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What do you do when your skinny latte nice desk and excuse to wear high heels are taken away and replaced with instant coffee the kitchen table and runners? This is exactly the dilemma faced by one mother following redundancy from her job at a top Dublin law firm 'Hot Cross Mum Bitesize Slices of Motherhood' charts her journey as she adjusts to a life at home with her young family There are many highs; days when she bursts with love and pride for her two boys and days when nothing gets spilt or broken But there are also the lows; when the days seem endless the dinner is thrown on the floor and there isn't any tonic for the gin Written with a wry humour and honesty which only someone who has lived through the experience of raising young children could do justice to 'Hot Cross Mum' will reassure any parent that it isn't just them and apart from anything else will provide a welcome distraction from the housework

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    Lovely heart warming book Shows the best parts of motherhood with humour and fondness