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Go back in time with this dino mite book of fun facts about fossils pterodactyls the T rex and Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus rex was up to forty two feet in length? How about that the Triceratops had between 400 and 800 teeth? Or that some scientists believe that chickens are descendants of dinosaurs?Filled with tons of cool facts about dinsoaurs plus colorful humorous illustrations this book is sure to be a prehistoric hit

10 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Live On!

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    What a fun way to learn about dinosaurs and a great book to read aloud The grandson and husband listened as I read and both gave it 5 stars

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    Fun illustrations bright colors a great intro to dinosaurs and prehistoric facts

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    I love this series I first found out about it at my bookfair in the spring My plan is purchase the entire collection for school including this one about dinosaurs Text that kids will understand with great illustrations

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    Another fun and colorfully illustrated addition in the Did You Know series This time we learn about dinosaurs I didn't even know this had come out a few months ago I didn't find this as much fun as the other titles in the series which was surprising but it's still jam packed with information

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    I enjoy this series for pulling readers into the nonfiction genre reading for fun

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    not as good as the other ones