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The Taoist Spirit Comes To Life, Made Vibrant And Contemporary Through The Chinese Ideograms Whose Images And Stories Speak Of Living In Harmony With The Tao Everyday Tao Revives An Ancient Approach To Meditation And Reflection By Using These Stories As Sources Of Insight For Spiritual GrowthTao Is A Person Running Along A PathA Companion Volume To The Bestselling Tao, Everyday Tao Offers Clear, Specific Directions On Bringing The Taoist Spirit Into Our Work, Our Relationships, And Other Aspects Of Our Everyday Lives Each Ideogram Provides The Starting Point For A Taoist Lesson The Narrative That Follows Shows How We Can Achieve An Intimate Relationship With Nature, Others, And Our Natural Selves

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    This fantastic follow up to 365 Tao Daily Meditations follows basically the same structure as its predecessor Each page tackles a single aspect of life from the general categories Nature, Silence, Books, Strategy, Movement, Skill, Craft, Conduct, Moderation, Devotion, Perseverance, Teaching, Self, Simplifying, and Union Each page provides the Chinese character for the concept, an explanation of the character s meaning, and a short explanation of the Taoist principle associated with the concept, or that can be learned from it.This short, simple presentation makes the book the perfect quick lunch reader, as you can digest as many or as few pages as you wish in a sitting You can also return quite easily for quick reinforcement Highly recommended for anyone seeking the tranquility of understanding the Taoist way.

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    Nothing can surpass reading the classical texts so as to understand Taoism and, many books those aim is to make such ancient philosophies accessible or relevant to our modern lifestyles are, often, sadly, too simplistic This book falls into that trap it omits a lot and, is far too basic in his goal to catch too broad an audience However, its originality manages to make it somewhat enlightening The fact is, the author focuses on some key words silence , Tao , prayer etc by, first displaying their Chinese ideograms and, then, describing such ideograms,using them as a way to give free rein to some thoughts and stories enabling to better understand their meaning and importance from a Taoist perspective We thus have the essential Chinese pictograms as basis for explanation, something impossible with translations using solely the Western alphabet It s interesting but, it could have been deeper.

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    Everyday Tao by Ming Dao Deng has been a kind of devotional for me over the last few weeks It has gotten me through many otherwise grueling shifts and opened my mind in ways I can t even begin to describe Each verse begins with the Chinese character for a particular object or substance or quality Deng starts with broad, abstract subjects and proceeds to illustrate the specific ways in which these symbolize Tao Tao is about learning to center the self, doing good for the sake of doing good, understanding the ephemeral state of our world and our lives, valuing the present, and not letting the constantly shifting sands of our environment dictate the direction of our lives We must have ownership over ourselves.Tao is often said to be like a river, but, as Deng suggests that we should not swim against the tide, neither can we simply sit in our vessel and expect to get anywhere We must gauge when to move and how, and when to become still and simply observe The right moment for action will always present itself I m thankful to Deng for this lovely book It s cast light on my own journey I no longer see my life as linear I m not in a hurry to get to the Finish Line Rather, I see my life as cyclical I may cover the same stretch of road many times, but each time I return, I bring with me new insight, and that leads to phenomenal growth The cyclical way of viewing things clearly mirrors nature, and try as we might, we will always be a part of that dynamic.At its core, Tao is about returning to simplicity, finding the source of all things within ourselves I ve felt this desire blossoming in me for a long time now, and it s wonderful to read words that so clearly define my desires and the challenges I face on a daily basis I would recommend Everyday To for anyone who needs to cultivate a bit of peace It s also a good exploration of Taoism for those interested in the philosophy.

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    Deng Ming Dao writes books that are pertinent to modern times When it might have been thought that a Taoist lifestyle is impossible to achieve today, especially for one who was raised in Western culture, he has proven this to be incorrect Everyday Tao , as well as it s predecesseor, 365 Tao , offer ancient wisdom in the form of easy to understand daily meditations which are applicable to our times and busy lifestyles.Although I ve just finished reading every passage in this book, I am not done reading it This book is meant to be read one page at a time, and reflected upon Sometimes I might have a problem that I need a different insight on to help determine a solution Or sometimes life might be discordant and I just need comfort getting through it Between Everyday Tao and 365 Tao , I can always look up a passage or few about my situation Or if life happens to be fine I might pick a random entry just to evaluate myself and make sure I m on the right path I find both books essential in helping to find balance and harmony in life.

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    No, I didn t read this book in one day It s not a book to read chronologically rather, it provides an incredibly long list of conflicts, emotional states, etc., with Taoist approaches to resolving and or dealing with them I ve read a few currently applicable entries and found them to be most helpful Again, not a book to read cover to cover but to keep at your side and, if you have big pockets, there, too, if you re good at cramming.Disclaimer I do not read anything proposing easy solutions in five to twelve steps regarding how to be happy or successful or anything else I can burn my money and save space.

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    One of my top five all time daily reading books

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    This book changed my life.

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    This book was very inspirational and helped me see things in a different light I have learned to be confident in myself This book has challenged me to think of new ways to deal with conflicts It has provoked my ideas of everyday challenges I m still trying to grasp the philosophy of Tao I find myself going back to this book to reread and meditate on what I ve read It really is the easiest translation of the philosophy of Taoism If you re new to this philosophy than start with this book It dumbs it down just enough, but not enough to loose the authenticity of this great philosophy I know that there may be better books on this subject, but this one is the best I ve found for my personal needs I really do enjoy this book.

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    I understand Taoism a bit but want to learn This little book is written like a devotional book with little teachings on each page Good for a beginner like me I now want to read 365 Tao which was written by the same author.

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    This small book, Changed me for a better man This is my subtle Truth.Whatever you Love, you are.