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Christmas came early this year A whole set of uncut Robert Louis Stevenson books RLS This is better than coffee ice cream, meat pies, and pecan rolls Shazam I have already reviewed the story itself here, so I will use this review for the actual physical book As we increasingly turn to e books in the current century, it is always a pleasure to hold a book which was made when printing presses were considered to be state of the art and most folks couldn t even afford a book, let alone a set.Those Scribner sons did a mighty fine job with this volume Red cloth with gold lettering and the type of paper one doesn t see any This is a well brought up book, the kind you can introduce to others with pride Gorgeous The previous owner s took good care of this baby, and I hope to continue the tradition.Book Season Winter it s a winter s tale Read this many many years ago but I enjoyed Master of Ballantrae so much with this second reading Robert Louis Stevenson could spin an entertaining tale.This novel has something for all readers A sweeping tale of sibling rivalry, adventure, derring do, romance, greed and mystery The story unfolds over many years and takes place in Scotland and the American wilderness.The classic tale of the brothers Durie, narrated through the eyes of their stalwart Steward Ephraim Mackellar Read this as the free edition without issues Thoroughly entertained throughout Time well spent. Set In Scotland During The Jacobite Rebellion, In The Exotic French Indies, And In The North American Wilderness, The Story Has As Its Hero One Of The Most Compelling Yet Horrifying Studies Of Evil In Nineteenth Century Fiction James Durie, Master Of Ballantrae The Master Is About His Infective Influence On His Younger, Less Attractive Brother Henry On Henry S Wife Alison And On Those Narrators Whom Stevenson So Skilfully Employs To Present Their Experiences Of This Charming, Ruthless, And Evil Man I approached my rereading of The Master of Ballantrae with some trepidation It was a book I adored when I was very young, and it s always a risky business revisiting bookish old flames like old flames of any kind I m pleased to report that the novel stood up to revisitation quite triumphantly I have a better knowledge of the literary context now, and I enjoyed picking up on the echoes of James Hogg s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner use of invented documents and memoirs as a narrative means doomed pairing of contrasted brothers theme of destiny vs free will motifs of a night duel and an uncanny exhumation There are also echoes of Stevenson s own Jekyll and Hyde, written three years earlier, to the extent that the two Durie brothers, the devilish, mercurial James and the stolid, brooding Henry can seem unhappily yoked parts of a single, conflicted whole perhaps, in a Scott like way, representative of Scotland s divided identity the novel is set in the aftermath of the 45 uprising, in which James Durie fights and is initially thought lost The plot of the novel is highly melodramatic and exotic, in the spirit of romance In addition to Ballantrae, on the south west coast of Scotland, its settings include a primitive, traders New York, and the wilderness of the Adirondacks, where the dramatic last chapters of the novel take place and where Stevenson first conceived of the novel, in a stay in an experimental tuberculosis sanatorium in 1887 The characters include a highly orientalised Hindu retainer, Secundra Dass, and the novel finds time for a small but perfectly formed Caribbean pirate narrative, told in an inset narrative by the rollicking Irish soldier of fortune Chevalier Francis Burke.All this riot of color is kept expertly under control, throughout most of the novel, by the dry, methodical prose of the chief narrator, the steward Ephraim Mackellar, through whose unreliably partisan eyes we see most of the events of the novel For long stretches, in between the action scenes, the novel is a kind of chamber piece, charting the changing relationships between a tight family knot of characters the brothers, Henry and James the Master of the title their father, the old laird, unwitting cause of their rivalry through his favoritism Allison Graeme, their cousin, who loves James and married Henry and Mackellar himself Although our attention is directed principally towards the depicted characters, the romantic, doomed Durie family, Mackellar