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She is a shimmering tattooed and acerbic angel flown from Paradise to save him from the suburbs of hell He an accountant worn down by the day to day struggles of the nine to five is dreaming of a white Christmas a little garden and someone to love She attempts with scornful wit to shock him out of his commuter's habits and into an experience of ecstasyMan Booker Prize shortlisted Deborah Levy whips up a storm of romance and slapstick of heavenly and earthly delights in this passionate work of dramatic poetryDeborah Levy writes fiction plays and poetry Her work has been staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company Her most recent novel Swimming Home 2011 And Other Stories UK publication and 2012 Bloomsbury US publication was shortlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize 2012 Specsavers National Book Awards UK Author of the Year and 2013 Jewish uarterly Wingate Prize while her most recent collection of short stories Black Vodka ten stories was shortlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and its title story Black Vodka shortlisted for the 2012 BBC International Short Story Award An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell was first published in 1990 in the United Kingdom and appears now in a new edition its first US edition

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    Levy remains one of my favorite novelists and short story writers though I have found her plays to be well nigh incomprehensible This short poem in dialogue form falls somewhere between the two it's short and I read it twice in less than an hour it contains some lovely passages and though I get the gist of it am not uite sure what to make of it as a wholePS it is really beautifully bound but 1295 for such a short work is rather dear

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    Gorgeous funny and deep'You hurt me With your desireFor other I amWho I am and IAm fond of myself'

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    An angel and an accountant 'suburbia’s satisfied son' tackle suburban malaise romantic relationships gender roles and varying pursuits of happiness in Levy's dryly humorous and often evocative poemthe two great themes of classical science chaosand order undressing and dressing and cross dressing and overdressing and addressing envelopes

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    I bought this book from a second hand store and it turned out to be the best 2 dollars I ever spent I love both the angel looking for a reckless passionate love and the humble suburban man looking for a simpler woman to share his life with

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    The narrative backbone contrasting the anthropomorphic angelic with a suburban man provides all of the poem's intriguing novelty as well as its smattering of much praised wit although I was never surprised into laughter by any of these vaunted witticisms The two characters are imbued with interiority through dialogic exchange alone which is impressive but the work as a whole fell flat for me It never bristled with angry energy or shimmering linguistic constructions as it seems to have done for others Reading it was akin to seeing a comic whose light humour leaves you smiling along just to be polite However it is well rated with critics acclaiming the writing as original uninhibited and effervescent and Levy is Man Booker shortlisted so I write this in full knowledge of my opinion's anomalous status and hope that everyone else enjoys it as much as the other reviewers here

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    I’ve uite liked Levy’s other work I’ve read so far but am less certain how to feel about this very short poem I read in maybe twenty minutes The language isn’t disgracefully unpoetic the way contemporary free verse can rankle at me but it’s not very memorable in that as far as I understand the narrative there isn’t much to this at all Man as boring normie woman as psychedelic angel crazy bitch Blah what do I know maybe that is all love is Doubt it

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    “An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell” is an enjoyable uick read but it’s not something that’s going to stay with me forever It sits somewhere in the middle of my varying opinions of Deborah Levy’s work so far – 3 starsMy full review

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    A book that’s over as uick as it begins Always a shame when the illustrations make of an impact than the words they’re meant to represent If anything i want to see of Borkowski than Levy after reading it

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    A funny strange dark and sensual uick read

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    I am not the biggest poetry fan but this poem reads like a cryptic and twisted story An intriguing setup and interesting dynamic between the two characters