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Entertaining A fun sort of summer book, that had less to do with the ocean and the giant, man eating, albino manta ray than I had hoped It was mostly about gold an African slave ship gold rush sort of treasure hunt The most shocking part of it was the rather graphic sex scene that was so obviously written by a man It was, I suppose, rather enlightening and laughably male Still, overall, the book held a touch of the ridiculous, but remained rather engrossing I suppose I would keep an eye out for the sequel But I am not dying to read it. So far it appears to be well written If you like diving and traveling it is good w some accurate references on both Well balanced w suspense and romance Getting to the crescendo part nowwill post A quite unusaul combo of thriller, family drama and mystery really well done. I really enjoyed this novel The main characters were well developed and relatable, not some super hero type who can see through walls and snap the neck of five strong men at a time That was really a plus for this reader I never skimmed pages That s big for me lately The writing kept me reading, and I enjoyed soaking up each page and seeing how the protagonist got in deeper and deeper There was just enough atmosphere to let me visualize, but not enough to bog me down The situation near the end gets a little far fetched if you aren t willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of a good read Fortunately, I m eager to jump right in and do that, so I found DARK GOLD to be well worth the dive. Trashy adventure monster story, but it was fun to read at the beach. Even if this is a little out of my normal comfort zone for books, Makes you want to find a beach, kick back and enjoy the ride Deliciously chilling. Dark Gold is a timeless, multi layered thriller that transcends the genre, a novel that s as relevant today as it was when it was published in 2006 because it focuses on themes that we can all relate to friendship, family, betrayal, and greed Told in first person by Jack Duran, a somewhat directionless, untried young man who s just graduated college, it describes his quest to find his missing brother Dan, and the terrible things Jack uncovers along the way.It s very much a hero s journey that takes the reader to Mexico and beyond, filled with cocaine pinatas, bizarre rituals, shocking violence, sunken treasure, and El Diablo Blanco, a creature as disturbing as anything you would see outside the mind of H.P Lovecraft From the details of drug culture and deep sea diving to characters that don t just leap off the page, but get into your face and demand you never forget them, Dark Gold is the fastest reading novel for its length I ve ever encountered.Danger, sex, untold riches, and horrific cults what s not to like Escapism doesn t get much better than Dark Gold. Sunken Gold, Black Magic, Sea Monsters, A Beautiful Brazilian In A Bikini What Could You Want From A Summer Thriller Kirkus, Starred Review His Summer After College Graduation Was Never Supposed To Turn Out This Way But When Jack Duran S Older, Vagabond Brother Dan Goes Missing In Mexico, Jack Heads To Puerta Vallarta To Find Him With Two Friends In Tow, Jack Follows Dan S Trail Of Shady Dealings, Which Leads Him To A Bahamian Yachtsman And His Bikini Clad Crew Sailing Down The Jungle Covered Coast, They Soon Discover That Dan Had Been Searching For A Shipwreck But Some Treasures Are Meant To Stay Buried When They Finally Locate The Sunken Ruins, They Begin Their Furious Search For The Booty Until, One By One, The Divers Begin To Disappear Could They Be The Victims Of El Diablo Blanco, A Deadly Local Legend Come To Life Blinded By The Prospect Of Untold Riches, Jack Travels Toward The Very Brink Of The Abyss As He Pursues His Harrowing Quest For DARK GOLD Fast paced