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Sent away for protection hotel heiress Estella Everstone finds herself living undercover as a lady’s companion named Elle Stoneburner at one of her father’s opulent hotels in the mountains of Maine—the one she'd always loved best and always hoped to own one day Everston The one thing she doesn't like about the situation is that her ex fiancé is in the area and is set on marrying someone else Reeling from her feelings of being unwanted and unworthy Estella reluctantly forms a friendship with the gruff manager of Everston Dexter Blakeley who seems to have something against wealthy young socialites with too much money although they are just the kind of people Everston caters to When Estella finds herself in need of help Dexter comes to the rescue with an offer she can't refuse She sees no other choice aside from going back home to her family and accepts the position as companion to his sister Throughout her interactions with Dexter she can't deny the pull that's evidenced between them every time he comes near Estella realizes that while she's been hiding behind a false name and identity she’s never been freer to be herself than when she's with Dexter Blakeley But will he still love her when he finds out she's Estella Everstone? She's not entirely sure

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    “I can’t bear the thought of you anywhere but with me” And yet again I ask the same uestion Is it really possible to fall in love with fictitious characters? I have discovered that it very much is and I’ve been bitten by the Everstone bug Absolutely undoubtedly and unreservedly loved loved loved the book An understatement I don’t know how she achieves it but Dawn Crandall does make you live the story experience it and feel the growth You are a gem Dawn Crandall and I’m so so very happy that I was able to experience your work You beat your contemporaries fair and suare A zillion thanks to you for giving me a copy to reviewThe Captive Imposter is the third in the series of four books based on the high society lives of the Everstone family and their friends their past and its effects on the present generation’s lives While the first The Hesitant Heiress dealt with Nathan Everstone the eldest of the siblings trying to win Amaryllis Brigham and the second The Bound Heart with Meredyth Summercourt who is hung up on Vance Everstone while being in love with Lawry Hampton this one looks into the life of Nathan and Vance’s sister Estella Everstone Something happens towards the end of the series’ second book The Bound Heart which makes it imperative for Estella to assume a different identity and stay hidden from the ever prying society and so she takes up the position as lady’s companion to a Mrs Granton As can be inferred from the first two books Estella has been hung up on Jayson Crawford from like forever and he won’t have her Here while playing Elle Stoneburner lady’s companion circumstances lead her back to Everston her beloved family owned high profile hotel and resort and in the proximity of Jay who is vying for another lady’s Greenlee Cole’s hand She meets the gruff and yet gentlemanly Mr Dexter Blakeley Everstone’s manager who has some very fixed opinions regarding young socialites the crowd he basically caters to at Everston And yes there is some family history here as well Estella being unaware of it and Dexter though aware but oblivious to her real identity they begin with an association and then a friendship which strengthens as we progress through the story Unexpected changes and situations lead to the loss of Elle’s employment with Mrs Granton and she is faced with the dilemma of either returning to her family in utter humiliation or taking up the place as companion to Mr Blakeley’s sister and her childhood friend Roxy and Dexter’s guest Greenlee Choosing the employment offered and the safety of his home Estella starts on a new page Always being overlooked by her family and friends for what she truly is and only applauded and awed for her money and social status Estella experiences a new freer self and the happiness and companionship she discovers she had been missing in Dexter Blakeley With Dexter by her side she discovers herself and comes out of the shell nobody had cared to peep into This book is a journey as all before in the series were I had not particularly liked Estella in the previous books but now after reading her POV I feel she is my favorite of the three #EverstoneChronicles’ heroines This just explains one very important thing to me Dawn Crandall writes in first person POV so we look into the other character’s personality from that POV and form our opinions And when the POV changes we also start changing our views of that same person Something that explains to me that no one is bad everyone just has their own opinionI liked Estella her compassionate spirit her uiet resilience her unwavering love and her kindness She is an artist and a very good one at that Her growth through the story is portrayed with such a natural grace She rises above her own shortcomings and is keen on continuing the same way with Dexter Coming to Dexter As with Nathan and Lawry I again was in love with Dexter Though gruff and abrupt in many ways he is caring kind playful loyal and determined I found the playful side very cute ; He has this empathy for Estella which endears him to the reader Both Dexter and Estella have humbled themselves in front of God they find their peace with each other and this was the beauty of the story The secondary characters were also genuine I liked Roxy and Mrs Granton was annoyed beyond words at Jay and wanted to punch Ursula in the face Pretty harsh ;pOverall the story had generous amounts of romance intrigue and an interesting plot The complexities of previous generation relationships and their after effects are put out in such simple terms You actually feel like living in the stories the writing is so seamless There are only two elements I missed in the book Nathan and Lawry After having loved them in the previous books I did want a peek into their current lives ; I wish they were present somewhere towards the ending where Amaryllis and Meredyth have been seen But that does not stop me from rating it with my obvious 5s This series is a must have for all historical fiction lovers When there is a dearth of good HF writers Dawn Crandall comes as a refreshing change she MUST be read

