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Book Of The Liliana SeriesBoom That Deafening Sound Changed Liliana S Life ForeverHer Mother Sits Dead Besides Her, Shot To Death On The Streets Of ChicagoWithin Weeks, Liliana Is Sent To Live With A Father She Doesn T Know In Colombia A Foreign Land Filled With Challenges For Liliana While Working To Pay Off Her Father S Debt, She Meets The Love Of Her Life, Who Frees Her From Her Father S Illusory Home, Only To Bring Her Into A New World Of Twisted Surprises, Dangers, And Deceit Flat characters throughout, including the main character Has potential but it s undeveloped in characterization, for sure. I double dog dare you not to be to hooked within the first chapter of this book Liliana is a true page nail biting page turner Oh my goodness, I cried through chapter four, I m so embarrassed This story played with my emotions, I have never been so emotionally drawn in by a book It s crazy, I can t wait for the next in the series. Extremely well written and engaging I loved this story and can t wait to read from this author Great When will the next one be published i didnt understand it i didnt feel the heart wrenching cry, buy the end of the book it seemed like he was using her..i dunno maybe im lost here somewhere I m still not sure what genre it fits, but the book is outstanding The author s voice is perfect for this story And I could not put the book down I read it on one sitting.Liliana is just a 13 year old typical teen when her American mother is murdered in front of her With no other relatives save for one aunt who has 6 children of her own and lives in poverty, she is forced to go to Columbia and live with a father she hasn t seen since she was 3 years old The character building and world building are excellent My heart broke for Liliana when her life came crashing down around her I rooted for her I was happy for her when she finally found a friend in her new employer I despised her father The cast of supporting characters all elicited emotional responses from me It s first in a series and I look forward to reading.