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The Negotiator Introduces The O Malley Family, Key Characters In Dee Henderson S Dramatic New Romance Series FBI Agent Dave Richman, From Danger In The Shadows, Is Back And About To Meet Kate O Malley A Hostage Negotiator In Chicago, Kate Is A Legend On The Force, Willing To Walk Into Any Situation Dave Is A Christian, But Kate Isn T Their Relationship Is Going To Be A Challenge Kate S Family, The Seven O Malleys, Were Orphaned Or Abandoned As Children They Chose To Become Their Own Family But An Airline Bombing, Tragic Family News, And The Appearance Of A Brother Kate Didn T Know She Had Will Change Her Family And Her Life Forever Learning about a negotiator was very interesting to me Unlike Danger in the Shadows, the threat in this book felt real and I really enjoyed the tension throughout it.The spiritual thread Wow I m learning to expect a powerful spiritual lesson in Dee Henderson s books, and I love that I especially liked Kate s whole struggle to accept Jesus Christ as Savior It felt real and believable She wasn t a character who heard about the Gospel and knew it was her answer She had questions deep questions Henderson covered a lot of deep topics in this book.I didn t exactly like how Dave fell in love with an unbeliever, even though he knew he shouldn t I get that it s real life and it happens, but it made me slightly uncomfortable.Now that I ve read a full book that actually has the O Malley s in it, I know why people love this series Not only are there good doctrinal topics, but the O Malley family has a rich back story I look forward to the rest of the series. I really tried to like this book and get carried away by the story Really, I did But I couldn t get past the totally unrealistic characters Could there really be that many perfect, gorgeous, intelligent, rich, single, patriotic career professionals with high paying, exciting careers all in one family Throw in a mansion and a private jet owned by a studly FBI love interest with an alluring British accent of all things , some intrigue and romance and it was just a little over the top for me I just couldn t relate to the characters at all On the plus side, I did appreciate the author attempting to put a spiritual message in the book and weighing in on the paradox of God s mercy vs justice It seemed a bit forced though I did finish the book because there was enough mystery to keep me wondering whodunit The book was okay but I don t know that I will bother within the series I know this book was rated highly by others so I hate to say it but maybe it s just me or the mood I m currently in To my friends and mom who really liked this one, Sorry, gals. This book was fantastic It was something different from what I ve recently been reading, but so so good I need the next one Kate O Malley is a hostage negotiator Whether defusing human time bombs or stopping stopping a person from jumping off a building, she is good at what she does and will walk into situations no one else will Dave Richman is a FBI special agent who has spent much of his life protecting people He is starting to care about Kate But now someone is targeting her Someone who is not just out for her blood, but who wants to ruin her first A person has sent her black roses Maybe the same one that blew up an airplane and blamed her Dave is determined to protect her If he can t, she may die When shocking evidence from the investigation threatens to crush her, can she learn to rely and trust in Dave and the God he believes in so faithfully I loved this book a lot I connected with Dave and Kate right from the start They were so fun to read about I mean they were hilarious together and the budding romance was so sweet Though I do think the Dave fell in love with Kate a bit too quickly Kate was a really strong character She could hide her emotions very well in almost every situation she was in, but she had a temper that she let out at points Dave was kind and very protective, though he had a touch of cockiness and a lot of fun which was perfect Then the whole O Malley family, don t get me started I could laugh at most of the parts with all of them together The protective brothers, the awesome sisters, is was cool Marcus is my favorite of the siblings, I think They were all good This book was layered with puns and jokes from all of them including Dave.The plot was intense The mysteries, the secrets, it all added to such a great thrilling suspense It will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the book I did feel like the climatic ending could have been drawn out a little bitthan it was, since there was so much anticipation leading up to it But it was still great.I ll recommend this to teens and up This was a great Christian Fiction book with so much suspense, mystery, and romance If you like any sort of Christian Fiction, try it out I think you ll find it very good.You can check out this review on my blog too, at Thanks Loved this book I enjoyed getting to know the O Malley family immensely, and I love all the brother sister relationships They re always my favorite The way the author wove God into the story was very well done It wasn t preachy at all, and I really appreciated just how much their faith in Him worked into the character s lives The mystery was very well done, and I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series The Negotiator by Dee Henderson Genre Suspense, Christian Romance, Format Kindle Timeframe More or less current day Location Chicago, ILCharacters Kate O Malley The negitiator Dave Richman FBI agent Jennifer O Malley Youngest O Malley sister Marcus O Malley Eldest O Malley brother, US marshalHow is it I bought this book 5 years ago and until now have never read it Oh my, this was such a good book Not being much of a cops show watcher I don t really watch TV I wasn t nearly as aware of the roll of a negotiator Their job is to defuse dangerous or potentially dangerous situations with the goal of resolving the crisis in a manner where nobody is injured Kate O Malley is a negotiator with the Chicago police force I m not sure that what she did with the first negotiation in the book is typical, but she walked into an extremely dangerous bank hostage situation with no bullet proof vest on, and just sat down as calmly as can be with the intent of talking and releasing tension.Meanwhile, an FBI agent Dave Richman was hiding under the reception desk and only she could see him After the crisis, they became friends, and to him, that s all they could be He s a believer