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Summer is a busy season at the inn so proprietor Jo Marie Rose and handyman Mark Taylor have spent a lot of time together keeping the property running Despite some folks’ good natured claims to the contrary Jo Marie insists that Mark is only a friend However she seems to be thinking about this particular friend a great deal lately Jo Marie knows surprisingly little about Mark’s life due in no small part to his refusal to discuss it She’s determined to learn about his past but first she must face her own—and welcome three visitors who like her are setting out on new paths   Twenty three year old Ellie Reynolds is taking a leap of faith She’s come to Cedar Cove to meet Tom a man she’s been corresponding with for months and with whom she might even be falling in love Ellie’s overprotective mother disapproves of her trip but Ellie is determined to spread her wings   Maggie and Roy Porter are next to arrive at the inn They are taking their first vacation alone since their children were born In the wake of past mistakes they hope to rekindle the spark in their marriage—and to win back each other’s trust But Maggie must make one last confession that could forever tear them apart   For each of these characters it will ultimately be a moment when someone wore their heart on their sleeve—and took pen to paper—that makes all the difference Debbie Macomber’s moving novel reveals the courage it takes to be vulnerable accepting and open to loveBONUS This edition includes an excerpt from Debbie Macomber's Silver Linings

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    I so waited and wanted to read this book to see how the story went but sadly I guess I will need to wait until next year The characters in this story almost became unlikeable and I typically am tolerant about characters in Debbie Macomber's books I gave it an additional star because she didn't spend a lot of time retelling the story in a story which pleased me I just wish the plot lines were resolved and that there weren't so many secrets and childish arguing and must every person in love be so completely unsure of themselves? The immaturity of these characters kind of gave me a headache I'm typically a BIG fan but I should have waited to read this book until next year closer to the time the next book comes out Maybe I'm missing something that others see This didn't seem worth the wholly expensive hardcover it was printed onnot enough of a storyline and kind of a waste of a few hours which is all it took me to read

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    I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I love Debbie Macomber Her stories are so heartwarming and this one was no different There were some parts of the story that I did find odd like why Jo Marie was so intrigued by Mark with no real reason It was also unrealistic the way Ellie and her husband uickly resolved their issues However overall I really enjoyed this story I am just not sure all of this could happen In real life but that's why it's fiction right?

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    Jo Marie and the rest of the Rose Harbor Inn gang are back in a new adventure Jo Marie and Mark Taylor has spent a lot of time together and Jo Marie considers Mark a friend Does Mark consider her as a friend and why is he so secretive? Jo Marie tries to find out while trying to help her new guests at the Inn too If you want to know check this book out for yourselfThis is a great installment of the Rose Harbor Inn series by Debbie Macomber It is a heartfelt series about how an Inn and the people in it can learn to heal and love no matter what happens If you like these types of stories definitely check this book out with the rest of this series at your local library and wherever books are sold

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    Love Letters is the third book in the Rose Harbor series by popular American author Debbie Macomber As Jo Marie prepares Rose Harbor Inn for her weekend guests she finds herself once again intrigued by her cranky handyman Mark Taylor A gifted carpenter Mark is going to build Jo Marie a gazebo but she doesn’t know anything about his past and can’t help wondering can’t help askingMaggie and Roy Porter have been treated to a weekend getaway by his parents but Jo Marie notices the tension between them immediately She hopes the Inn will work its healing magic on them but she has no idea of the magnitude of what has passed between them Perhaps Roy’s old love letter can heal such deep wounds but there is yet another shock in store for this coupleEllie Reynolds has come to Cedar Cove against her mother’s wishes to meet a man she knows only from online and telephone contact She’s half in love with Tom already but her mother is mistrustful of any man after Ellie’s father abandoned them But Tom seems to be everything Ellie has ever wanted They click from their first contact But can the budding romance survive the surprise that Tom has in store for Ellie? Jo Marie is still negotiating her own grief for the loss of her husband Paul and when cleaning tidying prying into Mark’s life and baking fails to provide sufficient distraction Rover her rescue dog reminds her of Paul’s last letter Macomber’s format for the full length books of this series seems to be the stories of two sets of guests at Rose Harbor Inn with snippets of Joe Marie’s life interspersed and the mention of the next book’s guests in the final chapter She gives the reader believable characters with realistic and often topical dilemmas and while the ueen of feelgood specialises in happy endings the road is not always a smooth one Heart warming and enjoyable

