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In The Dark is a monstrous collection of all new original terror tales from the darkest and most brilliant minds in comics and prose Featuring an introduction by American Vampire The Wake and Severed scribe Scott Snyder and a frightful feature on the history of horror comics through their rotten rise and dreadful decline by comic book historian Mike Howlett

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    Big beautiful book full of uick shockers And the history of horror comics piece at the end is almost worth the price of admission alone

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    Not nearly disturbing enough to my liking There were some hidden gems among mostly forgettable entries Final Meal In Plain Sight Why So Sad and Not All There were not bad The Lost Valley of The Dead featured cowboys and zombies I thought it was cool right until the dinosaurs showed up Swan Song had the most gorgeous artwork But I had no idea at all what the story was about Like I said a mixed bag

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    As a backer of this anthology collection on Kickstarter I may well be biased but this is a generally excellent collection of 24 short horror stories told by a mixture of familiar and new names in the horror comics field separated by dated adverts that evoke feelings of yesteryear when comics like Tales from the Crypt and The Haunt of Fear graced shelves In a tome this large that features opening and closing essays talking about horror and its development through comics over the decades there are inevitably going to be hits and misses for each reader What is surprising is just how few of these tales were misses for me Instead I was regularly pleasantly surprised by how good each new tale was The stand outs for me were Brian Keene and Tood Galusha's THE LOST VALLEY OF THE DEAD not surprising as it's based on a nifty short by Brian Keene called THE LOST CANYON OF THE DAMNED that appeared as a bonus story in An Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley THE UNSEEN by Justin Jordon and Tyler Jenkins ALL THINGS THROUGH ME by Mike Oliveri and Mike Henderson Scott Nyder and Nate Powell's THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY and finally GESTATION by Marguerite Bennett and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer There's even a killer gallery at the end of the collection that contains some jaw dropping artworkRachel Deering was the driving force behind this anthology and she deserves full credit for bringing together a huge array of talent that delivers in spades and with nary a Cryptkeeper in sight4 Creatures in a Crate Advertisements for In the Dark A Horror Anthology

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    This was a great horror graphic novel anthology All of the great tropes are here ghosts vampires werewolves psychos etc but with a new twist in most cases The art is great too The stories were overall of better uality than most collections of this nature There is also a great article on horror comics as well I highly recommend this to horror comic fans

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    Wow This is a uality anthology I'm putting this in my top ten of the year I think

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    EDIT 69th book read this month NICE Also crossed 10000 pages for this month Feeling proud ; ;I really think this is a great book for Horror fans 24 stories all different and varying very differently in genre and story The art was gorgeous There's that glorious pin up gallery which has amazing jaw dropping art A epilogue covering the history of horror comics Yeah I would even say a must readOf course all the stories don't hit That's fine Where there's varietythere's a high chance of this happening But I do appreciate the sheer variety and I think there's something here for everyone to like And even hate I guess such is the variety I didn't I think all the stories added something to this collection A different genre a wild different take at the very least Yes as a whole book I loved thisI loved Famine's Shadowthe BodyFinal MealShadowsthis one is my favourite for just the unexplained mood buildingLost Valley of the DeadRoad to Carson and Body in Revolt55 just for the dialogue and artThe following's ideas intrigued me or I just liked them Guilloteens All Things Through MeWhen the Rain Comes THE ART In Plain SightNice twist fresh takeNot All There Sex Addicts Unite Doc Johnson the grey shades here 3 Proximitysuch blocky contrast heavy deliciously stylish art LOVE IT Lost Valley of the DeadDID NOT EXPECT THIS TO LAND Set Me Free short n sweet woo the Cagethe last parallel art and implications were so fun and the Girl on the Cornersad that women suffer so much but also SO DELICIOUSIK I KNOW I KNOW I namedropped so many stories Should be enough of a hint of how great this book was Read it Tell me your favourite ones Such a debatable book Very very very fun

