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See link below to new extended epilogue 2 years laterBlack lies stand alone Heiress world collide with enigmatic inventor Brant Sharp Well on track to marriage, their life is turned upside down by secrets liesThis love is worth the unsaid truths The hidden liesGoodbye My Lover by James Blunt captures the beauty, pain, profound sadness and soul searching love I feel about this story Click to listen Black Lies is the story of heiress, Layana Fairmont, Lana aka Lucky raised in privilege by wealthy parents to become a trophy wife But instead she cashed in her inheritance and made her own version of the good life by living well and working part time at the charity, Homeless Youth of America, HYA.At a fundraiser for her charity she meets inventor and CEO of BSX, Brant Sharp and is stricken by his beauty, intelligence and down to earth personality They immediately hit it off feeling an insane attraction and connection Once they overcome some hurdles they begin dating Life is on track moving towards marriage when their world come crashing down What follows is a story of deceit, trust issues, selfishness, altruism, secrets, pain, and LIES pushing their lives into a tailspin Nothing can prepare you for Black LiesIt s a story about an all consuming LOVE for different people It s about the HOLD that sex and love can get over you About wanting some things so fiercely, you stop at nothing to obtain them and yield to nothing to hold onto them In the end you will ask yourselfWhat would I have doneMy answer is The exact same thing I will fight for this love Lie for it Steal for it It s worthy of thatFour words to describe Brant Sharp Charismatic, noble, complex and secretive Four words to describe Layana Fairmont, Lana aka Lucky Focused, determined, loyal and secretive.Black Lies might take you out of your comfort zone It will likely push boundaries and blur the line between right and wrong I have read this story four times already and though I know the ending the secrets and the lies I keep finding nuisances and depth It s unique, emotional, at times excruciatingly painful and so thought provoking Be sure to read the newly released extended epilogue 2 years later LINKBrilliant plot Captivating journey Excellent character development Shocking twists and turns Mind blowing sex scenes And heart stopping love Thanks AlessandraThis story will stay with me 6 starsBut I will never forget you I will always miss youHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4.5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted N A Overall rating 6 starsWould I recommend this book Yes Would I re read this story Yes Would I read future books by this author Yes My thoughts after reading 100% of draft 2 view spoiler Nothing can prepare you for BLACK LIESBy Alessandra Torre Black Lies stand aloneThis love is worth the unsaid truths The hidden liesHave YOU ever WANTED something so fiercely you were willing to risk it all BLACK LIES is about an all consuming LOVE for different people It s about the HOLD that sex and love can get over us The LENGTHS we might go to get what we want The signs we might IGNORE to hold on to it all The SECRETS we might keep to protect it all And the LIES we might tell to possess it all It s DIFFERENT It s beautiful, emotional, thought provoking, utterly sexy and at times breathtakingly painful Brilliant plot Captivating journey Excellent character development Thanks AlessandraThis story will stay with me 5 stars hide spoiler Brant Became A Tech Billionaire By His Twentieth Birthday Has Been In A Relationship With Me For Years Has Proposed Times Been Rejected TimesLee Cuts Grass When He S Not Banging Housewives Good With His Hands, His Mouth, And His Body Has Been Pursued Relentlessly By Me For Almost Years, Whether He Knows It Or Not Go Ahead Judge Me You Have No Idea What My Love EntailsIf You Think You Ve Heard This Story Before, Trust Me You Haven T This Is A STANDALONE Full Length Novel It Is Not Part Of A Series, And Does Not Contain A Cliffhanger FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 5 STARS WOW WOW WOW Black Lies was absolutely brilliant A captivating, intriguing, and mysterious love story with a twist It was addictive, enthralling, and incredibly well written This is one of those books that makes me want to go up to everyone and be like YOU HAVE TO READ THIS NOW This is one of the most complete love stories I ve ever read It s a standalone with a fully resolved, and heart warming ending but with the way the story unfolds, you realize just how deep their love truly is.I know that some of you like me are going to be both intrigued but also scared by the blurb but please just TRUST ME You all know the kinds of things that usually bother me and I promise you re safe to read this Brant Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years Has proposed 4 times Been rejected 4 times.Lee Cuts grass when he s not banging housewives Good with his hands, his mouth, and his cock Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years, whether he knows it or not.Go ahead Judge me You have no idea what my love entails If you think you ve heard this story before, trust me you haven t That last line is especially important There is so much to this love story beneath the surface.What makes this