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READERS' FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER2015 Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention Winner Romance ChristianRomance and suspense come alive in this uplifting Christian novel set in the South in the 1870sShadowed by majestic oaks on the banks of the Mississippi River Oak Grove the ancestral home of the Malcolm family symbolizes their courage resilience and strength The reader will fall in love with the intriguing story of Laura who overcomes personal tragedy and is forced to hide a secret that if revealed will cause her great heartache Amidst the revitalized social scene of a recovering South Laura has to sacrifice one of her most precious desires in order to protect someone she loves above all else Can Laura make her enemies become allies as she confronts her secret and finds the strength to forgive as well as to love again?

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    This is a marvelous book set in post civil war Mississippi The well developedplot and interesting characters drew my interest from the start and held it throughout I had an immediate feeling for the heroine and felt like I was there with her in those magnificent antebellum mansions and walking the lovely villa garden paths Especially appreciated was the spiritual theme which was well brought out by the characters actions and the various subplots

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    i have to state that i was lucky enough to win this book from the author and goodreads Thankyou to everyone who made this giveaway possibleThis is the story about a woman named Laura and it is set in 1875 in Mississippi and is essentially a love story I found this book to be intriguing and a really different aspect of life I think it was really interesting to watch this character grow and develop throughout the book as she faces some tough situations The author has really described the place where the book is set so well and it is easy to imagine it all even though i have not experienced this period in time I recommend this book to everyone who has ever really lived

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    This is an amazing read reminiscent of an Elsie Dins story by Martha Finley So many twists and turns Happiness loss pain fear unforgiveness danger forgiveness repentence and restoration All of these were well covered and dealt with in this remarkable love story I so enjoyed it that when it was over I just wanted Highly recommended I received a copy of this book in exhange for an honest review

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    The Union of the North and South by Ann Mock captured my attention from the start Not only is Ann's writing reminiscent of one of my favorite authors Lori Wick but I so enjoyed the twists and turns throughout the story If you like romance and mystery you'll thoroughly enjoy this novel

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    I had to stay up all night to finish reading this book I loved it and want a seuel It was so refreshing to read such an entertaining and clean book

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    A lovely sweet clean spiritual historical romance that keeps your interest Your heart really goes out to Laura who has went through so much losing her husband his family really adds to her heart break when they dissolve her marriage after his death Her secret is a big one which she guards with her life if people found out they might turn the tables on her She is doing what she feels is best but things get out and if this one does it will change her life forever I thought the narrator did a great job she has no trouble switching from women to men or even children voices At times her voice does sound a little childlike but one becomes so into the story they over look it I really liked her male voices she has no trouble carrying off the deep rich tones There are no background noises no repeating of words or any volume changes throughout the audio She does give deep rich emotions to her characters You have no trouble knowing what each is feeling She carries off the emotion tones of excitement sadness etc very well This is the first I have listened to this narrator and I felt she did a great job pulling the listener inThis was a fun listen with vivid details given to the plot scenes and the beautiful landscape The author gives you a wonderful message of starting over trusting and forgiveness I enjoyed the buildup of the romance I did think at one point Bradford overstep his self when I didn’t feel it was in his place Laura has some major decisions to make that will change her life She carries so much hurt and anger that it will be hard for her to overlook what she wants and what is right I really enjoyed the misunderstanding the drama and suspense This was truly a lovely story that I feel most will enjoy

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    A beautiful reminder of love and forgivenessThe Union of the North and the South will transport you through a descriptive historical fiction with a setting that's both elegant and gracefulThis is a touching story filled with charming characters love suspense and a happy endingWith a writing style similar to Lori Wick you will move from one character's POV to another's flawlesslyI really enjoyed the journey through time and the detail Ann Mock effortlessly filtered into each sceneA beautiful reminder of love and forgiveness Highly recommended

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    I loved this book There were places where my heart went out to Laura for thinking that she had lost her beloved daughter Jenny I was hooked from the beginning and the suspense kept me hanging on to the very end I want to read of Ann's books

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    The Union of the North and the South depicts the life of Laura Malcolm Taylor the only child of a rich banker in the post Civil War era Her parents have managed to save their antebellum home Oak Grove from the Yankees only to lose it through bad business investments to a man from New York CityAfter the tragic death of her young husband Laura spends the next five years of her life hiding the secret that could possibly cost her the young daughter she loves so dearly With the help of her parents Laura matures as her daughter grows But it’s the New York Yankee Bradford Hampton who teaches her how to forgive and heal and in so doing she finds true love and peace againThe descriptions of the large antebellum homes their interiors the gardens and the surrounding grounds are beautifully written as were the scenes of the ballroom dances and elegant dresses of the day Although the memories of the Civil War still abound these families work hard to restore the genteel lifestyles they so enjoyed before the war ever began This book is written with a gentle narrative and Christian principles which demonstrate the power of forgiveness

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    This novel is an extremely well written tale of Lauren a woman who has lost everything well almost everything when several unfortunate events take place in her life after the Civil War Things in the South have gotten downright depressing after war With confederate money being worth nothing many prominent families are forced to leave their plantation homes and make another way in the world Though Laura’s family has survived the economic devastation of the war that doesn’t mean they are free from troubleThis book was a delight to read I couldn’t put it down But at some points I felt very sad for Laura Is God’s plan for her good? It seems like one tragedy follows another and then there is the matter of the man that keeps trying to kill or injure her She isn’t sure which is his goal If you like historical fiction you will love this book The details were definitely well researched There wasn’t one inappropriate moment in it eitherI received a free copy of this book for an honest review