himself is pivotal to the effect of the novel Despite the prissy, old maidish elements in his characterization, he is far from lacking in passion, as his fierce devotion to the put upon Henry Durie shows Nor is he quite secure from the Master s demonic seductions, however clearly he sees through his Byronic performances One of the most interesting and destabilizing passages in the novel, set significantly on a ship heading across the Atlantic, sees our trusty narrator half beginning to fall prey, despite himself, to the Master s charms After a long time of being consigned to the dusty dressing up box of the adventure novel, I have a sense that Stevenson is now taken much seriously by literary criticism, as a forerunner of modernism, or post modernism I think that s right although it doesn t stop his novels from being immensely enjoyable on a straight, adventure novel level, as my adolescent self can attest I ve also always loved Stevenson as a stylist I came to this novel after Elizabeth Gaskell s Wives and Daughters, with its placid, leisurely prose, and I found his terseness quite thrilling by contrast Stevenson has the meta narrator figure in his preface the man who publishes the found manuscript of Mackellar refuse to embellish the style, on the grounds that there is nothing so noble as baldness It s typical of Stevenson s sprezzatura to frame a stylistic manifesto in such a nobly bald way. La metterei cos il lancio di una moneta stabilisce le sorti.Il Male penetra il Bene, ne diviene coscienza fino a farlo impazzire P.S Basterebbe accettare d esser plurimi per rimanere savi questo il principio fondamentale della vendetta un odio rivelato un odio impotente .Due fratelli, una moneta, un destino di odio che si trasciner fino alla morte Stevenson gioca con i due fratelli Durrisdeer Henry il buono, il riflessivo, l accondiscendente e James, il master di Ballantrae, lo scavezzacollo della famiglia, l impetuoso spendaccione che manda in malora la famiglia Solo che non sempre le cose vanno come si vuole Il buono diventa cattivo in questo caso, impazzisce per quella che una vita di sopportazione e angherie subite Un tema caro allo scrittore, capire come l ambiente in cui vivi possa influire sul tuo comportamento, sulla tua indole e modificarla E possibile cambiare cos tanto Fino a che abissi si pu spingere la cattiveria umana, desiderando la morte di chi fa parte del tuo sangue Una scrittura piacevolissima, descrizioni di paesaggi soprattutto nell ultima parte che rendono ancora di pi l anima desolata dalla malvagit. Free download available at eBooks Adelaide.This book is being discussed by the 19th Century Literature Yahoo Group.This is the story of two brothers set during after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, often referred to as the Forty five , in Scotland, India America An incident in the rebellion of 1746, by David MorierThe narrator of this book is done by Mackellar, the loyal steward to the Durie of Durisdeer family, which consists of an old lord and this two sons James, the Master of Ballantrae, and Henry Another relative, Miss Alison Graeme, also lives with the family.The two brothers have opposite trends James supports Bonnie Prince Charlie and goes and fights for the Jacobites while Henry stays at home to keep favor of King George II In this way, whichever side wins, the family s estate will be preserved.Once the Rising fails, the Master is reported dead and Henry becomes the heir of the estate Living without glory brings no happiness to the surviving brother The End of the Forty Five Rebellion William Brasse Hole s original etching, The End of the Forty Five Rebellion depicts the final chapter of the 1745 Highland Rebellion led by Prince Charles Edward and the retreat of his defeated troops Fatigue, hunger and despair accompany the wounded troops.However, a turmoil in the story will happen once Coronel Francis Burke arrives bringing letters from the Master.In order to avoid spoilers, I will stop my review here.A movie was made based on this book The Master of Ballantrae 1953 , with Errol Flynn, Roger Livesey, Anthony Steel as well as three TV series The Master of Ballantrae 1962 The Master of Ballantrae 1975 and The Master of Ballantrae 1984.For those interested in reading a biography about the author, there are at least two interesting books on this subject Fanny Stevenson A Romance of Destiny 1993 by Alexandra Lapierre and Under the Wide and Starry Sky 2013 by