story different than it seems There is a twist A secret that changes the whole dynamic of the story and it is brilliantly set up Looking back, you ll see each of the hidden clues, all the layers of this secret, and it s so clever the way the author tells you exactly what is happening without ever saying it Whether you guess the twist early, or if you know about it before you start reading, or even find yourself completely surprised by it, won t make a difference I think this is one of those stories you can enjoy no matter how you approach it because this journey is just as enthralling as the outcome.In order to keep things spoiler free, I m going to tell you as little as possible about these characters because most anything I say even names is technically a spoiler My only comment will be that I found it so refreshing to have such a smart heroine Please, when you re reading, don t judge her too quickly or harshly I can honestly say that she s one of my favorite heroines This is going to sound odd if you don t know the story but I absolutely loved the way she handled the situation she was put in LOVED it I love stories where the lines are sometimes blurred but the love is unquestionable You think you know whats happening but then you take a look from another angle and realize that nothing is as it seems I know the blurb might sound scary to some of you but I promise you that there is nothing stupid or frustrating about any characters actions Once you see the complete picture, everything will all make sense.Black Lies is about people willing to go to any lengths to fight for their love and protect their relationship My heart was racing as I read My chest got tight the closer things got to coming out into the light The layers of secrets and love are woven seamlessly together to create a rich, multi layered story.Ok now, I m going to be honest I knew the twist before I started reading the book I m not a very trusting reader and with a story set up like this, I just had to know that this was actually a story I d be okay with So I found out first But let me tell you, the moment I found out the twist, I literally dropped everything to start reading immediately Personally, I felt like knowing in advance made me appreciate the story even because I knew what to look for and I was able to enjoy the journey rather than worry about the outcome.For me, the point was not being surprised by the twist, for me it was enjoying the story with the twist as a part of my understanding I know that I personally loved the book as much as I did because I knew the twist But every reader is different I know that many of you love going into books blind and I fully respect that which is why I ve kept this review spoiler free But for those of you who want to know about about cheating, love triangle, and HEA, click to read this hidden text view spoiler Ok, so there s technically no cheating The two guys mentioned in the blurb are the same person multiple personalities they don t even know about each other She falls in love with the main guy, Brant, but when she learns about Lee, he s a whole other person with a whole other life, and she sets out to make him fall in love with her too She loves this man and wants him completely, even with his condition.Brant and Lee don t know they re the same person She is in a long term relationship with Brant but sleeps with Lee But she is only sleeping with Lee because she knows for a fact that he s the same physical person as Brant She isn t actually cheating on Brant In her eyes, she s just falling for another side of his personality She s in love with both sides of him She just has to make both sides of him fall in love with her.And yes, there s a HEA hide spoiler Re read 07 02 2017Even better the 4th time around except this time I read a signed copy all courtesy of Robin Hill my boo who actually bought it from , took it to the authors Conference Dallas for signing, sent it to my kids in Maryland, then tracked it until it was delivered into my loving arms Friends, you know ReviewI finished reading Black Lies some 30 minutes ago and immediately doubled back it truly is beyond amazing and I will not be in a position to write a coherent review until, perhaps, never Wow. Are you ready to hear what I m about to tell you Brace yourself THIS IS THE BEST THING I VE READ ALL YEAR.There s not even a close second right now Let me start by saying that you ll find zero spoilers in this review.I m rating this 6 of 5 Stars, and I m starting to believe Alessandra Torre might be an alien, because surely no human can be this fucking talented.Alessandra Torre is unique in many ways she blends sex, suspense, and romance in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat She is one of a handful of my stop drop and read authors who ALWAYS deliver high quality books which leave me with massive book hangovers Black Lies was obviously no exception.I am incapable of putting her books down.They grab you from the opening lines and don t let up My responsibilities will be put off, husband will be ignored, my house could be on fire, Jake Bass could walk naked into my bedroom Well Ok, so I d probably ask him to sit quietly on my bed until I was finished with the book But you get the idea I have learned how I need to read her books Block off several hours because the book