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Book 4 in the bestselling Christian Romance series Home To Collingsworth The Long Road Home brings to a close the stories of Jessa Violet Laurel and Cami As with the others this story shares the struggles and triumphs of a sister as she deals with her faith the bonds of family and love When her grandmother's will stipulated she spend a month at Collingsworth Manor with her siblings Cami Collingsworth agreed because she wanted the money It's down to the final week and Cami can't wait to leave and get on with her life But when things take a serious turn in the meaningless flirtation she'd been engaging in with Josh Moyer she find herself sharing things with him that she's never told anyone He's unlike any man she's ever known and Cami finds herself drawn to him However she soon realizes that something important stands between them and she's left to wonder if Josh cares about the state of her soul than he does winning her heart Josh Moyer knew Cami Collingsworth was trouble from the first moment they met but that doesn't stop him from trying to help her However without changes in her life Josh knows that nothing can come from their shared confidences Even as he encourages Cami to turn to God for freedom from her past he is forced to face his own and the faltering faith he's tried to keep hidden from those around him Will their pasts keep them apart? Or will faith love and forgiveness win out? Available now from Kimberly Rae Jordan in the Home to Collingsworth series Home Is Where the Heart Is Violet's Story Home Away From Home Laurel's Story Love Makes a House a Home Jessa's Story The Long Road Home Cami's Story Don't miss out on these inspirational love stories of faith family and romance

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    Good Series

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    A great storyI have enjoyed all of the books in this series The characters pull you in and story keeps you reading The only problem is the self publishing has uite a few errors A true reader needs to help as it throws you off track when you are enthralled in the story and verbiage has to be figured out But enjoy the story

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    Fantastic BookI enjoyed reading the twist and turns with Josh and Cami The spiritual aspect of their lives was interesting to see grow Realizing God is the forgiving God He ismade a world of difference in their lives

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    Love this author I want to read anything she writes

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    THE LONG ROAD HOMEBook 4 in the Home to Collingsworth series Josh and Cami's story Great story about sin and forgiveness and being able to forgive yourself

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    Great read

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    I really enjoyed this next book in the series Be sure to start with #1 and read in order to get the full benefit of all that's gone before Jordan's characters are so well written They become friends and you keep wanting of their stories I really enjoyed this one

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    This is the fourth book in the series Cami is the wayward sister going about her own thing first in New York and then LA She has returned home for Christmas and two weddings When she was last home 6 months ago she had felt a connection with Josh however he was a Christian and she was not so she ignored it Josh felt the connection also but also ignored it because Cami did not share his faith Something happens in LA for Cami that makes her rethink her beliefs and comes home sharing her news with the family After Josh finds out Cami's news he realizes that he was just using his faith as a excuse to stay away from Cami and now has to address the real reasons I enjoyed both characters and hoped things worked out for them The ending felt a bit strange and wrapped up very uickly making it feel rushed and that stuff was skipped

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    This book was about the wayward sister in the series It felt a bit preachy and yet felt it fit this particular story When you find the spiritual side of life from a life of bad decisions it can seem that way However I rely enjoyed it I was able to connect with this character I didn't have the same problems however anyone struggling with different thing in life can connect So in some way not a Christmas tie story Yet in many way as in coming unto Christ it's very appropriate for me anyway Deep clean vulnerable and a connecting LOVE story anyone in some wHo can relate to A truly beautiful story

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book particularly the layers unfold on the main characters I was gripped from the beginning and found it difficult to put down I liked the way the author made Cami and Josh worked through their emotions and also the truth about their relationship with GodI think they grew into each other and also helped developed each other through their journey and at the same time maintaining their personalities This was my thought all along as I read the book and I think the two months break they had which I suspect was prompted by Cami as the author did not say confirms to me that they got things right