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Book 2 in the Fairmont Riding Academy seriesAs seventeen year old Vivienne Taylor returns to Fairmont Riding Academy for the second semester she just wants to get past the drama that dominated her first months at the schoolReunited with her beloved horse Harmony Vivvie vows to focus on riding particularly with the announcement that a select group of students will be chosen to compete at a Three Day Event in Kentucky with access to world class coaches afterwards Making the team is exactly what Vivvie needs to get to the next level Yet she's hardly back before her talent for reading the animals? minds gives her a slew of troubling insights not the least of which is that certain horses seem to be walling themselves off from her The horses make her increasingly suspicious of everything from new student Joel's actions to her boyfriend's troubled past But it's not until someone incredibly close to Vivvie goes missing that she realizes she must seek out the truth no matter the risksAs Vivvie trains for the hyper competitive Three Day Event she must not only solve the mysteries around her and tune into the horses she loves so much but she must listen to her own heart too

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    The main character in this was alright but I didn't love her This was another okay read but again It did feel uite young for me in places It didn't fully have my interest because of it and there were where I felt rather bored It wasn't an awful read though Overall Not a bad seuel but not a book I loved

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    I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest reviewI really liked the first book in this series Silent Harmony by author Michele Scott So I was very excited to get an ARC of Dark Harmony to reviewNow that Vivvie is settled into her life at Fairmont Academy things seem rather uncomplicated compared to her first term The mystery is turned down and no murders have turned up And her romance with Tristan is going well But then lots of little mysteries start piling up culminating in a huge mystery Vivvie finds herself playing detective again and gets her euine friends to help solve the mysteries surrounding Fairmont I loved all of the riding and horse show information in the first book and I was very disappointed it was left out of this book for the most part until the last bit of the book However once Viv started competing long descriptions were given and made the book that much betterAt first I didn't like that Austen starts to be of a romantic contender in this book I felt like it came out of no where for the sake of drama But then Tristan and Viv's relationship starts to seem like it was just treading water And Viv is still confused about Austen But then Tristan begins to open up and their relationship is put to the test Suddenly adding Austen seemed like a good idea for the story and romanceSome huge huge cliffhangers like every good mystery And I can't wait to see what other mysteries await Viv in the third book

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    Horses romance and teen angst mixed with secretsIn the second book of this series Vivienne believes she has found true love However there are secrets that many characters have that give her doubts about her boyfriend and other students at the riding academy And her gift of talking to horses has been found out by one of the owners of the academy leaving her with even uestions of who is safe to be with The book leaves you hanging in the middle of her not knowing who to trust

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    Good seuelA lot of loose ends that hopefully will be tied up on the third book of this trilogy Being a lover of horses and mystery novels I have enjoyed this trilogy so far

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    freaking amazing So much drama

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    On to #3Yes looking forward to summer at Liberty Farm Disappointed in poor proofing omitted words doubled words I keep wanting to offer my former English teacher skills to than one author

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    Enjoyed every momentI loved the characters and the plot has plenty of twists and turns Lots of horsey time which is what I prefer A little love internet but not too much The main character has morals class and poise I hope another in the series is coming

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    EnjoyedDark Harmony was interesting and kept me on my toes for the whole story The author uses Vivienne to delay the story through her eyes I am looking forward to reading the next book to see how does in Virginia Was easy to read enjoyed all

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    It was a bit slower than the last one let's see how Perfect Harmony turns out for me

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    I was lucky enough to get this book in a goodreads giveaway I couldn't read it though because I didn't have the first one This book is about Vivviene Taylor a girl who can talk to horses and they talk back to her She goes to Fairmont Riding Academy where she trains on her horse Harmony But training isn't all she does at Fairmont When her best friend goes missing and she suspects her boyfriend is being abused Vivviene tries to talk to the horses to find out the truth However she is having trouble speaking to them and she begins thinking her power is fadingI really like this book because it had a ton of dramatic irony Scott gave you the full picture while leaving the characters in the dark I also liked how she managed to create suspense in the novelTo be honest with myself I didn't have a single thing against it The only thing I didn't like was how she ended it with a cliffhanger