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Nikki Sands and her crazy crew are finally back in the seventh installment of the bestselling Wine Lover's Mystery seriesEverything seems to be sunny and bright when Nikki's husband Derek Malveaux takes the family on a Christmas vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico However things turn dark rather rapidly when Nikki uncovers a dead body washed up on the sand In typical Nikki Sands' style she goes on the hunt for a killer with her sidekicks Simon and MarcoWhen a second body turns up though Nikki Co begin to realize that they might be in over their head on this one as it looks like Mexican Cartel could have a hand in the murdersIncludes festive drink and recipe pairings

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    Meh I have enjoyed reading the other books in this series I felt like I always came away learning something about wine; growing making pairing etc Plus the books almost always have a recipe or two that I want to try But this book just didn't do it for me There was a huge disconnect from wine and wine country I had trouble really getting into and staying tuned in to this book The ending was the best part 🤔

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    Surprised trip Derek had planned for the two of themTurning into the four with Simon and Marco going also Nikki’s love’s being around family and Simon and Marco Going out to dinner they encounter people staying in the villa loud obnoxiousl throwing insults Going for her run she stumbles over Dream the girlfriend from the villa group Derek wants to leave they don’t know how they work done there and Nikita resists Another murder now it is the man are they connected to the drug cartels Mayhem adventure especially with Nikki and Simon to figure out what happenI enjoyed the first books than the few latest one They seemed to have gotten unreal with the plot Still enjoyed the serieswill look to see if she comes out with a new series

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    The title of the book sounded as if it was right up my alley Nikki Sands Malveaux and her husband Derek along with her brothers in law head to Mexico to ring in the new year and they can't even go to Mexico without getting into trouble Murder and Mayhem seem to follow Nikki wherever she goes This time she may be over her head Me myself I think I would have suck with the Margaritas A great easy read

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    MEH I stuck it out because it was my free Prime book for the month and I didn't want to waste and also I was sitting on a plane but I was very disappointed Reviews led me to believe this would be right up there with Evanovich and in the same lighthearted vein but I never found myself remotely identifying with any of the characters I wasn't invested in the story I found the recipes between chapters distracting and I wanted to edit the shit out of this Maybe I would feel differently if I had read the first book in the series but I doubt it

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    I used to love this series but her writing has gone really downhill the dialogue was obnoxious felt like there was no effort put into the book at all I doubt I will read another one of her books

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    This book was a little different than the rest I liked the change of scenery but some of it seemed a little too far fetched I really would love another installment in the series

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    This amateur sleuth and her hunky husband are solving murders in Mexico Fun fun fun