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    This is an anthology of short horror comics Some were excellent some were meh The problem was that most of the stories are 5 to 8 pages so there's not a lot of room to flesh them out Maybe if there were fewer stories with room to develop them of them would have had a greater impact A lot of them had really great concepts and it was s uick read

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    In the Dark A Horror Anthology is a impressive collection of various short fiction illustrated by some of the most talented artists the comic book industry has to offer I felt these illustrators really captured the essence of the majority of these pieces My personal favorite was The Lost Valley Of The Dead written by Brian Keene and art provided by Tadd Galusha The original short was included as a add on in An Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley however it did appear in a lot of other collections as well The story itself is a spin off of Dead Sea set in a alternate reality where Hamelin's Revenge took over the world during the American frontier or Old West era of American history The Pied Piper is a very uniue and often creepy fairy tale it is neat that both Brian Keene and Geoff Cooper created a intriguing zombie mythology with it In The Lost Valley of The Dead a group of survivors seek shelter from the rotting dead only to stumble into a prehistoric lost world filled with dinosaurs This was a clever use of Brian's ever expanding Labyrinth mythology and I loved every second of it Observant fans can follow the fate of these characters in The Lost Level in which one of the main characters pops up in a later chapterOverall it is hard not to give this entire collection a five out of five stars I loved every single page featuring the fake advertisements in which they imitated the Silver Age horror comics of old If you were a fan of Creepshow or Tales From The Crypt you will definitely appreciate the fan service given in In the Dark A Horror Anthology The artwork featured in every short is appropriate and I felt the uality was something that any horror fan could appreciate If you are craving a horror collection to satisfy your needs during Halloween season you really can not go wrong with this anthology It is beautiful to look at and admire at the same time the stories are creepy enough to keep you thinking about them for a long time

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    The first thing I noticed upon receiving this note I was a Kickstarter backer and got the hardcover due to my pledge level which was basically the cost of the hardcover I had the PDF for a bit but had not read it was the size and heft of it Even for your average 336 page graphic novel this is weighty Much closer to solid shape of the various Ultimate style sets Flipping through it contains dozens of short a few pages I would guess 6 8 pages on average but that's a guess horror comics dealing with a wide range of themes with many different authors and artists The delight and heart of the collection is the tribute to the old horror comics of old as expressed and updated by current writers who are free to break free from the often patternistic morality of the old stories as well as free to bring in updates from the horror genre as a whole The breadth of stories is impressive a couple of morality tales a bit of Bradbury esue a handful of classic creature yarns a couple with Lovecraftian flavor a slice of science fiction a few dark fairy tales and dark Western or two There are stories clearly inspired art and story by EC's holy horror trio some that are closer to Heavy Metal some that are their own thing The vast majority of the stories work really well at their length having enough time to get a wind up a pitch and a catch without slacking on any of the three a few stumble but just a few The editing is generally well suited both in undoubtedly keeping such compact stories flowing fair and in combining stories together in a way that makes such disparate styles and themes feel like natural cousins which they are A few glitches in the text are unfortunate a wayward closing uote in a speech bubble a slip of where where were was intended but perhaps expected in such a dense collection The added bonus of old time adverts and some spoofs of old time adverts is a nice touch as is a collection of pin ups and a short but informative essay on the art form Thumbs up all aroundGreat stories great art a wide range of talents and great packaging that both references and builds upon the horror comics of note Recommended for fans of horror graphic novels EC's New Trend line and generally people who like horror art For those not needing a sizable book there is a cheaper ebook version that would like nice on a Kindle Fire or an iPad

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    All graphic novels should be this size At least all graphic novels with gorgeous art like this one has should be this size It might be a little unwieldy to handle but it's worth it The stories were very short a lot of times I thought they were too short but most of them were pretty good But it was the art that really made this special The pictures aren't always pretty but the artists who contributed to this collection are clearly some of the best in horror There's an interesting piece at the end of the book about the history of horror in comics I'll never be able to keep all the names straight in fact they've already fallen out of my head But it's still worth reading Horror fans should check this out