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For Centuries Mira Has Been A Nightwalker An Unstoppable Enforcer For A Mysterious Organization That Manipulates Earth Shaking Events From The Darkest Shadows But Elemental Mastery Over Fire Sets Her Apart From Others Of Her Night Prowling Breed And May Be All That Prevents Her DoomThe Foe She Now Faces Is Human The Vampire Hunter Called Danaus, Who Has Already Destroyed So Many Undead For Mira, The Time Has Come To Hunt Or Be Hunted

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    This is what happens when you buy books at Wal Mart.

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    This was a really interesting book, I enjoyed it for many reasons, most of which it doesn t read like all the other Urban Fantasy out there The lead female protagonist doesn t have self esteem problems, doesn t apologize for being a badass, she has problems that are totally justifiable and there s some extremely interesting world building here.We re talking Vampires of course, but for once they aren t the top of the food chain, it s the naturii a hybrid of elves and faerie lore that are the big baddies, which was kind of cool The beginning of the book starts off a bit slow, and having an arrogant and cold main character was a bit hard to relate to at first, but the last half of the book developed a handful of great relationships, and you get why Mira is as aloof as she is I mean, if you re 600 years old, you re not gonna be that squee ful, right Good ending twist, definitely interested in how the plot progresses in the next book.The tone of this book is very dark, like Jim Butcher, or early Anne Rice etc, than the lighter stuff we re used to, and I appreciated that as a change.

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    Saved by a 180 Vampire Mistress of the Dark Mira sexually harasses everything that moves, especially employees and subjects Charming girl We barely know Mira before we see her grinding on a potential enemy and sticking her tongue down the throat of a peon She s clich too She s excited to fight someone because, she says, so rarely had I the chance to pit myself against something that could actually destroy me If I never see this pompous BS in another urban fantasy or paranormal romance novel, it will be too soon However, Jocelynn Drake clearly loves Mira if we do not Underlings mewl her name, shadows slide their arms around her body, threats are no than bait She is the pied piper trilling his merry tune for the children of Hamelin Enough I cannot stand authors in love with their own protagonists, i.e themselves Other characters mime appropriate awe and ask staged questions, like Aren t you called the Fire Starter to signal the reader Be prepared to be awed Drake s writing suffers from omniscient first person, so that Mira tells us her skin glows like white marble and relays non person male lead Danaus thoughts something about me bothered him even though she s no mind reader Nightwalker also suffers from over repetition, thin inner dialogue and hideous colored sunglasses, but after a quarter or a half of narrative, we crack Mira s oh, so tough outer shell to the gooey Care Bear inside She doesn t want anyone hurt, etc Once we meet the less pompous Mira whom we should have met at page one, we can finally stomach her narration, and the plot speeds along Stabbings, kidnappings, and arson, oh my Any action reader will be satisfied So, provided you can swallow bad prose, the plot in Vampire the Masquerade er, I mean, Nightwalker should keep you reading Incidentally, that is the majority of readers.

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    So I thought, I murmured I started to lift my leg from his lap when Danaus grabbed my calf with his right hand, holding me in place His touch was warmer than I d expected, almost burning through my leather pants Shocked by his sudden willingness to touch me, I went completely still Turning his head to look at me, my lips brushedhis cheek and we both froze Danaus exhaled slowly and I found myself drawing in his breathe, holding it inside me If one of us moved less than an inch, our lips would meet But we sat like two stone statues A fantastic first book in the Dark Days series Mira is a Nightwalker vampire known as Fire Starter She s powerfully unique as the only Nightwalker with the power control and manipulate fire She cam destroy her enemies without even touching them while she torches their heart with her magical balls of fire Making her an anomaly she had this fire ability prior to becoming a Nightwalker 600 years ago Mira is very likable and immediately from the beginning I was wrapped up in this book She s sarcastic, caring, protective, and completely Bad Ass This very powerful Nightwalker Mira battles an army of Naturi, a group with two main goals sacrifice humans and destroy Nightwalkers alike She pairs up with a member of Themis, an ill informed group of both Naturi and Nightwalker Hunters Danaus, a nearly 2,000 year old hunter seeks the help of Mira to eliminate the Naturi, with the only promise that he will protect her so that he may do the honors of destroying her life She plans to kill Danaus the first opportunity she gets, however as the unlikely duo team up together they both seem to be questioning their beliefs of the dangers of eachothers existence.The sexual tension between these two is scorching On several occasions I wanted to scream into the book and say rip eachothers clothes off already Danaus is a smolderingly sexy, powerful, strong, attentive, gentle, caring, protector of Mira Vampire Hunter.They both want eachother and they struggle throughout this entire book fighting it Although they both save eachothers life on several occasion and so each so conveniently use the excuse of wanting to kill the other themselves Also I enjoyed another powerful Ancient Nightwalker Jabari, one minute he loves Mira as a mentor the next he s promising to destroy her because she has disobeyed him Jabari wants to use Mira and manipulate her to his own will and with Danaus around he feels threatened I m curious to see how that relationship plays itself out as he and Danaus will not enjoy having to co exist in Mira s world.Hopefully we haven t heard the last of Sadira, Tristan, Ryan, Jabari, Gabrirl or Barrett I LOVED this book and will be starting Dayhunter immediately My main lingering question is What exactly IS Danaus Like what you see here, check out of my reviews at