Nancy Horan, see my review here However, it should be noticed that both books are fictionalized biographies For a complete list of RLS s biographies, please visit the author s website.The Battle of Culloden in fiction Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon.The Jacobite Trilogy by D.K Broster.Waverley by Walter Scott.The Scottish Thistle by Cindy Vallar.Culloden by John Prebble. La storia di una feroce battaglia tra due fratelli, che dura tutta una vita.Stevenson era davvero uno scrittore eccezionale la lettura di questo romanzo coinvolgente dall inizio alla fine, sia nelle parti avventurose che in quelle relativamente pi calme in realt , anche tra le mura domestiche la tensione sempre alta.Tra personaggi memorabili, un efficace uso del narratore anzi, dei narratori , un po di umorismo pur in una storia decisamente cupa, Il Master di Ballantrae uno splendido romanzo.Il tema principale quello del doppio , a mio parere affrontato qui in maniera molto pi affascinante rispetto al caso di Jekyll e Hyde la contrapposizione tra i due fratelli nemici pi complessa, ed intrigante, e cambia nel corso della storia E pu essere interpretata in pi modi Il Master citato nel titolo comunque senza dubbio un personaggio negativo , ed decisamente un gran bel cattivo , che in parte ricorda Long John Silver.Avrei dato 5 stelle al romanzo, ma il finale mi sembra un po stupido, poteva forse pensarlo un po meglio Per un romanzo che straccia quasi qualunque altro libro d avventura questa edizione Garzanti molto bella, con un apparato introduttivo ricco ed interessante Un odio rivelato un odio impotente Pu l odio diventare lo scopo di una vita Possono due esseri umani sacrificare la loro vita con il solo obiettivo di danneggiare qualcuno Evidentemente s , almeno stando a quanto ci racconta Stevenson in questo romanzo.Il rapporto terribile e spietato tra due fratelli, uno buono, leale e generoso e uno malvagio, spregiudicato e rancoroso il fulcro del romanzo e quello che ne rende interessante la lettura Due fratelli che per buona parte del racconto si odiano nell ombra, fingendo un affetto reciproco che non provano.La maldicenza delle persone, l incomunicabilit tipica dell ambiente aristocratico dell ottocento, un padre che ha la consistenza caratteriale e la spina dorsale di un tremolante budino e una donna che ha la sensibilit di un coccodrillo fanno da corollario allo scontro tra i due Il tema quello noto del doppio, il buono e il cattivo, il gentile e il feroce, Giacobbe e Esa , il bene e il male.E innegabilmente bravo Stevenson a mostrarci in continuazione i due fratelli sotto una luce diversa, come se bene e male coesistessero in entrambi E per tutto il romanzo sono rimasto nel dubbio su chi dei due fosse realmente degno di rispetto, come se i due fossero la stessa persona che esprima due facce diverse Ho letto il romanzo con interesse 318 pagine in un paio di giorni durante viaggi aerei anche se l ho trovato meno intrigante rispetto ad altri dello stesso Stevenson La struttura del libro, fatta di alternanza di racconti di persone diverse, contribuisce a movimentare un po la narrazione, anche se l ho trovata ripresa da quella gi utilizzata da Wilkie Collins una ventina di anni prima ad esempio nella Pietra di Luna.In definitiva un buon libro, interessante, scorrevole, piacevole Ma per me manca qualcosina forse l ho trovato un po scontato o forse semplicemente poco attuale.Direi tre stelle e mezzo. Gosh, I love RLS He was the man Adventure, intrigue, travel, romance, gothic suspensegosh I love RLS He would have made a terrific screenwriter during cinema s golden age, all swash and buckle This ripping yarn just doesn t let you leave You may pretend you re working or gardening or conversing with others during your everyday boring life, but really, you re just thinking about the Brothers Durie Which one is really good and which one is really evil This specific edition is from 1968 perfect year for Sean Connery and Oliver Reed to play the siblings and is large type for those who need extra help If you don t need the extra help for the eyes, it s kinda weird, but perfect really because this baby will knock about your bag and car and bus and will wind up very well thumbed I d like a leather bound edition, just so I can watch it sitting on my shelf RLS Two Duries in DurrisdeerOne to stay and one to ride,An ill day for the groomAnd a worse day for the bride.Book Season Winter snow flurries and sword fights