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Jan Brett’s popular tale of adventure in prehistoric times is now a big book

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    This is supposed to be the story of the first domesticated dog It takes place in the Pleistocene age where wooly mammoths etc roam the Earth Kip a young boy is on his way home to his cave when he is befriended by a paleowolf soon to be known as a dog who follows him They become best friends The illustrations by Jan Brett are detailed and fantastic

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    A sweet story with beautiful artwork

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    Jan Brett's illustrations are stunning as always but I couldn't bring myself to like key parts of the story Kip looks far too modern I think it was mostly homo erectus wandering around in the Pleistocene and definitely too much like a white European boy who gets haircuts and regular baths Mostly the story just felt too treacly though I can understand the appealMy library bought this to go with an upcoming mega program about human evolution but I don't think this book is a great fit

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    Story 4 starsArt 3 starsAn imagined tale of how the wolf became domesticated into the modern dog This picture book is not based on fact Other than his outfit Kip the cave boy looks far too modern for an early human This very Caucasian looking boy is scrubbed clean with a recent haircut Also the Megaceros did not live in the same location as the other animals depicted in the illustrations An exciting and touching story as long as readers understand that it is pure fiction Be aware that a few of the pictures are scary especially the saber toothed tiger

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    This book this has never ever left my mind I spent most of my childhood trying to draw like this and to this day the collar the dog ends up with still has an echo in my concepts The illustrations are so dang lovely

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    Brett takes us back in time with this new story which explores ancient man and his relationship with the domesticated dog in an exciting journey where the two new characters meet face challenges and eventually become lifelong partners in survival The story itself is pretty basic but I liked how Brett used a heady mix of humour and danger to provide tension throughout the story as our protagonists run into dangerous animals and avoid them together Without this careful blend I’m sure the book would have been lacklustre in terms of narrative and would have been redeemed only by Brett’s expectedly intricate illustrations Some of her imagery has been seen before by her fans bears and wolves are featured in many of her books but Brett expands her range to include new creatures and settings inspired by the paleolithic time period namely a sabertooth tiger and border illustrations characterized by true to life cave paintings The story of early man is less intriguing to me as some of her other settings but I can see this story of exploration and ancient times being popular with young readers who are just learning about the evolution of humankind

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    Kip the cave boy was on his way home and decided to stop in a safe space to take a break and eat a his Wooly Rhino Ribs A Paleowolf came along looking for leftovers and started to beg While Kip tried to shoo him away the Paleowolf sensed danger and warned Kip to run away Kip decided to share his food with the Paleowolf and named him “Dog” which means “one who wags his tail” This book is cute but it does not come close to being accurate The boy looks extremely modern but its probably so it would get attention from a younger audience Since this story is written in the Pleistocene epochthe lesson could relate to learning about fossils that came from that time and what the Earth was like

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    Jan Brett's imagination is endless I so admire how she is able to transport the reader into different places and times; and endow each with delightful characters and heartfelt messagesIn this case the time is the Pleistocene era Kip the cave boy is going home and along the way a Paleowolf saves his life several timesBut it isn't the cave boy that is my favorite character No it is the wolf He reminds me so much of my dog Mistletoe Like the wolf she is always hungry no matter how much I feed her And she is as loyal and loving as the wolf isI do like this part of the story When Kip saw that he cried 'And I will call you Dog which means One who wags his tailMore adventures with the wolf please

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    I wound give this The first dog 5 stars its all about puppies and I love puppies The first dog is a great book for kids It will make you get a dog this INSTANT One reason to read this book is cute bookAccording to the text a kid became best friends forever I like the part when they bring the dog back to town and the meet the cute little dog go Another reason to read this book is all about cats and dogs It's all about nature Kids love puppies and nature It's a great book for kids and grown ups In my opinion it's a great child book as much as the book costs just buy it Reviewed by Collin Packer

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    The First Dog by Jan Brett While Kip is returning home he finds he has a Paleowolf following him Each time Kip tries to eat a Wooly Rhino rib he mistakes the wolf’s protective reaction for the desire to steal his food After three brushes with death and the wolf still by his side they return home safe and sound having become bonded through their experiences Brett’s iconic story boarders include markings drawings and animals of the time period Young readers will be drawn to the drama and adventure the two characters take together