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Hannah Hoffman Clark is the spirited young wife of Denver City’s only preacher Frank Clark After arriving by wagon to the howling wilderness of the unexplored west they settled on land built a home and began what they thought would be a long and prosperous life together After an accident leaves Frank without feeling in his legs the dream of self sufficiency suddenly slips away but even tragedy is on the horizon for HannahOnce widowed she struggles to cope with her loss relying on those her husband had hired especially Nathan Weaver a no good gambler and drunkard While the tenuous hold she has on her sanity crumbles her connection with Nathan becomes something far greater than she could have ever imagined but her family would be scandalized if she married such a manOne should never judge a book by its cover and Nathan although rough around the edges and crude has his heart in the right place and it belongs to Hannahif only she could see itThis is the first book in The Colorado Brides Series chronicling the lives of the Hoffman sisters and their adventures in finding love out west

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    This was a sweet short novel I can't understand why some reviewers complain about the intimacy scenes there are none Sure the readers are aware the HH arehave been intimate but there is no description at all If you are looking for an in between book or something you don't have to think too hard about then this book is perfect

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    Ugh thank goodness this was free I don't even have words The dialogue was stunted and amateurish and didn't convey to me any realism I also had issues with some of the historical inaccuracies I am not a nitpick when I read stories but it should hold some sort of realism and historical accuracy Some examplesNathan actually said hell to the no This 1859 people Hannah got a dog that was a Labradorumm pretty sure they weren't called Labradors in 1859 since they weren't an American breed until the early 1900's I'm also pretty sure that if one needed to buy a hammer he'd buy it at the general storemercantile not the carpenters Also what the hell is a cold navy revolver? Colt navy yes so maybe it's a typo Oh and I might have missed something but the opening chapter says Kansas Territory 1859 and then later in chapter four it's called the Colorado Territory I love historical fiction I don't even mind if the descriptions are of the mundane everyday life I just want a well told story that I can be invested in This wasn't it for me

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    Well it took half the book for the main character to become an unexpected widow I wasn't a fan of the borderline adultery or the writing And no one in the 1800's said Hell to the no I wasn't impressed

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    I was expecting a sweet Christian book and instead this book had some language that was far to modern for a historical book and some scenes that were just things I didn't want to read about I just couldn't finish it for both the stated reasons

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    What I LOVED about this bookthe author sucked me into the characters from the very first page Each and every one is well rounded and uniue I loved the playful banter between the man and wife this kind of writing 'shows rather than tells' us their personalities so right from the start it felt like I knew them She loves her husband and the reader does too which is why 'what happens' is so traumaticI won't be spoiling it cos you know from the title what happens but the emotion portrayed is raw and gutsy; the first half of the book my heart was in my throat I like a book that can trigger emotion from the reader I want to CARE what happens to the characters and I didWhat I DIDN'T like about the bookI thought that the intimate interaction between husband and wife was borderline smutty It's not explicit by any means but I suppose if you were to give it a TV rating it would be PG 13 but that being said I would not recommend this book to 13 year olds the subject matter is just too mature I am told that the next two books in the series are not like this so I'll let you know Also some things just didn't seem right for the time It seemed strange to me that the female lead wouldn't consider a farmer as a potential 2nd husband because of her social standing but this was the WEST and she had a FARM to look after so who cares about social standing and then she acts contrary to her 'proper upbringing' by risking her reputation on several occasions I was puzzledAnd on a general noteOne little pet peeve and I'm not just picking on this author it seems like every western book has itwhat is up with the smell of perspiration being a turn on? I'm sorry but there is NOTHING pleasant about the smell of sweat male or female SOAP Now SOAP smells good And speaking of soap have you noticed how the women in these books always smell like violets or rosewater don't ask me how they get this on the trail but men smell like horses and perspiration and we're supposed to swoon What's up with that? I'm waiting for a book that describes a woman as stinkin like chicken mess meets fried onions and the male hero getting a whiff and saying Now THERES a woman I'd like to get my arms around See it just won't happenAll that being said I enjoyed the book it held my interest and I plan on reading the rest of the series

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    This was a nice uick read I feel the author did a good job in portraying the tension of the hero and heroine loving each other but believing they shouldn't act on their feelings I was afraid that the heroine would end up coming across as not caring once her husband was injured due to her feelings for the hero but she didn't The author did a great job showing the heroine's guilty sorrow and confusion without having her come off as a whining bratI am interested to see if the character of the madam from the brothel shows up in the series I liked her and would like to see a happy ending for her alsoOn another note on the site I noticed that most that gave a bad review did so on the grounds that this was listed under Christian Fiction and they felt there was too much smut Well there are NO explicit scenes There is of a PG 13 vibe Yes the preacher and his wife are attracted to each other and have sex No there are no details Yes the hero talks about wanting the heroineagain no details Guess what Christians have sex just like the rest of us Even preachers I think the author was trying to get across that the heroine has very deep feelings for her husband both physically and emotionally That way when she is attracted to another man we know it's not because her husband is a dog If you think a Christian woman cannot be attracted to another man just because she's married then you live under a rock Part of the premise is that she feels guilty for finding the hero attractive I feel this is a bad reason to give a book a bad review Especially since most reviewers admitted they didn't finish the book because of the content The story and the writing are good and do not warrant one star