WILL be finished in one sitting.Here s the thing about books that have The Big Twist Sometimes you see it coming from a mile away, which is infuriating and makes the main character s look like idiots for not figuring it out too Never the case with Torre I was shocked There s no other way to describe it.Alessandra Torre dangles the twist in front of your face from the opening pages This Secret that keeps Brant from being the perfect man This mysterious yet monumental character flaw which leads Layana to obsess over Lee despite the fact that she s madly in love with Brant It was so easy to become enad with this glorious romance Intelligent Intriguing Characters,Amazing Dialogue,Panty Melting Sex, and all the while this unseen destructive force is lurking in the background.Here s the other thing about books that have The Big Twist Sometimes the twist the only good thing about the book Or worse, it makes the rest of the book bland in comparison Ever go back by yourself and re watch The Sixth Sense after you found out that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time No Can you remember anything else about that film other than this Anything at all Nope Me neither But then again, I review books, not movies Once again, this was not the case with Black Lies While I was monumentally shocked by Brant s Secret, I was glued to this book from beginning to end on that in a moment The reveal made me reflect on everything which preceded it It made me understand Layana s motives with a clarity I couldn t grasp before And I was desperate to find out what would happen next This is a love story which will leave you completely breathless.Absolute Mind Blowing Perfection.Go read this Right this second.Let me tell you a bit about my experience reading this book I got an email at 4 42pm with an ARC attached Ten minutes later Black Lies was on my Kindle tempting me with the book version of bedroom eyesShurrn, read meand I was allNo, book I have a review to write, and emails to return sorry Rob , and laundry to doBut truthfully, I was already undressing it with my eyes Peeling back the cover Peaking at the first page I m weak By 5 15pm I had walked my dogs, grabbed my iPhone, iPad, an iced coffee, and retreated to my bedroom this is not an odd occurrence in my house My darling husband is quite used to me going into seclusion when I have an awesome book in my hands He also had the pleasure of seeing me read Sex Love Repeat last year while rocking back and forth on the couch like a deranged person So yeah I hide my insanity in the bedroom now Fewer witnesses.I spent the rest of the evening completely sucked into this book eyes wide, pages turning frantically, my mind desperately trying to figure out what The Secret could possibly be At 7 10pm I finally hit the twist.I yelled.It was loud.Through the closed door my husband hears me screamOH MY FUCKING GODbut he was unfazed As I mentioned earlier, he has prior knowledge of my love of and reactions to Alessandra Torre I couldn t sit down and read any longer.I had to pace around the room clutching my iPad with a white knuckled grip By 11 00pm I was completely finished Emotionally exhausted Social Media outlets were informed And I was sitting in my bed trying to convince myself not to flip to the first page and read the entire thing again Real Life the one I had ignored all evening was going to intrude on my post book reading bliss early the following morning.I dreamed about this book.I woke up the next morning and started re reading Black Lies while brushing my teeth.Did I mention that I m weak It was even better the second time around I got to pick up on the mountain of clues and breadcrumbs scattered throughout the text like glittering jewels Nearly 48 hours after finishing this book The second time it was still stuck in my head I was having a drink with a friend, gushing all over my enjoyment of this book when she said,Sounds like you ve got a major hard on for another piece of Fiction My response, straight faced If this book had a dick, I would get down on my knees and suck it So there you have it I can t think of a better way to tell you how awesome this book is Read it.When you discover Brant s secret for yourself, message me I ll be there to help you recover.Alessandra Torre, Alessandra Torre graciously provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review SPOILER FREE review US UK 6 Million Sexy Mind Fucking StarsThis story is a suspenseful slice of wonderful Alessandra Torre is the Queen of erotic story telling with an addictive, intriguing quality The balance of words isexquisite.The first time, I devoured this story in 24 hours, the next I slowly read and absorbed every nuance and inflection It gave me a special, second, emotionally intense experience Obsessed with this emotive story I ll read this story again and again and I ll love these characters forever,all of them.Be prepared to have your mind played with, tugged this way and that I went through thecrazy feels, all sorts of emotions and possibilities swirling round my head,I absolutely loved the experience It made me feel, it made me think, it made me question whyAnd it made me cry Ultimately the powerful writing captivated me, caught me in its net of Black Lies and I could not put it down I had to devour this story as quickly as my life would