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I LOVE ASHLEY I completely bonded with her character when I first read it. This is so cute and I loved it This was better than the first in the series, What a Girl Wants The characters weredeveloped and the guys redeeming or not so qualities came outI am happy with her decision at this point Like that matters It will be interesting to see what happens with Ashley in the next book, With This Ring, I m Confused I like reading series because you gettime to get to know the characters and they have time to change over time A lot of chick lit seems to be written so quickly that the characters are just cookie cutter molds of each other and it s like reading the same book over and over So pointless This is a refreshing change And it s Christian fiction without the Christianity being shoved down your throat. She s Out of Control was a nice quick read, funny and charming, good for a trip to the beach or a poolside read I personally felt that Ashley, the main character, was a bit shallow and spoiled I have no problem enjoying a book with that kind of character, but I also did not feel that I could relate to her throughout most of the story I enjoyed it as a quick read without to much seriousness. Well I read book 1 of Ashley Stockingdale s life a year ago and just now decided to finish our her series Book 1 must not have annoyed me much if I kept on my list books 2 and 3 Because if it had annoyed me as much as books 2 and 3 that review is forthcoming then I wouldn t have finished the series Ashley Stockingdale is a Christian who gives the term Christianese it s full meaning She is, in all honesty, shallow, self absorbed, and obnoxious Many times I wished I could enter into the pages of the book and smack her She s really annoying Billerbeck did the Christian single a great disservice in this series by having Ashley so focused on grabbing herself a man and having shopping as her life s love that I fear the stereotype will continue So many Christian singles are way beyond snagging a spouse and shopping they are thoughtful individuals who would rather buy a well of clean water in Africa than buy a Coach bag even if it is on sale Billerbeck had a chance here, in my opinion, to change the stereotype of the Christian single woman but instead she encouraged it Ick The author portrays that shallow faith that makes thoughtful, intellectual people running screaming in the opposite direction of Christianity I felt like running myself and I am a believer She employs the use of Christianese and has the characters practicing bad doctrine I m really sorry I read books 2 and 3 because they were a huge waste of time I believe Billerbeck writes well enough to make a real difference in the stereotypes of Christians but she doesn t live up to her opportunity to do that in this series. Loved this book Perfect Christian chick lit. Ever Been On The Verge Of Buying Your Own Engagement Ring Ashley Stockingdale, The Charming But Always In Over Her Head Patent Attorney From What A Girl Wants, Has Finally Found The Man She Wants To Marry But After Nine Months Of Dating, It Seems Her Commitment Phobe Boyfriend Will Never Use The M Word And Just When She Thinks She S Got It All Together, Ashley Is Having Trouble Knowing Where To Put ItA Massive Remodeling Project, A Hyperactive Puppy, And An Ex Boyfriend Who Wants To Be Part Of Her Life Again All Keep Ashley S World Spinning As The Mayhem Escalates, Ashley S Life Quickly Goes From What A Girl Wants To Out Of Control First I must say, that I love Ashley Wilkes Stockingdale, the heroine of this book series I also like her friends Brea, Kay and Dr Kevin Novak The series is styled Christian Chick Lit, but it is relevant to women everywhere, Christian or secular, regardless of ethnicity I m a Black American female, but I totally get where Ashley is coming from In fact, some of my friends actually think she sounds like me I think it s wonderful when an author can develop a character so thoroughly that s he comes alive on the pages This is what Kristin Billerbeck achieves in these books The friends are not just supporting characters They have heart, emotions and opinions Boy, do they have opinions That said, this is my favorite book of the series Why Because there is laughter, drama, pathos, romance, oh no he didn t moments, emotional and spiritual conflict, awakenings to truth, righteousness and possibilities confrontation with personal fears and insecurities, and lots of love Of course I enjoy the little trips into fashion, food and all the other cute comments but that s what adds some of the color and fun It s a journey with someone who could be a friend, and at the end of it, you actually feel like you learned something It s satisfying with a sigh of pleasure, like really good chocolate cake from one of my favorite restaurants in Half Moon Bay Okay, not the best review I could write, but hey, if you read the book, you ll totally get it. I feel like there have been Mandy Moore movies made out of some of these books, no I have not seen these movies, although I am strangely titillated by the concept of Mandy Moore in a series of Christian chick flick movies If there exists a market for chick lit about adorable Christian lesbians, I am that market Anyway, I like this book I like, in a large part, being reminded that there are people in their twenties whose inner lives are comprised in a large part of trying to maintain a relationship with the define, failing spectacularly, and experiencing grace I wish that someone could write books like this in a slightly less formulaic way I can only vaguely recollect the differences between this book and its sequel I think people did write books like those I am craving in 1835 Maybe that s the direction in which I need to head I wish the writing werememorable, here, but not as much as I wish that theliterary books being written now were not so thoroughly schooled in out postmodern milieu I d rather read every single book Billerbeck has written than read another book about a twenty something dealing with his or her existential crisis by having an affair I think. She s Out of Control is an apt title for Ashley s goofy life in this second book in Billerbeck s Ashley Stockingdale trilogy Unlike other poor little rich girls, though, Ashley is completely loveable in her crazy antics The novel begins with Ashley lamenting the confused interest of her boyfriend, geeky bald engineer Seth When he scurries off to India for a job, Ashley s left in a state of total confusion, with the puppy he bought her rapidly increasing in size and destructive qualities You can also add in the total infatuation of an ex boyfriend, uber hot doctor Kevin Novak who s recently converted to Christianity and is certain God thinks Ashley is the girl for him.I raced through the novel, giggling all the way, eager to find out what happens to Ashley and her gang of Reasons California Christian singles from her church Billerbeck leapt into the genre of Christian chick lit with her first enjoyable trilogy and has made a splash with her second, the Spa Girls novels You will laugh your way through She s Out of Control as you try to understand what might be happening in Ashley s seemingly unstoppable imagination.