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When the love of his life is injured in combat Ryan Michaels promises himself he won’t let any time go by without ensuring she knows that he loves her His problem? Ashley still sees him as the goofy high school kid that followed her everywhereAshley Reynolds returns home to Redbud Trails Oklahoma a wounded veteran with her Military Working Dog at her side She’s concerned about her aging parents and doesn’t have time for a relationship–especially not one with a college dropout like RyanBut as Ashley dives back into the life she left behind she discovers there’s much to Ryan than she thought he is a man of honor and integrity Will she open her heart and let Ryan in?

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    The hero in this book was amazing but the heroine was awful Sorry Ryan I couldn’t give your story than two stars Your leading lady was a self absorbed judgy Judy

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    I had read another of Williams' book and decided to read another; she writes some very sweet open hearted and clean romance that is a nice change of pace within the romance genreI did like her use of having Ryan write letters to express his emotions over the years as the pacing and book length felt as it was written with a novella in mind it allowed the reader to get a gauge of his emotions and character as Ashley is the prominent voice as she's trying to figure out her place in this situation of being an amputees veteran who has come home to find that everything has changed except for the cowboy who's always loved her

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    Em Eldridge is the reader and she does a pretty good job Ryan and Ashley It felt like a role reversal in this story Ryan is the one who never doubts and waits for his love Ashley is the one who pushes away and takes for granted I actually didn't care for her much for much of the story The chip on her shoulder and her head up her ss Not that she was mean but just utterly thoughtless She almost passes the point of unforgiveable before she realizes what she's throwing away I know I'm not selling this story well but I really enjoyed it and listened to it non stop I would have given it 5 stars but I felt the ending was a little rushed More of an hfn but a sweet oneBack when Ash was 18 she found out her parents had been lying to her She takes it badly and joins the armed forces Now years later she is back after losing her arm Ryan is there to meet her at the airport They were friends before she left but he is 2 years younger and back then that was a lot Still he sent her a letter every week that she was away and she has never read one of themWhen she returns she finds that there's a lot has happened that she would have known if she'd only read the letters

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    My daughter had a dentist appointment today and I figured I could get most of this read while waiting for her With Love Cowboy is a short sweet novella with a hard working humble hero I really liked Ryan he is the kind of guy I hope my daughters end up with Although he's of a fairy tale prince than what you are likely to find in reality I've yet to come across any guy who is as selfless kind thoughtful patient and giving as he was Due to the length of this story we don't get a lot of time to connect with and understand the characters I had a little trouble believing that Ashley never once opened one of Ryan's letters but hung on to them for all those years Even still I enjoyed reading this sweet story of devotion and loveFor those who enjoy sweet clean romance this is worth readingContent CleanSource com

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    this is a really cute story

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    45 stars Well that was precious

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    The storyline is cute and sweet and clean The books in this series are super short though especially this one so far I'd love a few pages to really get to know the characters or follow their story longer The books are definitely cliffhangers kind of that don't get completely finished

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    35 Stars

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    I can't say that I enjoyed this story It was excellent in some parts but then weak and contrived in others The author leaned too heavily on the tell us instead of show us If the characters and situations are authentic the boring inner monologues telling us every detail of what the characters are thinking and feeling are redundant and need not interrupt and distract from the flow of the story I generally find that authors resort to the tell us when the character's behavior is either so unnaturally off the wall or so obnoxious and the author feels a need to write her an excuse for being such a drip and that is true of this novella The heroine was one really selfish mean biddy What kind of calloused person would not bother reading letters some sweet little high school goofball friend faithfully wrote to her during her deployment to keep her updated on what's happening back home and then would rip into that friend when she got home because she didn't know some important things just because she never bothered to read his letters Not just a beyotch but a psychotic beyotch And Ryan Ryan throwing away ten years of your precious youth waiting for a woman who treats you like dog crap on her shoe even though she isn't worthy to clean your cowboy boots with her tongue Seriously Dude you need therapybadly The author totally failed to deliver on her promise for a happy ending and instead gave us a very tragic one a happy ending would have been Ryan wising up and marrying a nice girl worthy of his affection and letting nasty Ms Shrew drown in her own sour bile

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    Lovely book but honestly I should've taken off stars than I didFirst it's WAY too short When chapter 4 is the 50% point of the book you know you've been had Thank goodness I got this when it was severely discounted or I'd've been seriously angrySecond NO man is ever going to be as GOOD as this guy Ever They don't think like him act like him take responsibility like him I don't think a man has ever existed like this I mean I got a GOOD guy and he looks like a loser next to this one Be prepared to suspend realityAnd third no reason is ever given as to why this GOOD guy would want this chick She's not smart She's not ambitious she's not talented or creative She's not NICE She's been cold and awful to this guy her entire life WHY would he want that? It makes no senseSo did I like the book? No Did I like him? Who the heck wouldn't? But do I like her? She was hideous the whole book Didn't even OPEN his letters for pete's sakes It was just wrong The book was wrong I didn't like the book