allow.I won t say too much about the story for fear of spoiling your experience I can only provide snippets of the characters, and myfeelings, emotions, and lovely thoughts tell you about the truly genius writing that makes Black Lies so incredibly good Allow the story to completely unravel feel your way through Reserve your judgement and keep your mind open This book is so worth the patience, understanding and crazy mind fuck of a ride it takes you on.We glimpse into the kind of life the characters have lived, privileged, tricky and skewed in places Brant Sharp Genius Billionaire Philanthropist Sexy and intense Quietly confident Unassuming Gorgeous He s completely dreamy and utters the most beautiful words to Lana Heiress, Layana Lana Fairmont, is a girl who wants an ordinary life and, what she wants is just about within her reach I was completely won over by her honest words and thoughts Honesty can be hard to take She may have done things that made me gasp but by that point I was hers she was my friend A heroine with courage, love, sass, and complete sexual awareness Lee Cocky Confident SexualI love him and his HOTNESS. He excited me I loved every aspect of his personality How to choose between them I felt torn as a reader Found love for all 3 characters Readers you will NOT have heard anything like this story before It s a masterpiece of erotic writing that has the unique stamp of Alessandra Torre all over it Every reader needs to experience the secrets and lies, feel the angst. I went through a range of emotions and thoughts.I felt the intense passion and sexual quality Black Lies is a beautiful love story with a mind fuck of originality and suspense twisting its way through There are lies, secrets, despicable goings on, but at the heart of this story I truly experienced love, soul defining, deep, powerful love And, of course, the sex is absolutely stunning in every way Dirty, delicious, wild sex It twisted my mind, played with my book soul and captured my heart I felt an impending something but, what I didn t know Peel away the layers as you read Enjoy the subtle nuances and edge of your seat addictive quality, wrapped in a cocoon of sexy eroticism It kept my heart thumping it gave me butterflies, sexy excitement and nervous, angsty anticipationIt s incredible. Perfect Dramatic Timing I seriously couldn t put it down.Black Lies, in true Alessandra Torre style, tells the story from the point of view of various characters, which, for me, completely enhances the dramatic quality and tension The writing is stylish and unique, and flows around your mind with ease It emotes feelings and creates thoughts at the perfect moments There were times I felt my heart squeeze at the underlying sadness, and times I felt incredulous despair at the heroine When I read, I don t want to notice I m reading, I want to feel completely immersed in a world that s as real as the breath that I breathe I want to not just see pictures but feel them feel the passion, the angst, the craziness, I want to have questions and be able to seek answers, I want an EPIC read and that s what Alessandra Torre gives me as an author Trust in the storytelling Trust you ll be taken on a wild reading adventure go with the flow of this book I smiled, I cried, I went a little crazy Needed someone to hold my hand. I adored Alessandra Torre sprinkled her QUEEN of storytelling magic all over this beauty If I could wipe my mind and read it all over again I would A reading experience I won t forget view spoiler hide spoiler I m going to give myself a reward for finishing this one Smexy books are supposed to be fun Smexy books are not supposed to be boring Smexy books should have characters that you can at least tolerate The sex should at least be hot Didn t happen in this one I almost didn t give it a one star because I did like the authors writing But then the I read the I hated this book I can not do that I have other books by this author and my friends love her They were divided on this book so I m going to read something else by her before my final determination.But this one Layana is a little rich girl, never worked a day in her life She was pampered by mommy and daddy her whole life and once she got her hands on that trust fund she decided it was time to live the way she wanted too.By hooking up with mega rich Brant.Mommy and Daddy wanted her to be some rich guys trophy wife so she is out to prove them wrong.I never could work up any like at all for her character She pissed me off Brant is super smart and of course, drop dead gorgeous I wonder what would happen if in one of these books the couple was just poor white trash So begins their love affair The love affair that is boring as crap.Then she meets Lee Does him too it s not cheating so don t get your panties in a wad She connives her way into his life and runs off his girlfriend Then she lets him talk to her like a dog Calls her the slut WTF I don t like any of these damn characters Then the BIG TWIST view spoiler Fuck me sideways, he has multiple personalities that his weirdo aunt is exploiting to make them even money hide spoiler Black Lies was fantastic I absolutely loved this book It has everything a girl could want Billionaire hunk Check Steamy sex Check Sexy lawn boy Check Creative and original storyline Check, check Wow Believe me, you don