she s not However, with her youngest sister in the 0.6 prequel I just finished having just come to faith, Kate is being prayed over and God is working on her heart Kate lived in an abusive household before she was taken away from her family to live the rest of her childhood in an orphanage She and her brothers and sisters who adopted each other at The Trevor House, each changing their names as adults to O Malley , all became scrappy survivors Each serious professionals Each tough and not all together trusting Relying on themselves and each other was vital Two people in her life are now sharing with Kate that there s another person she can rely on, someone much bigger, someone who loves herthan she can imagine Dave prays for openings and the right words One of the most amazing conversations about mercy and justice I ve ever read took place after one of those prayers.But oh, there s so muchto this story It just never stops I couldn t put this book down Intense, romantic, amazing gospel presentations, wonderful questions and terrific writing Can t wait to dig into the others I have to finish a different library book first then I m all aboutof the O Malleys Christian Fiction at its finest I loved it I loved everything about it The lack of bad words, the praying, the romance, the action It was beautiful Sold I m so reading the whole series now thank you very much I actually really liked the plot of this novel, even though I m not a mystery fan and the basic plot is that of a mystery I thought Henderson did a good job weaving in enough suspense about Kate s background and the other elements to keep the plot snappy and quick movinguntil about 2 3 of the way through when it felt like everything got tangled up in details and I started having trouble following the case and who was doing what at what time And then there s the moment when Kate makes a big breakthrough in the case We ve been following the characters through this case detail by excruciating detail, and suddenly we skip 3 days and Kate has figured it out Anyway, my real problem with this book which, really, was OK in the end was the result of a bunch of little things First, it was a little unbelievable that every beautiful, feisty member of the O Malley family which I guess I can let slide since they re each the main character of a romance in this O Malley series is at the top of their career field and that they are all in jobs that are, in essence, very similar a negotiator, a US marshal, a firefighter, a nurse, a pediatrician You get the picture I loved that Kate was a kick ass, strong female negotiator who plays basketball to unwind from the stress of her job But it got to be a bit much when each one of her siblings is just the same.Also, what in the world was with Kate s southern accent Even though she s from Chicago, she goes in and out of a Southern accent Why And then apparently Dave has a British accent but he s still a US FBI officer and his family has owned an estate outside of Chicago for generations AND Henderson didn t ever change the way the dialogue was written to account for these accents, she just kind of told you they had them and then moved on So it was just little stuff like that that kind of built up and kind of took away from the book as a whole.The other problem is that I m not a reader of Christian fiction, and I read this specifically because it was Christian fiction for a class And while I appreciated the fact that Kate is a nonbeliever and rationally questions the existence of God, I kind of got a little squirmy when Dave and his sister discuss the best way that he can go about converting Kate via friendship evangelism And then Kate s final conversion felt a littleforced Especially the statement, mere seconds after she allows herself to believe, that she has to go and convert the rest of her siblings Because she obviously knows what s best for them now It just got a little preachy at times. That was so good That is, if you rearrange all the commas and put them in their proper places. This work has some bright spots, mostly plotting in the second half Other strong points are the character development of the O Malley family members The author does a good job of introducing the cast without belaboring the story which is focused on Kate Also, the author demonstrates knowledge of the police FBI etc structure and procedures There were so many reasons I WANTED to like this book.However, there are significant weaknesses here The most blatant of which is that Kate is supposed to be speaking with a southern accent, and Dave is supposed to be speaking with a British accent Henderson needs to realize that word choice, tempo and enunciation are also part of accent, not just merely telling the reader they are speaking differently Wooden dialogue, incomplete setting of scenes pretty problematic in a book dealing with crime , repetition of the same words within a page, and confusion about the timing of a significant incident starts off Mon, then people start talking about what happened on Tuesday, and finally in the last part of the book, it is a Thursday all contribute to a convoluted reading experience I had to read some parts a couple of times before I could go on Finally, the author is just a little bit too much in love with her characters All the O Malleys are flawless, gifted, top of their profession people Numerous times, their paths in negotiator, fireman, US marshall, doctor, counselor, cross This lack of realism may have been forgiven were it not for the final incident in which boyfriend is allowed into a negotiation I don t care if he works for the FBI and has a strong personal interest in protecting the negotiator whose reasons for being there were also thin, but plausible I highly doubt such a situation would be permitted in real life.Certainly these blunders are the fault of the author, yet one wonders, where are the editors A rigorous editorial process review should have been able to address many of the flaws Of course, maybe a rigorous review did take place In that case, one wonders if the effort to pull a good final product from the author is worth the publisher s resources While the content has promise, I would be embarrassed to publish this book in it s current form.I have two other books in this series from the library Whether or not I will be able to overcome this first installment remains to be seen After thinking about this for about 1 2 hour while perusing Goodreads, I have decided no , I m not going to read any of this series There are so many BRILLIANT books I would rather enjoy.