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What happened? How did we get here? Those are the two main uestions that have been asked since we all realized we were no longer in Kansas Us our homes streets buildings cars I guess pretty much everything came with us too Which also leaves us the uestions what did we leave behind and how are we going to survive? When it started most were outside looking to the sky It was tornado season and watching for tornados is how most people passed the time Seriously it was that or watch the wheat grow – which do you think you would do? Small town life is great in some ways but entertainment is not one of them Try being a 17 year old in a town of 1000 that has one grocery store one convenience store a library 9 churches and 3 bars You take your entertainment were you can find it Especially if you are like me; I don't have a lot of friends let alone a boy friend I am one of those kids that spend my time with my head either in front of a computer or buried in a book I’m sure you know the kind – the ones that seem nice enough but you don’t really know? Yea that's me I don’t know if that has made all of this easier or harder on me I was lucky enough to have one of my friends hanging out with me that afternoon He knew how scared I was of storms so he stopped by to keep me company I don’t know if I should feel guilty that I’m so happy he is here but I don’t I’m just glad someone is with meEveryone always said that we were safe from tornados Some Indian legend about the way the creeks crossed or something I for one thought they might be right Our little town had been in the same place for over 140 years without getting hit so really what were the odds of it happening now right?

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    Nowhere I Know is The Wizard of Oz for a new age James Marie York does a great job of creating a new world inside of an old one Her descriptions of the new surroundings produced colorful pictures in my head and her characters are likable enough that you actually care about what happens to them There are many moments in the book where she creates suspense and you can't stop reading until you know how the conflict is resolved I'll definitely read the next book to come from James Marie York If you like to read Young Adult books I recommend this one