t want to pass this one up I don t want to spoil anything, so I ll just say that things are not as they seem on the surface There is powerful chemistry, a taboo love affair and one HUGE secret that will change everything This book blew my mind It is rare to read something that is unpredictable, but when the secret was finally revealed, I can honestly say that I didn t see that coming in a million years Loved it 1.5 stars I m definitely, definitely in the small minority when it comes to this book A lot of my GR buddies loved this So I would say that don t let my review discourage you from reading this book Honestly, the twist was great If you want some great mind fuck, definitely read this book.To be fair, I figured out the BIG SECRET fairly early on and I asked a couple of friends for confirmation and they told me I was right So I wasn t really surprised and the clues were plenty But I still continued reading because a I already bought the book and it seems idiotic to return it, and b I was really curious about how the author was going to pull it off I personally don t like this plot device in my romance books In any other genre, I would have loved it But in contemporary erotic romance, at least that is what this book is categorized in , I m not crazy about it For one, most authors take too much liberty in fictionalizing something that is very serious To me that just invites criticism Second, some authors write their beliefs into how to deal with said conditions even though it goes against what is accepted scientific knowledge, cough Katy Evans cough and that just makes me uncomfortable.That said, I think this book tried It really did But it spent too much time in setting up the BIG SECRET and hiding the BIG SECRET that all the other aspects that could have made this a compelling read became secondary to the BIG SECRET So it s really no surprise that I didn t enjoy it as much Speaking of compelling characters, what dragged the rating down for me was Layana Aside from that Brant was just meh Lee, same thing Their characters were justI don t know lifeless and one dimensional to me Layana s actions in particular just turned me off Even after she wised up, she did too many unforgivable things in my eyes, and looking at it in the context of the BIG SECRET, there was no way I could ever be Team Layana after that Another thing I wasn t particularly fond of was how the BIG SECRET was handled on that later There were too many inconsistencies to me Small details like the year Apple II was released or which computer IBM released in 1997 drove me up the wall I know, I know It s nitpicking to the highest degree but I already know the secret so my brain started picking on those details In my defense, these things affected the whole timeline of events, so I felt totally justified Don t judge, mmkay Please don t click if you haven t read the book yet Please I am putting this in because I need to vent a little bit So don t hate meThis is a very long rant review so be warned. view spoiler view spoiler So LayanaI m sorry but I have a major bone to pick with this character When she found out that Brandt has DID, what did she do Oh she called Jillian The one person she said she doesn t trust I understand she would call her the first time but in two years TWO YEARS, it never occurred to her to Google and do research on her own about Brant s condition At first, I thought, huh, maybe she doesn t really know a whole lot about it But when she told Brant, it was like WTF This girl knew all along what his condition meant and she went and told him without the presence of a professional It was like she was just telling him something mundane, Hey, babe You have spinach stuck in your teeth Oh, by the way, you re suffering from DID and the guy I m fucking is actually one of your alters I mean, srsly And this coming from someone who was constantly described throughout the books as being EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT LOL I swears, every time I read that my head just explodes I just couldn t fathom why she never thought about calling in a second opinion in the whole two years she kept the BIG SECRET This was completely out of character because I know she could totally make shit happen Case in point, the things she did to Lee again, I m sorry but this is the part where I almost DNF the book She knew about his DID She knew who Lee was and yet she deliberately set out to manipulate his break up with Molly I couldn t reconcile the fact that she was able to do that and yet she was unable to ask anyone about his condition I just couldn t, okay In this day and age, it s virtually impossible And the ironic thing is, Brant s primary business is technology Call me a nit picky bitch but there is still such a thing as consistency And no, I don t accept it s because of lurve Lurve, my ass And another thing, do these people live in a vacuum Layana has no friends whatsoever She only mentions friends and acquaintances with disdain in passing She supposedly has an army of servants at her beck and call, and yet it was just that easy to keep everyone from guessing the whole SECRET The fact that she s been in magazines, no one recognized her traipsing around with Lee Brant And Brant, no one noticed him Ever The other side of town isn t convincing enough for me to believe that no one, not