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An original e novella based on the bestselling video gameMorbed is a thief and a survivor and his skills in both roles are about to be put to the ultimate test Joining together with a wizard a druid a necromancer and a crusader Morbed has arrived at a remote island to track down an elusive vagabond andreclaim valuable items pilfered from the city of WestmarchBut there is something loose on the island something that has killed and is very close to killing again In order to leave the island alive Morbed will be forced to confront not only the terrifying creature that stalks the forests but the darkest corners of his own spirit as well

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    Morbed is a pretty short story Not that it seemed cut off or anything or prematurely ended But the possibilities of this book seemed to be really dashed in the limited space of the story But for just a couple of dollars the work is certainly worth the price of admission Probably only a big fan of Diablo 3 would be interested in this book Which is good because the types of characters that the author chose certainly will make any fan of the series smile The possibilities that were evident in the first few pages are certainly never really fulfilled throughout the work I would have really loved to see a full descent work about a necromancer druid crusader and thief I was incredibly excited until things started to splinter around half way through But again it was certainly enough bang for the buck

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    InterestingThis is one book I would love to see a seuel to Does Morbed get his redemption and forgiveness? That is something I want to know

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    Great short storyDefinelty was a good read hope there is to come Morbeds journey has just begun to get interesting

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    I actually enjoyed this book it sets up for another outing for the title character Morbed has adventures to come yes and I liked the story

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    As someone who has dumped easily 1000 hours into Diablo III sometimes I gloss over the lore and story I always read something about some legendary item and wish I could know the rest of the story to it This was a nice surprise to find It had all the details that I would expect from a Diablo story but I was glad to find elements to the story in which I didn't expect I would love for short stories either separate or tied together into a series I am fairly ignorant to the world of Warcraft but I have seen that this author has written books for that too I may have to get my hands on some of those books I like his writing style and descriptions

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    good short story I'd be interested in from this author

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    Really good story You will like it even if your a fan of the game

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    Diablo III Morbed's Morbid AdventureI would love to read a continuation

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    Levantó sobre el final pero la primera mitad fue bastante embolante Durante 30 páginas no pasa nada y para ser una introducción a la segunda mitad me pareció excesivo