with solid facts Pretty awesome, isn t it What can I say It s a giftIf the above mentioned nitwits stopped wondering about what the other might be thinking about for a single freaking second, maybe the story would get somewhere But they don t, so it doesn t There is Deadly Mating Crap DMC aka not so camouflaged lovey dovey crap in this book than in all the Crappy PNR Books Things CPBT I ve ever read in the entirety of my entire life And let me tell you, my Little Barnacles, it hurts like a bitch Come to think of it, I m pretty sure this is PNR in disguise, what with the fascinating alternating POVs and Suicide Inducing MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE BS SIMMMMMBS I swear, this one is so bad my murderous crustaceans have been coming up with new, inventive ways to slaughter their formerly ruthless little selves This is sad Really sad The DMC is delightfully layered with tons of Manufactured Drama Crap MDC , courtesy of Ms Whine O Matic What joy This book features the silliest, most eye roll worthy, most ridiculous wannabe villain in the history of silliest, most eye roll worthy, most ridiculous wannabe villains My eyeballs got a really good workout out of this one No cardio for me for a whole month More free time to read crap Yay The pathetic excuse for a plot is nothing but a pathetic excuse for a plot yes, this is yet another solidly backed up argument.The end And stuff And the moral of this Some of My Friends Loved This They Are Clearly Out of Their Silly Minds Review SoMFLTTACOoTSMR is Patricia Briggs I am sure you are a lovely person I mean, you are a self confessed Kate Daniels fan, so you can t be that bad BUT Moon Called this this is the last time I fall into deadly trap, lady Book 0.5 Alpha Omega Book 2 Hunting Ground