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    InkvotaryThis book wasn't as good as the others Lots of drama tears and bitterness And Mark oh he is another story This book wasn´t as touching and moving as the others have been Yes there was love romance and again a bit drama in it And yes the author wrote it in her usual sensitive and wonderful style But for some reason I wasn´t as hooked as I was during reading the first two books But this doesn´t mean that I won´t read the other books of this series as well I am eager to find out how Jo and Mark will find their way to each other and how everything will end upIn this story the tone became darker and it seems that I am reading lately many books where the tone has changed in the second or third book of a series No doubt I enjoyed this one too and had some wonderful hours while reading it Despite that I sometimes thought why on earth was he doing that or girl get yourself together Show some spine And no I am not talking about Jo She does what she feels she has to do follows her guts and is as warm patient and sweet as ever

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    Debbie Macomber is usually my choice for a feel good sweet story Love Letters the third Rose Harbor Novel just wasn't as good as I wanted it to be The issues weren't as believable and the problems the characters had to overcome were difficult Maggie and Roy Porter come to the inn to rekindle their marriage He has been having an onlinework romance with an old girlfriend Even though they haven't had sex his threatened wife goes to a bar gets drunk and has sex with a stranger resulting in a pregnancy Really? Ellie Reynolds meets a guy online and comes to Cedar Cove to meet him in person It turns out that his stepfather is her long lost birth father Really? I was a little disappointed with the story line focusing on Mark and Jo Marie Why couldn't their relationship have remained friendly and evolved slowly? Why is Jo Marie being so noisy all of a sudden? I won this novel in a Goodreads giveaway from Ballantine BooksRandom House in exchange for an honest review I sincerely wish I could have had better things to say about Love Letters because I am a fan of Debbie Macomber's work

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    The very last sentence of this book prompted me to give it a 4 star rating as opposed to a 5 star rating I did NOT like the ending for Jo Marie However from reading other reviews it appears that the character Mark Taylor has appeared in prior Macomber books and so perhaps there will be a resolution to this most unexpected and unnerving ending between Jo Marie and Mark or Jeremy as we learned in the last chapter Please yes?The two other stories interwoven throughout the novel were perfectI received an e copy of this book from Edelweiss for an honest review

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    one love letter has the power to change everything jo marie a widow who's husband was killed in afghanistan is running a b b and has a handyman mark helping with the garden and house and her rescue dog over one weekend she has guests ellie who is meeting ted for the first time whom she met over the internet maggie and roy married with 2 sons but who r growing apart this is an opportunity she opens to rekindle their relationship and put past hurts behind them life of course never runs smoothly but sometimes the bumps and diversions can put u back on the right road sorry but this one left me cold not original subjects in any of the cases and very repetitive especially with maggie and jo marie i found it difficult to relate to any of the characters which is bad news and less said about the final 2 pages the better 2 uestions no follow up to the phone call that maggie roy received at their fish and chip lunch; why did ellie not trace her father when she was older? 35 stars being generous bev

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    The title Love Letters book three of Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor Inn Series refers to both letters which found their mark and to those that were never received All the letters have a profound effect through what was said and what was never read Innkeeper Jo Marie Rose has had a year to settle into proprietorship of the Rose Harbor Inn The little town of Cedar Cove Washington has proved to be a welcoming source of renewal giving her a new purpose in life after the death of her husband Paul Letting go of the dreams of her married life and future with Paul is very difficult and at times it seems as if old memories are reluctant to move aside for hopes for the future One constant throughout the last year besides the devotion of her dog Rover has been the tumultuous friendship she has shared with carpenter and handyman Mark Taylor Mysterious moody and maddening Mark nonetheless has connected to Jo Marie and offered her his own version of support Dealing with her guests seeing to their needs and uietly building her business is helping Jo Marie to heal just as she hopes visitors will find their own healing during their stay at the inn Young Ellie Reynolds has come to Cedar Cove to meet a man she has become acuainted with online At first he seems all that she imagined and but he has a surprising personal agenda that will change Ellie's life in ways she never expected A married couple the Porters are on a second chance second honeymoon of sorts but mistakes made by both husband and wife may be than they can overcome Love letters as well as hopes and dreams will be lost and found Hearts will be broken and then mended What will the future hold for all? Come to Cedar Cove and enjoy a pleasant stay at the Rose Harbor Inn Jo Marie and Rover are waiting to greet youReview Copy Gratis Vine

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     This book is a huge disappointment I disliked all the characters and found I couldn’t care about what happened to any of them I forced myself to finish the book skimming through several of the pages The conversations between the couples were so generic and dull as were the characters