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Two Years Have Passed Since Frederica Joined Gaston Aboard The Ocean S Knave, And With Every Passing Hour They Have Fallen Deeply In Love By Day She Is The Ship S Physician, But At Night She Serves Her Captain In His Bed, Offering Her Body For Him To Punish And Pleasure Until She Begs For But After A Successful Run Of Raiding Other Pirate Ships, The Couple Have A Target On Their BacksTheir Only Hope Is To Form An Alliance With A Trio Of Like Minded Captains, But In Order To Guarantee The Cooperation Of These Unyielding, Battle Hardened Men, Gaston Is Forced To Offer Them A Night With Frederica Reluctantly, She Agrees To Be Shared With The Men, But Afterwards Gaston Finds It Difficult To Forgive Himself For Bartering Frederica S Charms As Jealousy And Desperation Threaten To Consume Him, Will Gaston Lose His Beloved Frederica Or Can He Weather The Storm And Find A Way To Bind Her To Him Forever Publisher S Note Bound By The Buccaneer Is The Second Book Of The Pirates Of The Jolie Rouge Trilogy, Which Began With Rescued By The Buccaneer It Is An Adventure And Erotic Romance Novel That Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes Including A Foursome, Anal Play, Elements Of BDSM, And

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    This is the second book in the Buccaneer series, hint hint, hopefully a third This has everything in it but on a deeper level it explores In detail about pirates, insight into the victims and how they can be forced to become pirates them self or die That s where walking the plank came from Major country at that time gave Captains of ships letters allowing them to loot enemy countries At that time in history England, France and Spain were the countries that allowed this They wanted a share of the loot of which was great, and if the pirates kicked in they were protected If the pirates became too outrageous that had a price on their head.Frederica and Gaston are both at first victims and now they are pirates but Frederica has convinced Gaston to only rob other pirates She wants to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and save lives The love between the two is well developed and leads to elements of erotic BDSM , spanking, melange and a.wonderful outcome.

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    Cover 3.5 stars Story line 4 stars Characters 4.5 stars Personal rating 5 huge stars.Did it give me a book hangover Well of course it did Is this a review book or personal read This is a review read from Normandie asking for my honest opinion and review.What I liked about this book.Well there are so many things I loved about this book but I m not going to do a list lol as a few people know or should know about me is that I don t do historical books I just can t get on with them, the talking and old fashioned words and ways but yet again Normandie has out done herself on the second book of the TRILOGY. Yep that s right trilogywell there better be another one because this tale and these characters can t end, I refuse to even consider this an ending But saying that though I loved how the two main characters got their ending an I couldn t of put it in a better way, this book was very well written and I found myself not being able to put it down Every time I put my phone down to tend to one of the kids, in the back of my mind I m thinking what trouble is Freddie gonna get herself in lol and I can say that I gave myself a major bloody headache staring at my phone for so long last night because I was on like 79% done and I really wanted to finish it but couldn t but fresh day is fresh eyes and now I m so glad I waited because I was in tears for them both because of how things went and things that happened which I will not spoil at all but this whole book was just a perfect read for any mood.I have to bring this up but as I was reading this I couldn t help but wonder Where does Normandie get her ideas from I mean this is one serious hot read and when reading a few scenes I felt a bit hot under the you know what wink wink lol Enough of my words but I will say to everyone,, please get and read this as you won t be disappointed in the slightest but be warnedthis is smoking sexy hot What I didn t like about this book.Right even though I loved and I mean loved this book I have to be honest and say that I didn t like what Gaston did I wasn t shocked as to how Freddie reacted to it because if that was me ohhh myyyy the man would be in some serious pain but deep down I loved her response to it in the end it was yummy Would I read from this author Normandie is one of my favourite authors and there will never be a time I will not read or re read her brilliant books.So basically yes I will read of her stories.Would I recommend this book Oh please Million times yes to everyone who loves a good historical romance along with some sexy hot BDSM and smoking erotic bondage

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    Ahoy, mateys, it s time for this lusty wench to share her booty Frederica Beauchamp and Gaston Galette return to the high seas with lusty abandon in Bound by the Buccaneer, the second book in Normandie Alleman s erotic Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy.Taking up with the crew of the Ocean s Knave where Rescued by the Buccaneer left off, Freddie and Gaston have their work cut out for them as the first pirate couple to set sail together Having captured the Captain s heart, Frederica now stands by his side as a pirate s mistress, participating in the plunder Instead of robbing innocent victims, however, the crew now relieves fellow pirates of their booty Knowing they re doomed if they continue to make enemies of every pirate in the realm, they head to the Bahamas to strike a deal with three other ships captains Naturally, nothing comes easy in the rough and tumble world of piracy, and the three captains demand a night with Frederica to prove she is Gaston s whore and not his lover.Frederica is at first appalled by the idea she s clearly in love with Gaston and thought her Master felt the same He assures her this is purely a strategic move, but he has two days time to turn her into a proper whore, and so he teaches his newly deflowered companion to suck and fuck like a professional.It s a unique twist on the virgin whore dichotomy, particularly when you consider the woman is about to engage in a foursome not long after she s given Gaston her V card Without giving away the outcome, let s just say that these pirates are much sensitive to a lady s needs than their prickly exteriors might suggest though certainly no less lusty for a fine wench If you ve read the first book in the series, you already know that Gaston loves spanking Frederica, so it will come as no surprise that the paddlings continue in book two though, thankfully, Frederica s whining is cut to a minimum In addition, you ll also find BDSM scenes between the lovers, including some rope games and light domination.All in all, this installment contains plenty of hot, sexy scenes that will have you wanting to board the nearest seaworthy vessel in search of a dreadlocked, eye patched pirate of your own Or, perhaps, a dreamy blonde pirate like Captain Miles Appling, an attentive and experienced older man like Captain Pugwash, or even a randy young seaman like Edward Chatham Plenty of gents to go around here, ladies, so take your pick Originally reviewed at The Buttontapper