in this day age, and certainly not in over two decades, ever noticed him It isn t like Brant doesn t appear in society He wasn t a recluse He definitely shows his face around And yet no one recognized him as Lee Jillian would have to pay than half of San Francisco to keep it under wraps I don t buy the whole shadow thing It s a logistical nightmare The fact that she had done it for over three decades plus was just unbelievable I m sorry but I could not suspend my disbelief over that Also, Jillian said that there were other personalities aside from Lee, how or why these personalities come out wasn t explained at all And this is why I hate the mental illness DID trope being used in romance To me, at least, you d have to at least give a factual narrative about DID DID is already a very controversial topic The scientific community is still pretty much divided about it No court would even accept DID as a defense or as a plea and yet Jillian was able to get a judge to sign over Brant s rights to her I know Crooked judge and doctor AKA convenient plot device But I digress I know AT had taken liberties with it I understand why she had to do that Unfortunately, it was the kind of liberties that made me uncomfortable The fact that it was made as though these personalities come out on a whim was just stretching it And stress alone isn t reason enough to make these personalities come out It has to be a specific stressor related to the trauma that brought about the personality break in the first place I won t bore you with the details but I just can t deal with those liberties being taken Especially when the main character, a character who supposedly loved this person, blatantly put this man s psyche in a very dangerous position It was just idiotic when Layana was thinking how many personalities she could coax out and play Good Gawd Her reason for doing it was laughable It wasn t because of love It was all about ownership She wants all of him and doesn t like to share Well, boo hoo The whole trauma thing was just unconvincing to me as well First of all, scientifically, nothing is set in stone yet I m not saying what happened to Brant and what he witnessed wasn t horrible but it was just all very convenient especially the way he suddenly remembers everything Considering that he seems to have a normal childhood prior to that trauma, the whole outcome was a little improbable I wasn t too crazy about Jillian or his parents either Same thing After all these years, his parents didn t question Jillian at all They unequivocally trusted her That s just so farfetched They d have to be deaf, blind and mute not to notice And Brant For someone so highly intelligent, he didn t even care to find out if what Jillian was feeding him was bullshit It would have worked if he s 12 but he s 38 freakin years old And he s intelligent He has resources And not one character in this book acted sane Holy freakin hell All of them, from his parents, Layana, Jillian needs to be in therapy Seriously It seemed to me like this book was one whole convenient plot device and all to conceal the BIG SECRET To me, it lacked real conflict I don t consider Layana s manipulations as conflict at all Maybe I would have felt if Lee was given a POV I don t know That seems like a great red herring to throw out there But we didn t get it so we ll never know.The epilogue was good but I m wondering why Jillian was the only one there Truthfully, Layana deserves to be imprisoned too The way she refers to Brant as her property was just sickening especially in the context of his DID Why isn t Layana in that cell with Jillian She should have been in my opinion hide spoiler 5 Iwannafuckyourighthere Stars I m not going to tell you what this book is about What I am going to tell you is simple Go in blind, go in with an open mind Hidden secrets lurk throughout this book, throughout her story and their journey these are secrets that you must discover for yourself Truths that need to be pulled from the lies by your own hands.Alessandra Torre, this woman s talent shined in this book Having experienced all of her prior books, I can honestly say she outdid herself with Black Lies This is not a simple tale of love and deceit This is a story about loving so fiercely that you push beyond your own comfort Sacrifice everything Risking it all to save everything I went into self preservation mode the moment I opened this book From the first words, my heart rate spiked, knots pulled taut and the butterflies swirledNo matter what walls I built, Alessandra shattered them Not piece by piece, but with a sledgehammer one moment I was on the outside looking in and then suddenly I was submerged There is not a box that this story can fit into It will stretch you, bend you to the point where you think you ll break, it will turn you on and it will turn you inside outTrue love makes a person reckless, makes them take risks and make sacrifices True love tests the boundaries of our person, makes us yearn to be better and fight for the ground we stand on I will fight for this love Love for it Steal for itI will leave you with this advice Read it Hold your judgments, open your heart your mind and let Alessandra lead you into this messy love story I promise you, when you turn that final page you will not regret itAdvanced kindly provided by the author