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It Was The Perfect Vacation, The Most Romantic Proposal Before Everything Went Spectacularly Wrong Now Kate Foster Is Reeling, Her Future Rewritten In An Instant, And Her Questionable Behavior Under Duress Leaves Her Wondering If She Can Ever Forgive Herself, And Will She Ever Forget Him HeartwarmingThis story was was heartbreaking in the beginning but was a happy ending It raises the question does love at first sight exist The first book in this series and I can t wait to see what happens next. I am sure there are many of us that have at some stage have been happy in love and the thought of falling for another seems completely unlikely.Yet it can and does happen every now and then You look at the person you re with and then look at the other person that has you in knots and you have to chose Do you go for the safe option by sticking with the love of your life, or do you follow the excitement and thrill of a newer love In this very short but oh so powerful read author Tara Mills shows just how complicated it can get when you have to make that very choice Only the story does not play out the way you would think The book had many twists and turns, for some readers this might be a bit of a let down as the twists and turns a book has the complicated it can get.But for me this is exactly what I loved about the book The twists and turns showed up the it kept me interested and the fascinating it became It also showed the book and the characters as very realistic As we all know in real life things always has twists and turns that you cannot predict and yes sometimes it can be a pain but it also adds to the thrill of life.The author did a magnificent job at taking a story of love and turning it into a action filled, thrilling adventure I am taking away a message of when life throws you to the sharks , don t panic instead go with it You will end up exactly where you are meant to be I recommend this read for all fans of short, powerful attention holding, kick ass reads 5 5 star review On the surface they are strangers, but in their hearts they have know each other a lifetime It s hard to write a review of Intimate Strangers that doesn t include spoilers So much of the plot hinges on a huge event that happens within the first quarter of the book, it renders writing too much about the story difficult But this book is so good What happens when you encounter unbridled passion but it s unbridled in a way you didn t expect, and at a time you didn t expect And with a lover you didn t expect I love the exploration of the consequences of the events early in the book They re honest and challenging I love the reflection of real feelings, feelings anyone who s known grief can understand And I love the honesty with which love finds its way into the lives of Kate Foster and the man she can t forget.This short book covers a period of time, as it should the events are such that the tale can t be resolved too quickly It wouldn t be real This story rings true, from beginning to end.Five stars from me