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One may take delight in what is here the souvenir of an unabashed and often triumphant erotic life Rediscovered after nearly two hundred years the story of Anne Lister's desire and of the comic gallant ways in which she satisfied it seems especially poignant What Lister's diary suggests is that the passion women find together has always existed and we have only now begun to uncover its remarkable lyrical history The Women's Review of BooksAn interesting historical record edited with great sensitivity Lister reveals her lesbian affairs with remarkable honesty offering a rare insight into the s of the time Sunday IndependentAs a document of one woman's revolt against convention and as a celebration of love between women this is an uplifting book The IndependentUpon publication the first volume of Anne Lister's diaries I Know My Own Heart met with celebration delight and some skepticism How could an upper class Englishwoman in the first half of the nineteenth century fulfill her emotional and sexual needs when her sexual orientation was toward other women? How did an aristocratic lesbian manage to balance sexual fulfillment with social acceptability? Helena Whitbread the editor of these diaries here allows us an inside look at the long running love affair between Anne Lister and Marianna Lawton an affair complicated by Anne's infatuation with Maria Barlow Anne travels to Paris where she discovers a new love interest that conflicts with her developing social aspirations For the first time she begins to uestion the nature of her identity and the various roles female lovers may play in the life of a gentrywoman Though uneuipped with a lesbian vocabulary with which to describe her erotic life her emotional conflicts are contemporary enough to speak to us all This book will satisfy the curiosity of the many who became acuainted with Lister through I Know My Own Heart and are eager to learn about her revealing life and what it suggests about the history of sexuality

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    the diaries of anne lister a summaryanne whatever i do i must not get into a scrape with miss xanneanneanneanne so i fear i have gotten into a scrape with miss x

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    As always Lister is simultaneously a delightful and depressing companion — a woman of incredible inventiveness practicality pretension and capacity for love who never got what she wanted for any lasting time If she were a literary character she’d be too good to be true but as she was a real person her life seems to have been something of a trial to her composed mostly of short periods of ecstasy alternating with long periods of dutiful fuss This is worth reading for the variety of Anne’s sexual euphemisms alone — you will never speak of “going to Italy” again without thinking of her

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    also better than shakespeare

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    A bit too much commentary for my taste; would like diary and less interpretation

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    I didn't know about this book until recently I had read and loved 'I Know My Own Heart' republished in 2010 as 'The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister' in 1989 This Helena Whitbread's second book first published in 1992 is the lesser known follow up covering the period Sept 1824 to Oct 1826In this second book almost every diary entry is preceded by a heading which serves as a summary of that day for easy reference; and photographs drawings and paintings depict Anne's worldThe book begins with Anne's stay in Paris where she courts a widow whose social standing and financial worth do not meet Anne's aspirations Whilst continuing her affair with the love of her life Marianna Lawton married to Charles Lawton Anne seeks a suitable life partner who will allow her to climb the social ranksAbout one sixth of Anne Lister's diaries the encoded parts reveal her desire for women and her forthright approach to satisfying that desire Where this second book really wins out for me is that Helena Whitbread now seems less shy about sharing with her readers the finer details of Anne's lesbianism

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    This book covers a period when Anne Lister travelled abroad to Paris Just as interesting as her previous diaries

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    Disappointing readHaving seen the recent tv showing I wanted to read this book hoping the book would complement or enlighten me further however they are as different as chalk and cheese This book brought with another the secret diaries is just a collection of daily entries made in her journals this book is a little padded out with information So very slightly readableIf you want from a book don't buy this Sadly I was disappointed in this story The tv programme brought my attention to this lady I wanted to know about her Sadly these books have put me off discovering who and what she did

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    Immersion Into A Past LifeThis is life as writ—passionate petty part of larger historical movements The most drawing aspect of it is Anne Lister and how she navigates her life and sexuality in a world set against it She is no saint and bully for that She’s real engaging and irritating all at once Let her be her and the reader will be immersed into a past life

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    I did not want it to end Anne Lister's diaries are a fantastic read so much info regarding history role of women in Georgian England property rights travel politics economics and same sex relationships It is almost too much to comprehend with just one reading It is a great early 1800's resource

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    This is by far the best book I've read edited by Helena Whitbread and written by Anne Lister 220 years ago Very interesting Melodic and easy read Really well footnoted Historical context is fascinating