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    Forced to hide and keep her identity secret Estella Everstone becomes plain Elle Stoneburner a lady’s companion to save her life from a dangerous threat Her father and brother think that is the only way to escape and be safe even when she unexpectedly goes to Everstone one of her family’s hotels risking to be recognized and meets her father employee Dexter Blakeley She does not know if she can trust him but despite that she feels really protected for the first time in her life She has always wanted to spend her life at Everstone but in just a few weeks she is sure she has also found the person whom she belongs with Will Dexter want her when she tells him the truth about her? Estella has never felt appreciated enough Her family loves her of course but she has always had a feeling that nobody understood her as if nobody knew the real Estella Everstone But when she meets Dexter and has a chance to really get to know him she soon feels loved She soon realizes that the surly brooding man that she has met by chance during a journey in a stagecoach is not the real Dexter Blakeley who is sweet and honourable While she slowly falls in love with him and he with her she cannot deny that his feelings may not be the same towards her once he finds out that she is not poor Elle Stoneburner but a socialite who grew up in a family that his mother despises for some secret reason To make matter worse Dexter does not seem very happy to speak about girls like Estella Everstone whom he believes are all spoiled and live without caring for anyone in the world Can she prove him that she is different? I can say that trying to find an answer to that uestion was what really pushed me to read this novel faster I could not wait to see if everything would go the way I wanted especially because I thought that Estella deserved her own happy ending I have to admit that I was not too fond of her after reading the first two books she did not impress me that much maybe because she was the silent type of girl who did not share her opinions easily And also because I did not like that she was obsessed with a guy that did not love her and she apparently could not accept the truth She kept insisting and insisting and I found her a little annoying In this book though she was so different Always shy and secretive but definitely endearing and it was very easy to relate to herDawn Crandall has a talent for portraying wonderful heroes I loved Dexter as much as I loved Nathan and Lawry They are very different from each other but the respect they have towards women is something that makes them perfect They make mistakes they love passionately and they are just fantastic Dexter Blakeley is that kind of character that at first seems haughty and aloof but it only takes a few pages to fall in love with him His kindness and generosity are uniue and given what he experienced in the past he is even lovableAbsolutely surprising and totally engaging the third book in the “Everstone Chronicles” series is a gripping tale that will not fail to captivate any reader’s interest Historical Fiction enthusiasts will love it but I would recommend it and the other books in the series as well to everybody Note If you do not mind reading your series out of order “The Captive Imposter” can easily be read as a standalone book But since Estella is hiding because of something that happened in book two The Bound Heart you may want to read that one first in order to avoid spoilers My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book

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    Dawn Crandall masterfully crafts a story rich in vibrant setting vivid characters and sharp dialogue Her scenes come alive transplanting readers into Gilded Age New England and keeping them absorbed from the first word until the last The characters she creates feel real and honest and boy howdy can she write a kissing scene My new favorite of the series The Captive Imposter specifically is a beautifully engaging story of forgiveness of overcoming prejudices and of finding our worth in the One who died for us And of kisses It’s about kisses too I highly recommend all of the books in THE EVERSTONE CHRONICLES series for anyone who loves historical fiction especially fans of exuisite romances and un put down able storiesI won this book in a giveaway with no expectation of a review This is as always only my honest opinionRead my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower