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    An intricate work that s stunningly complex and compelling Once I picked Nightwalker up, I couldn t put down Jocelynn Drake s tale that hopefully is just the start of a series about an alternate reality existing in today s world This is a dark urban fantasy It s not a romance even though it has some romantic elements Even though I finished reading Nightwalker a few hours ago, I m still having difficulty extracting myself from Ms Drake s world.Mira has been a vampire for over 600 years She s also known as Fire Starter which is echoed in her wild red hair She has survived cruelty and acts of torture so horrific, her mind refuses to remember and they only occasionally resurface as nightmares She left her maker and her rescuer healer to create a home and existence for herself in the New World and she s content with her existence She doesn t kill when she feeds She does, however, kill any humans or supernatural creatures who threaten to expose or disturb the comfortable life she s carved out in Savannah So when a slayer appears in her territory, she decides to extract all the information she can before she kills him She doesn t know that this slayer is than he seems, and that his appearance in her life will herald a quest that will change everything she thought she knew about her life.Mira fascinates me She s certainly no angel but she s also not quite a demon She s one of the most human supernatural creatures I ve read about in a long time She really just wants to safeguard the haven she s created for herself Live and let live would be her motto if she bothered to have one Her relationship with the slayer who intrudes into her territory is so complex I still haven t figured out exactly what he isand neither has Mira He s sometimes a friend, almost a love, could kill her with a thought, has saved her life several times, thinks she s damned, and is apparently willing to go against the organization he works for to protect her Fabulous If you like your urban fantasies a bit dark, with strong sexual elements but no real romance , at least not yetI can t recommend Nightwalker highly enough There are shadowy mysterious organizations that are only mentioned or hinted at and I can hardly wait until May 2009 for the next release in this series, Dayhunter.

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    I really tried to get into this book, but it seemed to borrow every single cliche from every vampire TV show out there The twist is that everything is from the POV of a 603yo flame haired female vampire kicking bootie in her leather catsuit.The main reason this book didn t grab me was that it was primarily told in lusty action scenes, with the main character s conflicts and history lodged in paragraphs between Since the 603yo vamp lady was pretty much invincible, there wasn t any tension to begin with I know the author was leading up to something big, one of those save humans from the reign of another type of creature but I just couldn t stay engaged.

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    This book was so good and super refreshing because lately I ve read a bunch of books that suck I love the powerful, seductive, sarcastic, fire starting vampire heroine, Mira Mira kicks all kinds of ass and is pretty fucking ruthless, but she has her own set of morals and a sense of honor that she sticks to and fights for no matter the cost I loved the tone and the dark gritty feel to this book, the writing style had me totally submerged in the story and the emotions of the characters without being overly descriptive I already bought the second in the series and I m super excited about it

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    Vampire Fiction is a fairly well explored genre With such heavyweights as Ann Rice, Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison and Charlene Harris each staking their space in the genre it s difficult to imagine a lot of room for another author to get a significant piece of the Vampire pie Jocelynn Drake s Nightwalker tries to squeeze in to this packed genre with a book that falls somewhere between Laurell K Hamilton s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and Meredith Gentry Faerie series Drake has a nice flair for language and Nightwalker is extremely readable I enjoyed the two main characters and their interplay, the epic battle and race against the clock made the book move along quite quickly But what s really missing is anything new Nightwalker lives in a world all to familiar and it doesn t seem to have anything to add to the genre that wasn t already there In many ways Nightwalker is the answer to all the Laurel K Hamilton fans who wished there was less sex in Hamilton s books and action That s what they get here, and it s good, but it falls short of where I think the book could go The book is the start of a series and I really hope that on her sopho effort Drake opens up her world and gives us something new and surprising adding to the genre, not just recirculating it.

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    I don t like the writing style At all

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    This book was given to me while I was bored at work, looking for something to read while I sat on the phone all day With that said, I m just glad I didn t spend any money on it.This is the point where you ask, Why, Sabrina you sound bitter, as if you didn t really like this book at all Why on Earth did you give it three stars Well, dear I gave it three stars, because yes, I did like it I wouldn t have kept reading the thing every day had I thought it was boring But like most of the other reviews about Nightwalker, I believe this book could have been a whole lot better It had potential, but was far too cliched to be one of my favorites It also helps if one can take the main character seriously It almost felt as if six hundred years and some change of living or non living, I suppose you could say had done nothing to affect the way Mira reacted in situations We didn t get to know her before the setting in which this book took place, but if she was at that level after six hundred years, I wouldn t even attempt to read anything about her human years In short, she was annoying, and that usually makes it difficult to fully enjoy a book.