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Once Upon A Time, Childhood Enemies Grew Up And Fell In Love Smart And Sassy Lawyer, Lily Adler, Has Been Waging An Epic Battle With Handsome And Cocky Assistant District Attorney, Adam Roth Since The Glitter Incident In Preschool When They Were Four Their Friends Marriage, A Mysterious Neighbor, A Federal Trial, And Some Bossy Big Sisters Guarantee They Ll Be Spending Plenty Of Time Together When They Try To Play Nicely, Will They Discover That Their Reaction To Each Other Is Even Volatile Can They Manage To Date Without Anyone Sustaining Injury Can They Avoid The Mobsters Trying To Kill Them Without Killing Each Other First Find Out In Legal Briefs Hot And Sexy Romance That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Mimi Strong, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The The Peaches Monroe Trilogy Legal Briefs Is Equal Parts Sexy And Funny NM Silber Is Becoming My Go To Author When I Want To Laugh And Swoon At The Same Time Sawyer Bennett, USA Today Bestselling Author Of The Legal Affairs SerialTICE This Book Contains Explicit Descriptions Of Sexual Situations And Adult Language It Is Intended For Readers Over The Age Of

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    4 Entertaining Stars This was a fun addition to the Lawyers in Love series Legal Briefs features Adam and Lily who we met in the previous books There is character cross over but this one can be read as a standalone I love the humor and the banter amongst the characters It s one of my favorite things about this series Lily and Adam have a love hate relationship They grew up together Picked on each other Taunted each other Tormented each other Both they ve both harbored an attraction to each other Now they are all grown up and share a tight knit group of friends Over the last few months, things have started to change between Adam and Lily That love hate relationship leaning a bit on the love side You don t battle somebody for twenty three years and then trust them with your heart overnight Lily is hesitant about Adam s advances after all they ve been through as kids Not to mention, Lily has a complex from her poor relationship with her parents But they both agree to give dating a shot In addition, there s a bit of mystery and intrigue in the background of the storyline Similar to the other books in the series It s a little OTT and unrealistic but it s fun and comedic watching it all play out There were a couple of times some of the humor made me roll my eyes but I did LMAO quite a bit The diaper changing scene.I was afraid Lily was going to get on my nerves in the beginning but she grew on me I liked that Lily was a part time erotic romance author, that added a fun element This was a quick read I pretty much read it straight through and was entertained the whole time Adam was the only person I had ever known who made me feel so much He filled me up inside in ways than one Like the other two books in the series this one was smoking hot so, Nadine I m really hoping Mark gets a book.he s one of my favorite characters ARC kindly provided by N.M Silber in exchange for an honest review

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    4 stars Adam and Lily have had a love hate relationship since they were young Now that their friends have tied the knot, they agreed to give in to their attraction and start dating.The couple s bickering and falling in love was cute and fun to read There was good homour and banter that compared to book 12 wasnt too OTT Although the drama at the end was a bit much Adam was such a ahem romantic I love his crude one liners.I was missing the funny silly court cases But the sex was still hot, it was funny and light with a bit of suspense with the myserious neighbours Enjoyable read

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    When I sit down to read, I like to escape into a happy little bubble this book was that perfect little fantasy bubble I absolutely loved it It has just the right balance of wit, steam, hotness and belly tingling romance mixed with a little light suspense, just to keep things interesting This is the third in the Lawyers in Love series, although this could be read as a standalone, I d really recommend reading the others first just to get the whole back story and well, because they re really good too.This one though, was my favourite to date We meet Adam and Lily in the first two books They ve known one another from childhood and have spent the intervening years winding one another up and irritating the other at every opportunity In The Home Court Advantage though, there was definitely a little something between them that neither of them wanted to acknowledge The scorching hot chemistry and searing looks they shared was only heading one way The perfect set up.The sex scenes are really hot in this and even though the story unfolds over a relatively short time, the love story wasn t rushed it felt real sighs What really gives this story its edge though is the warmth and humour that runs through it The cast of characters are lawyers so they re smart, sassy, opinionated and damned funny They re also witty I laughed out loud so many times reading this In the earlier books in the series I felt the slapstick got a little crazy towards the end and, while I enjoyed the scenes, they didn t feel quite real to me Happily, I felt the suspense plot in this story was plausible and the characters responses were realistic I absolutely loved this one I can t wait to read in this series Highly recommended I received a beta copy of this story from the author in return for my honest opinion

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    2.5 StarsIn a way, I am probably not the right audience for this book, so I apologize in advance to anyone who reads this review I m not a fan of first person narratives, nor am I an avid reader of contemporary romance I read mostly historicals That said, maybe it s no surprise I did not like the way diction was thrown around in this book It s justextremely casual and flippant, for lack of better terms I did not really see much of a well paced emotional attachment in accompaniment to the characters sexual attraction, and even that attraction was some unnecessary frustration for the hero, Adam, especially because their families are Jewish and when you re caught together with a woman whom your family has known for a long time, rumors start to circulate and you re about as good as getting married But then, there s thar pesky attraction to deal with, and the issue of whether they want to take their relationship to the next level, andsuspenseful plot elements in the way of a villain.Now, is this nothing you ve read before Not at all This is an attempt to revamp a childhood antagonists to lovers trope by putting it in a legal setting, yet I did not come away feeling immersed in that world, like with Julie James s FBI U.S Attorneys series In fact, these characters are so casual and potentially juvenile that their professionalism as top notch lawyers were barely expressed, let along explored in depth for greater complexity I was not impressed by this novel, it s characters, or plot But again, it may be that I m so used to reading romance novels set in a time in which the characters had to find means of expressing themselves within a set of heavily confined rules, norms, language and behavior which could easily ruin their lives The language in those novels are, as well, filled with multiple meanings it s nuanced expressions readily apparent to those appreciate of literary language So it may be that I dislike all the simple language in this book, it s coarse language that would seem, in my opinion, to be far below those spoken by professional lawyers But then, I could just be asking too much of this contemporary romance to be up to my standards for it Regardless, this is just my take and I will be going back to my adored niche hereafter.