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    I was invited to read this third book of a trilogy curious to see if it could stand alone and maybe even intrigue me to read the first and second books too From the first page I had the impression that the heroine Estella Everstone had been featured in the two preuels as a younger minor character This time it's her own story which she tells in first person with many twists and turns changing attitudes revelations and changes in fortuneI like the Great Gatsby sort of atmosphere the story evokes It takes place in a similar setting on America's east coast in the gilded era time period Like Fitzgerald's classic many of these characters have worked hard to achieve the prosperity they're enjoying Estella is the youngest child of wealthy hotel magnate Bram Everstone but begins the story travelling incognito as Elle Stoneburner hired companion to an elderly widow Mrs Granton In the course of her duties she's forced to return to Everston her favourite of her wealthy father's mountain hotelsThe narrative makes it clear how hard EstellaElle must work to keep her identity concealed Her predicaments are often amusing to read about One on side she admires the handsome hotel manager Mr Dexter Blakeley but senses that his opinion of young women born into fortune isn't very high On the other side Jay Crawford the ex fiance who broke her heart is around the place too As Elle is so busy with this dance between identities it takes her by surprise to consider that Mr Blakeley may be concealing a few secrets of his own not to mention the desperate and needy young women beneath his roofTalking about him the heroine's first impression of the hero has to be among my favourites Through a stagecoach window Elle notices 'his chiselled almost statuesue face which consisted of sharp drastic angles' It's set off by 'dark hazel brooding eyes that seemed to cut into everything he turns his gaze upon' However at this stage that's cancelled out by the fact that he has the demeanour of a wild boar I'm sure many readers will be hooked to find out about the goings on of these two from this pointI think I would be interested in reading 'The Hesitant Heiress' and 'The Bound Heart' to catch the earlier stages of this storyThanks to the author for my review copy

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    The Captive Imposter is the final book in Dawn Crandall’s Everstone Chronicles series and I’m sad to see it end I’ve been eagerly anticipating Estella’s book since reading The Bound Heart and was not disappointed in the least This book may have been my favorite of the series though I’d have to go back and read them all in order to say for certainI’ve come to adore Dawn’s writing It wasn’t what I’d expected when I first picked up her books but it is very distinctly her I think I could read a random uote from any of her books and be able to say “that’s Dawn’s” She once again does an excellent job of bringing the setting and characters to life I often felt as though I was actually there with them taking in the beauty of God’s creation with Estella and spending my days at Everston I loved that Dawn was able to write a historical romance with little suspense and have absolutely no lag in the story It kept me engrossed from the first page and I hated putting it down to get my work done I have to say that I did get a bit confused in the beginning There are several characters that are introduced around the same time and I struggled to keep them straight I think it may have been easier if Estella had actually met them but they are just mentioned in passing then met later on I had to keep thinking back trying to remember who was who and how they fit into the storyI had liked Estella Everstone from the previous books but she really came to life for me in this one She is a very relatable character and I connected with her almost immediately She makes you care about her and cheer her on though she did seem a bit spoiled at first I loved getting into her thoughts; seeing Everstone and Dexter Blakely through her eyes Her opinions on things sounded like something I would say and I uickly fell in love with Dexter too Who doesn’t love the tall dark and brooding hero? The one that doesn’t say much but what he does matters immensely? Well I do and Mr Blakely is an excellent foil for Estella He kept her grounded and drew her closer to her faith Those alone would be enough for me to love him but then he had to go and be incredibly sweet the rescuer That sealed it for me It’s rare I’m jealous of a fictional character but I confess that I was just a teensy bit envious of EstellaThe romance was great as well Dawn does romantic tension uite well and I could almost see the sparks between them Their kisses were definitely sigh worthy the kind that were both sweet and a tad steamy I very much enjoyed their relationship as it progressed from awkward acuaintances to friends then took a sudden leap to something I loved the honesty between them even though Estella wasn’t being completely honest about her identity they shared the most important things I also enjoyed the bluntness Dawn employs showing us that though they love each other it isn’t an ambiguous emotion but rather a choice I really enjoyed the spiritual side of the story too Dexter’s words challenged me as much if not than Estella It focuses on finding who you are in Christ and just being His without all of the trappings of life getting in the way I needed that reminder I love reading a book for entertainment but it’s even better if it encourages or challenges me I found myself often using the “highlight” option on my Kindle to mark the things I’d like to recall I honestly can’t think of anything else I didn’t like about this book If I had any other complaint it would be that this is the final book in the series at least for now I’m hopeful I didn’t want it to end I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters and definitely was not prepared to see them go Happily I can “visit” them as often as I like simply by opening a book I received an advanced copy of this book from the author for my honest review which I have given I was not reuired to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way All opinions expressed are my own

