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Vivienne embarks upon the summer of her dreams as one of the few students selected for a training program back east at Liberty Farms But as focused as she is on her riding Vivvie also has a secret agenda to investigate the death of Joel Parker her friend who she believes was tragically murderedVivvie has hardly set foot in the state of the art barns before things start to go amiss Her gift for communicating with horses reveals that some of the creatures are harboring dark secrets When people turn up from Vivvie’s past who she’d rather avoid including one trainer she suspects of drugging ponies Vivvie struggles to keep her focus Meanwhile ex boyfriend drama threatens to interfere with her growing feelings for Austen a handsome rider who wants nothing than to keep Vivvie safeThe mystery surrounding Joel’s death deepens and as Vivvie edges closer to the truth unexpected revelations threaten her future Will Vivvie play it safe or will she risk it all to protect those she loves while staying in the ring?

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    Michele Scott's Perfect Harmony A Vivienne Taylor Horse Lover's Mystery is a uick engrossing read The protagonist of the story is Vivvie the daughter of a veterinarian who is trying to solve the mystery behind her friend Joel Parker's murder I greatly enjoyed the writing style as well as the character development Whereas many works in this genre come up a little short in terms of character development this one did uite well at it I like the combination of mystery romance humour and horses The only problem is that now I have to go buy the rest of the books in the series I would recommend this novel to YA and mystery fans This book was won from the Goodreadscom website in exchange for a review

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    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway I absolutely couldn't put it down If you like horses mysteries and a tiny bit of romance you definitely need to check it out It's the third one in the series but can be read as a stand alone because the author does a great job of filling you in on past events that are relevant to this story I'll be going back and reading the first two though Can't wait for the next one in line

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    Great little page turner mystery This book brought the series to a nice close I couldn’t put this book down kept wanting to read just one page I was definitely surprised at how Vivienne’s relationships change from the end of the second book carrying throughout this one I was only slightly disappointed in who she ended the novel with as I thought the book was carrying us towards a different conclusion It felt like this book could have used a few pages near the end to wrap up some loose ends in detail but all in all this was a satisfying end There are too few horse lover mysteries out there I would love to see this author write novels

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    Murder crime and mayhem oh myThe plot thickens as Vivienne and her schoolmates head east for the summer Some friendships grow stronger and some are torn Vivienne learns about her father and how to use her gift better She and the other students spend the summer learning from some of the best euestrians in the country And deception seems ubiuitous

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    The main character was alrightThis was another okay read in the series but just like the others it couldn't fully gain my interest I felt uite bored in places and there were parts that dragged for me slightly because of it uite glad this was the last one in the series

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    Great end to this trilogyI loved reading this trilogy It was one of those that I couldn't put down but was sad when it was over Can't wait to read from this author

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    All's well that ends well Somebody famous wrote that the first time 😉Good serieswill have to check to see if MS wrote other books

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    I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads to review Viv is now at Liberty Farms with all of the gang from school Emily Lydia Tristan Riley and some teachers as well Also along for the ride are Austen as a working student and shady Chris Viv is read for the summer of her life training with some greats And she's also determined to solve Joel's murder because she doesn't believe the suicide verdict She's also broken up with Tristan and ready for with Austen However things don't go as planned both in the horse ring and in her love life some kinks are in the mix including her long gone father I noticed that Vivvie's character started to really annoy me by book 3 I understood that she was a little sheltered so maybe that's why she seemed so immature much of the book But she spent uite a bit of her time focused on kissing and loving Austen when some friends like Riley Emily and Tristan were all dealing with big things in their lives Also it felt like she wasn't as focused on solving the murder as much in this book It bugged me that Tristan had been such a huge focus as a love interest in books one and two and all of the sudden Vivvie is ready to move on based on one suspicious photo She barely gives him the chance to explain himself and is ready to think the worst of him and Lydia almost every second I felt like the few glimpses we did get of Tristan in this book weren't clear and I would have like time spent on him Austen was an okay love interest but honestly I never got attached to him He is supposed to be 2 years older than Vivvie but he never seems to act much older or wiser than her I get that they were childhood buddies so maybe that's why he acts immature with her but I would have liked to see maturity and the matter of college and distance be talked about I would have liked to see time spent on interesting things going on in Lydia's Emily's and Riley's lives as well Big things happened for them and chances for expanding on character growth for all of them The mystery carried over from the last book Joel's murder was interesting and kept me guessing the whodunit However I was sad that it felt like of a sidelined story when I had hoped it would be the focus of this book Instead Vivvie and her love life was of the focus again However it did have entertaining moments like Austen and Riley going undercover with Chris's crew Some great twists involving Vivvie's family that I never saw coming and of course good twists with the mystery I felt like this story could have been great but to me sidelining the mystery and making the romance too big of focus made it fall short at only 3 stars I'm hoping if there's in the series Vivvie will mature up a little and become a better sleuth

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    I really enjoyed this easy to read book While I have not read any of the previous books in this series these already developed characters were easy to follow with some brief expositional commentary The book included all the elements of a good story – some mystery some romance some paranormal aspects and of course loveable animals In addition the human pathos factor relating to child abandonment issues was lightly addressed in the book Although this part actually seemed incomplete to meWe see the main character Vivienne demonstrate humility and self reliance characteristics that are considered “good” in our society Vivvie shows respect for legitimate authority and consideration for those less fortunate While she has achieve proficiency in riding Viv is thrilled that she has been selected to attend a prestigious school to further her studies and improve her skills with trainers who have achieved success in the euestrian world At the same time she is looking for justice for a close friend who allegedly committed suicide Vivienne shows her disdain for snobbery demonstrated by Lydia and dishonest behavior Tristan – obviously undesirable traits in a decent world – throughout the storyUnfortunately as with all good mystery stories the seedier side of human nature is presented as well – Chris James Paisley Tiffany If there was no evil how could we see the good?While none of the characters are perfect then what would be left to write about?  Vivvie and several other characters develop and grow during the course of the story as well A few of them – Emily Riley Tristan – also demonstrate their courage initiative and intuition as the story progresses to the denouement All in all an enjoyable readDisclosure received this book as a free giveaway from Goodreads

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    Honestly I enjoyed the book It was hard for me to stop reading It was perfectly written But there were a few things I really didn't like among many things I loved I have decided on three big points1 Negative There were A LOT of characters Sometimes it was hard for me to remember who was who And I'm still not completely certain who James was after just finishing in the last five minutes2 Positive I ride horses myself I'm a hunterjumper not an eventer however and everything seemed completely accurate to me horse wise So many horse books aren't right at all Like the authors do halfhearted research and make up the rest But this book was different I could relate as a horse person to it and that was nice3 Negative In my honest opinion the TristanVivvie relationship from book two was way better than AustenVivvie in this book This one felt a lot forced and it was definitely sexy I just preferred the 'friends that make out' feel of Tristan and her and I felt like she shut Tristan out after she got the picture It was pretty obvious it was from Lydia and Vivienne knew that Also with his lies I feel she should have been forgiving They really WERE to protect her With Austen a lot of the time it was like I want to jump on top of you and I didn't like it muchAll in all it was entertaining This book was written fabulously and I liked Vivienne I would have liked to see of Martina she was my favorite character in the first two but that's okay The plot was interesting and I got really upset about the drugging especially about them killing Anna's pony I was stoked at the end when Harmony and Melody were given to Vivvie and Riley This is definitely a favorite series of mine now