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    Bound by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman Author Normandie Alleman knows how to raise the heat way past, steamy, melting hot This is the second book in the series and must read in order This Book is definitely for mature readers This is a Pirate story with very hot adventure, threesome involved, bdsm historical romance Frederica was brought up to be a proper lady Until she met and fell in love with Gaston and then it was thrown out the window as she would do anything for Gaston, his ship and crew Frederica even slept with three pirates from three other ships to help make a trio alliance Frederica convinces Gaston to only rob and attack other pirates ships instead of attacking innocent people.I wasnt able to put the book down from page one to the end Looking forward and really hoping that Normandie will make another book to the series You are all going to love the stories..

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    Oh holy hotness Frederica and Gaston are back for another adventure It s been two years since Frederica has joined Gaston s side aboard the Ocean s Knave They have fallen deeply in love and Gaston cannot imagine life without Frederica.Frederica has convinced Gaston to only rob other pirates but with pleasure comes trouble They are on the brink of battle and must gain allies Gaston seeks to form an alliance with a trio of pirates that are just like him I have read a lot of Alleman and I can say this is the raunchiest thing she has written to date This proves what happens when an author takes a risk I enjoyed Bound By The Buccaneer and will definitely say the sex level is up WOW I cannot wait to see how this exciting trilogy comes to a close in the next book.

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    This was a great book Freddie was born into a society where she was a born and bred a proper lady A society that would only allow her to marry and have children She then meets her Pirate Gaston He not only saves her and protects her he makes his love slave However he doesn t put her into the typical role that a lady of her standing is made to do She becomes like a part of the crew The crew treats her well and takes care of her Has everything you want in a pirate story but with a little extra Definitely a must read.

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    He s back Johnny Depp, I mean Gaston, is back and this time he s bringing his friends When I first heard Frederica was going to have to sleep with three other pirates I was a bit peeved, but as the story went on I started to get a bit jealous lol The sex in this book is HOT and plentiful If you wanted from the first book, Alleman delivers it here Bound by the Buccaneer has everything I want in a historical erotic romance with a little quirk and kink thrown in which makes it even interesting I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest and fair review.

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    I love being transported to another world when I m reading, and another world filled with naughty pirates, lush surroundings, and sexual adventure sign me up The menage scene with Frederica and the other pirates was off the charts HOT, yet somehow it didn t diminish her devotion to Gaston In fact, she did it for him The way he responded was rather humorous to watch, and it was fun seeing him squirm Another 5 Star Read from Ms Alleman May there be many

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    Who doesn t love a hot pirate And in this book we get four of them Whew I had to fan myself during the scene where Frederica is shared with the three pirate captains, but the scenes with Gaston are just as hot Read this if you want to be swept away into another time and place a sensual escape with a fun story line I m looking forward to book three.

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    This is a 2 in 1 review of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge books Rescued by the Buccaneer and Bound by the Buccaneer Both books follow the same characters, Frederica and Gaston.Get ready for a great seafaring series, of pirates and adventures, all for grown ups The action starts from the first chapter of the first book to the last chapter of the last book Frederica was on voyage on a ship heading to the American Colonies in the New World when her ship was attacked by pirates and many of the passengers murdered Frederica was abducted and she became prisoner to Captain Humphreys She is surprised that while her mind despises Captain Humphrey s brutish behaviour, her body responds to his ministrations.Along the way they picked up Gaston who had been adrift on debris in the sea after his ship Ocean s Knave was involved in a battle and became damaged There is instant attraction between the two when Frederica has to tend to Gaston s injury The air sizzled around them Of course, their interlude doesn t last long when Humphreys routs Gaston s mutinous plans Eventually, Gaston reunites with his crew and Frederica manages to convince him to let her be part of it.At the start of Bound by the Buccaneer, we meet Gaston and Frederica enjoying their lives together Gaston has taught Frederica to embrace her submissiveness and he is a protective master But danger is not far behind because their chosen livelihood of robbing other pirate ships have made them lots of enemies and trouble is brewing for them To counter this they need the support of like minded captains The men drive a hard bargain and will only help them if Gaston agrees to share Frederica with them.Frederica is a strong and spirited, sometimes to her own detriment She is adventurous and will try anything once She views her encounter with the three captains as such On the other hand Gaston regrets agreeing to the deal as jealousy eats him up It is easy to understand his internal struggle after she s enjoyed the night with three men.I came to understand both characters a lot better in the second book, especially Gaston, as their relationship became truly tested Although he had seemed a little standoffish at first, it was great to see him finally put his heart on the line and fall in deep love with Frederica.This is a great sizzling action adventure series Both books are well written, the characters are engaging and readers will enjoy their erotic and fun adventures This is my first time of reading this author and I will surely be hunting down books.4.5 Lovebites