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    Have you ever watched the Debbie Reynolds movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown? It's about this absolutely horrible woman who is so self absorbed and obnoxious and this guy who just doesn't uite measure up to her standards but loves her Gawd only KNOWS why and how he bends over backwards for her just to get kicked in the teeth over and over and OVER again? To the point where you just pray some sane person will dump her ass off the side of the lifeboat so she'll go down with the Titantic? I hate that movie I have hated that movie since I was a childThis book is that movie done seven times worse And I'm not even sure how that's possible considering how I loathe Molly BrownHere we have Hannah who's husband is a minister who doesn't reference verses read the Bible or visit the sickpoor No he's busy with crops and gardens and acreage and he's a pastor??? Really? Oo But don't worry Hannah's not really into God either well it's nice that her husband is admired in town and all but this isn't 'Love Inspired' y'knowThen the author introduces Nathan who's a nice guy but likes a good stiff drink gets laid at the whorehouse like the rest of the single guys out west and doesn't really care what the snooty town folk have to say as long as he's honest and works hard and does right by people he's happy He comes to work on Pastor's farm and sticks around when pastor falls off a roof at a house working party and breaks his back He carries the pastor around helps change his soily diapers takes care of the critters and the crops all because he's got a thing for HannahHere's where the author does stOopid Yes bad grammar and spelling to enhance said stOopid Carre darling If you want to kill off the damn minister good on ya luv BUT breaking his back and then later giving him pneumonia is pushing it Better to make the SCI a higher level injury so that when he gets the flucoldWHATever he can't cough to expectorate it and dies of complications thus weaving together the events of the story instead of shooting them off like loose freakin' cannonsFrom there on we go into I can't marry you you're a drunk lecher miner nobody and where's my tea set and keep me warm at night but don't think about me marrying you until you want to haul Hannah the Hag to the top of the roof and pitch HER off And STILL Nathan loves her Why? Who the HECK knows She's horrificSkip it Seriously There are MUCH better ways to spend your time

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    enjoyed the story Hannah is married to Frank and they leave New York and come to Denver City area and they farm Frank the pastor is injured when helping fix roof a parishioners bunkhouse he then dies from pneumonia one of the workers on the farm has a strange affect on Hannah and he tries to watch out for her even asking her to marry him With her families thinking still occupying her mind she believes he is not for her when she asks him again to hold her while she sleeps he says no and leaves the farm n town she realises she loves him and she will not judge him any cos at nineteen to be a widow the options of men were not to her liking Nathan returns and Hannah demands he marry her that day so she does not have to sleep alone again and apologises for judging him badly

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    In the end I enjoyed this book I say this that way because my feelings towards the book changed as l continued to read it As I read the book I also read some of the reviews on Goodreads regarding this book After reading the book I was astounding by some of the reviews especially by those who started the book but chose not to finish it What they did is prejudge the book I think the author chose the title for the book because she wanted to focus on how Hannah deals with sudden finding herself widowed in the particular time period and how she dealt with it The book also pointed out the plight of women especially in that time period and how they were sometimes forced to deal with things For women during that time there weren’t lots of options and many of them not good I think that was what the author was trying to show with the meeting between Hannah and Ruby the Madam running the Parlour House Another point that the author shed a light on was the prejudging some of the other townspeople did regarding Hannah going in to the Parlour and the gossip that was spread regarding that visit Also pointed out was the fact that most of the people; especially those that called themselves Christian would not even speak to Ruby when they passed her on the street at church funeral or other public event And what I find interesting about that is that this exactly what those people who posted reviews for this book; but did not finish the book This was a clean read It was a book that dealt with very real issues of that era Including the fact that Christians and even pastors and pastors’ wives can have short comings and deal with temptation

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    When a husband diesThe characters are surprisingly human without the author being graphic I appreciated the way the author handles different aspics of the characters' lives Our leading lady has a lot of growing up to do in her personality This childishness is believable although I think her childishness can in part be a result of her husband's babying her He too had a sheltered life and was not yet a hardened western figure Both of them are members of a young coupleDespite the anticipated complication of the death of a significant figure the story has a good premise I am looking forward to books by this talented author I expect the author to develop greater depth as the stories continueThis story does not make a great book but it does not make a bad one either Historical inaccuracies? There are a few; however they didn't detract from the story unless you are pickyI'll call this story a light caramel candy read since it has a few sticky parts I am glad the author chose to tackle an unusual aspect in the life of a young couple in the west