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    Beta Reader This book is hotttt This book deserves way than 5 stars I honestly think the author should be a stand up comedian and a writer The banter between Adam and Lily had me laughing so much I was crying Not only does it have it s funny parts but Legal Briefs has romance and a little bit of mystery added in I had the pleasure in being a beta reader for the first two books in this series and I absolutely loved them but I think this book has to be hands down my favorite of the series I have said this before in my reviews of the other books in the series but Silber creates such real characters that I feel as if these characters are my friends and not just characters in a book I also liked that there wasn t a bunch of drama between the characters So many books are like that now days and it s great to read a book that s not like that Thank you N.M Silber for writing another great book, I can t wait for my friends to read Legal Briefs.

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    I LOVED this N.M Silber has moved to my auto buy author s list I love her writing style. her stories flow so smoothly, are fucking hilarious, are crazy sexy hot, and have ZERO ANGST ZERO. NADA I loved N.M after the first two books in this series but with this third one she became a favorite you just can t go wrong with a Silber book as far as I m concerned if you are looking for something really easy to read that will make you smile, make you laugh out loud multiple times, and give you shivers in those hot moments This lady can throw down on some sexy scenes now.she is talented I just cannot recommend this series enough. its so fun, its so easy , its just fabulous

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    4 Wacky and Sexy Stars I can t get enough of this crazy lawyers, I laugh so hard every time I remember I funny scene of the book Great read equal parts funny, sexy and entertaining N.M Silber has become one of my go to authors whenever I m in the mood for romantic comedy, Lawyers in Love is a MUST READ SeriesLily and Adam have known each other since childhood, they started fighting in pre school and the battle of the sexes has continued into adulthood They are both lawyers but Lily doesn t practice and is a librarian for the Courthouse and Adam is a State Attorney, they run in the same circle of friends and since last summer when they almost kissed the sexual tension is unbearable between them Every time they see each other neither can t decide wether to make out or kill one another.Their friends have caught on to their love hate relationship and are trying to get them together Finally Adam gets the courage to ask Lily out on a date and she accepts, but is afraid of Adam s player reputation to shine through and break her heart, so she s very guarded Lily s low income has her living in a very dangerous part of town and mistakenly she gets tangled with a big mafia case that is being tried in court just her luck that the key witness lives in her building and her and her friends will try to solve the mystery of who this person is.She s a law librarian by day and a romance writer by night, her latest novel was inspired by the lust she feels for Adam, and as he learns her sexy hidden persona and the fact that she might be in danger, he takes charge of his feelings for her and little by little, these two will found themselves falling deeper for each other This novel has it all mystery, romance and wit and I loved every second of it, which is why I couldn t rate it five stars, it was TOO SHORT I was left desperate for and if I m being honest it felt a bit rushed in the end I recommend this series to absolutely everyone who s looking for a good time, looking for romance and great writing I really hope this author continues writing about this awesome characters.My Legal Briefs playlist A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz Fade Into You by Mazzy Star All of Me by John Legend True Love by P nk3 3 3

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    Hilarious, hot, romantic, and witty, N.M Silber hit it out of the park with this one As is her signature style, there s even a little mystery thrown in, as well a delightful nod or two to classic comedies of the past.Adam Roth has been Lily s Adler s nemesis since preschool However, when their close friends marry and they are thrown together often, they discover a powerful physical attraction that has been hiding beneath the surface This relationship is first explored in the second book in the series, The Home Court Advantage While you don t need to read the first two books to understand or enjoy this one, doing so will just make it even better.When the two childhood enemies begin to acknowledge that there may be than a recently developed physical attraction between them, they decide to attempt dating Unfortunately, all does not go smoothly on their first date, and Lily becomes a witness to a possible crime From there various humorous situations evolve as the couple tries to remain safe and sane while sharing space twenty four hours per day.While there are not as many zany courtroom scenes in this installment, there is at least one appearance of grumpy Judge Channing, who has lost none of his charm Lily also has some eccentric neighbors, including one of her friend, Gabrielle s, former clients The entire gang from the first two books appears in this one and the ending is wonderfully entertaining Legal Briefs is filled to the brim with witty banter and steamy hot sex scenes that are at times humorous, and at times frankly erotic It also has one of the best I love you scenes I have read in a very long time While I adored the first two books, it s clear that this one is a step up N.M Silber s writing is getting better and better, and these two characters are well developed and very relatable There s conflict without angst, something I for one, very much appreciate I also appreciate how much love and respect this couple demonstrates for one another, even while maintaining plenty of tension and sizzle.Without a doubt, this is a must read, and will likely be considered one of the best Romantic Comedies of 2014.I was given an advance copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I loved the first two books in this series but this one took it to a whole new level Not only was it funny and hot, it was also poignant at times I was completely emotionally wrapped up in Adam and Lily s romance I didn t want this book to end and I hope the author writes of this couple Adam and Lily have been arguing since they were kids, but over time they discover that it may have been because were attracted to each other and afraid of rejection They have to overcome that hurdle and trust each other with their hearts Don t think that this is an angst filled read though It s not This book is hilarious and very sexy The emotional component just makes it feel real and makes you care about the characters.I was given an ARC for an honest review and I honestly loved it.