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    Imagine a crystal clear glass of water Now imagine taking some food coloring and sueezing one tiny drop into that water Dripthats all it takes to turn that colorless water into a vivid color Now maybe add one or two drops of that coloring Drip Drip Now your water has become even vibrant and has depth to its color This is how I would describe Dawn Crandall's writing With only a few drops of words her characters and settings come alive with color and depth that allow your imagination and senses to make everything feel real In this story we get to enjoy the brisk mountains and lakes in Maine and the famous Everston hotel I loved Estella Everstone's story She was deep and personal and to me full of life Dexter was just as good I appreciated his passion for others in need This was a very exciting read that makes you want to keep turning the pages to see what will happen next I loved how convicting encouraging and comforting elements of faith were fluidly intertwined throughout the story I wish authors took the time and care to write scriptural elements into their stories like Dawn Crandall does Thank you Dawn for writing these books

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    Just notified by author Release date announced as Marchis Now April 1st 2015 anticipaaaation has now become appreciation A solid historical romance that concludes Ms Crandall's Everstone Chronicles with aplomb Steady pacing characters I wanted to know authentic interactions and relationship development; for me it presented the whole reading package I was intrigued from prologue to epilogueCongratulations Dawn and every continued success

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    Another wonderfully romantic read in the Everstone Chronicles Full review to come Estella Everstone under the name Elle Stoneburner for her protection is currently living as a lady’s companion at one of her favorite of her father’s lavish Maine hotels Everston Everston would be the perfect refuge if not for the fact that her ex fiancé is nearby and set on marrying someone else Devastated by the emotional upheaval that his engagement brings Estella forms a reluctant friendship with Everston’s standoffish manager Dexter Blakely who despite being manager of a hotel that caters to the wealthy and affluent seems to hold a grudge against wealthy socialites When Estella is forced from her lady’s maid position Dexter offers her a position as a companion to his shy sister As she comes to know him and his family she can’t help but realize that despite hiding behind a false name she has never felt like her true self than she does around him Can she trust Dexter to find her worthy not only as Elle but as Estella Everstone as well? More importantly can she see her own worth for herself?After reading this third book in the Everstone Chronicles I have come to realize that I am in good hands when I pick up a book with Dawn Crandall’s name on the cover Her books offer a bit of everything but definitely deliver on the things that I look for in a historical romance – endearing lead characters tension filled scenes and a believable romance Plus she writes in first person which is uniue and she excels at this narration styleI loved so many things about this novel but the first draw for me was the characters themselves Estella is a bit reserved than the previous two leading ladies in books one and two; however she also had lovely ualities Despite her previous fiancé being around in this story there was no love triangles featured here which was refreshing Estella has a lot of internal struggle with feelings of worthiness and sharing the truth with Dexter Because Dawn chose to write the story in first person Estella’s struggles and triumphs had much impact on me as the reader I was rooting for her the whole way through the story Her personal and spiritual growth comes across as genuine and heartfelt Estella’s realization that she doesn’t have to rely on a person or position in society for her worth but on God alone was a lovely reminder for this reader It was obvious that Dawn had a clear message of hope and worthiness in mind as she wrote Estella’s storyI can’t mention Estella without talking about Dexter and truly I don’t think Dawn can write a bad male lead Just when I think no one can top Lawry enigmatic yet generous Dexter comes along When I compare the three Nathan Lawry and Dexter it’s just too hard to pick a favorite – the same can be said of the heroine’s as well although Estella comes close to being a favorite I thought it was nice that Dexter achieves personal growth as well He has to change his mind on what he thought about the rich and wealthy and though it focused on that less that change was apparent to me This story is primarily a romance and although the plot doesn’t offer many surprises in that regard Dawn’s descriptions of their relationship are simply beautiful and drama filled without being overdone If you are looking for a gorgeous happily ever after you’ve definitely picked up the right bookThe setting and the scenes in the woods of Maine really came to life for me and had a very real presence in the story My particular favorite scenes were in the outdoor church under the trees I loved the realizations that Estella came to here and loved the idea of connecting to God through the nature that He created It was also neat to see Vance Estella’s brother and a character that I disliked so much from book 2 there and perhaps see some seeds of redemption begin to root deeply in him I’m hoping that he might make his way into a future story about the Everstone’sThe Captive Imposter is wonderfully romantic and just an all around great read there is some intrigue a bit of danger a lot of romance and the story is wholly uplifting and engaging the entire time Dawn has written a lovely blend of romance action and rich characterization in each book I thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent reading this series and would love to read any future additions to the Everstone Chronicles Highly recommended to fans of historical romance

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    Reviewed at The Power of Words Captive Imposter book #3 in The Everstone Chronicles by Dawn Crandall focuses on Estella Everstone in a story that captivated me from the very first page I love everything about Dawn's writing voice lyrical prose first person POV rich characterizations and captivating storylines that stay in my mind long after the last page is turned Dawn's writing style is beautifully unusual refreshing and reminiscent of a style from the past and I hope she never loses that uality because that is one of the many things that endears her stories to me And the literary uotes with which Dawn begins each chapter add so much interest as they reflect the tone of events to comeThe Captive Imposter is set in the picturesue mountain wilderness of Maine during the year of 1891 specifically Everston a grand hotel and resort in the Appalachian Mountains of central Maine I love stories where the setting essentially becomes a major character and from Everston's interior scenes to the rugged beauty of the Half Moon Lake area Dawn excels at conveying visual images that readers can see and feelAs a fan of character driven drama I'd have to say that rich characterization is one strength of this series Estella daughter of Bram Everstone was a minor character in the two previous stories and I enjoyed seeing the path that her life takes in The Captive Imposter She had pursued the affections of a doctor in the past wanting to prove that she was worthy of sharing his call to the mission field and that same doctor complicates her life in this story I loved how in the guise of a lowly companion Estella gradually journeys from a seemingly spoiled heiress into a child of God yielded to His will In Ella's words Most people treated me as if I lived in a glass box Now that I'd had a taste of what it was like to be outside that box I didn't look forward to going backAnd Dexter is a wonderful hero He's tender and caring and makes a ministry out of his position as managerowner of Everston But we see growth in him as he comes to realize his antipathy toward wealth and that he had harbored a hardness of heart toward the very people he had ministered to Dexter and Estella's romance is sweet and realistic because everything builds slowly starting out as friends and growing into so much Dawn does such a good job at creating tension because I almost read with dread knowing that when secrets on both sides were eventually revealed things wouldn't go well for this unlikely pair Some of the most moving scenes to me were the outdoor church services offered by the hotel services that took place deep in the woods at a place called Leightner Hollow Dexter's words spoken from a rugged altar touched me as well as Estella You've been freed He wants you your heartand that's it No motives no uestions and no confusion Just be hisThe Captive Imposter is a story of forgiveness seeing people as God sees them and surrendering our desires to God's perfect will I especially liked how in response to being told that she and Dexter were perfect for each other Estella replied that they chose to marry because we want to be together though we know that there will be times when we aren't perfect for each other After all no one is perfect But that's part of the commitment you make when you marry to always love your spouse flaws and allIn The Everstone Chronicles Dawn has created a larger than life family that I've grown to care about and that's an indication of uality writing I'm not ready to leave this family for the ending of The Captive Imposter cries out for Vance's story and I'd love to learn of Bram Everstone as well Highly recommendedThank you to Dawn for providing an advanced electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    I've been curious about Estella Everstone She's a little intimidating because she's uiet obviously in love with Jay and the younger sister of all these swoony men After a dangerous incident Estella finds herself under an assumed identity as a lady's companion Through random events Elle ends up at her favorite of her father's hotels Everton Estella needs help and Dexter the hotel manager comes to her rescue befriending her Dexter is a little rough around the edges but he really grew on me I admire his hard working demeanor as well as his obvious love of his family He's a little oblivious at times but such a great hero Estella is a gentle and sweet character who only wants to be loved for herself Don't we all? There's some powerful chemistry between these two although they each have their reasons for denying it I love it when the tension is there but there's also a fight with a little give and then fight I also love the relationship that Estella builds with Roxy Dexter's sister I love how each story brings a little suspense mixed in with a great story and setting because it enhances the romance and character growth One thing that I always forget to mention is that I love the chapter headings Each one is a uote from a book author or poet and really ties in well with what's going on in that chapterOverall this is another fantastic story to add to the Everstone collection and this family and setting have wormed even deeper into my heartContent mild romance vague talk of brothels kissing; mild violence threats vague talk of suicide; mild religious elements CleanI received a complimentary copy from the publisher A review was not reuired and all views expressed are my own