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Aaron Foster thought he had the perfect life until his fiancee walked out of their apartment and then back in again with his new roommate In desperation Aaron and his best friend Harmony Jordan devise The Plan but when The Plan succeeds beyond their wildest expectation it could spell heartache for them all

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    What a wonderful love storyAaron Foster thought his life was picture perfect until his fiancee walked out of their apartment and out of his life He was left brokenhearted and devastated Unfortunately she walked right back in again but this time it was with his new roommate Drew who knew nothing of Aaron's past involvement with herHarmony Jordan has been Aaron's best friend for four years Neither of them want to see Drew's heart shattered like Aaron's was so they devise a plan to split the two up for Drew's protection Well the plan succeeds much better than Aaron ever anticipated and it backfires right in his face devastating him once againI adored this story The only reason I did not think it was 5 star worthy is my personal dislike of weak female characters or at least the ones who appear weak to me Harmony had many hangups and I am not sure she really put forth the effort to overcome them or work through them She spent too much time with a 'poor me' attitude and a good dose of self pity She put herself down throughout the book and that was troublesome to me and I think she made herself appear very insecure in front of others She was always down on herself her looks her clothing her shoes her hair her everything and that to me is unappealing especially to a man She was her own worst enemy The thing is no one saw her as she saw herself but she refused to believe what they saw even when she was complimented and praised I know that happens in real life as well but she did not wear this well After hearing this for most of the book it left me feeling that she did not deserve the guyguys although I wanted them to have their HEA If the female had been a bit stronger with a small amount of self confidence it would have been a five

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    Review includes SPOILERSI probably would have been okay with this book being called inspirational Well maybe But when the author added the note before the book's description she implied this is a Christian romance God is mentioned a total of five times In the author's note she refers to Christians going to church without the gospel actually penetrating their hearts I'm in full agreement with that However not a single character in this book went to church or even mentioned attending church The book is rife with lies deception drinking and premarital sex none of which is inspirational let alone Christian None of these characters is under any pressure that would lead to any of these actions God gets a grand total of five mentions some of them in very casual contextSome might argue that Harmony saving herself for marriage is Christian Not so fast Her reasons have nothing at all to do with a belief in God's will for purity before marriage They are based solely on her sister's experience And even when Aaron and Harmony discuss waiting to have sex it has to do with wanting to make sure their relationship is based on love rather than sex Again no mention of God faith or God's willHaving said that even as a romance I found Eternity sadly lacking Seldom have I run across a pathetic heroine than Harmony Poor pitiful Harmony nobody will ever love her every guy leaves her blah blah blah Why? Just because she won't have sex? No it probably has to do with her horrible self worth issue and the fact that she's in love with Aaron When Aaron uits she's such a sad sack she can't stand to go to work without him? What is this high school? Grow up you'll see him after workAaron is a poor excuse for a hero too Why doesn't he just tell Drew he was engaged to his ex roommate Mandy? Why is it such a big secret? That of course sets the scene for Drew to meet Mandy as well and why wouldn't Mandy say Oh hey I used to live here the first time she comes back to the apartment with Aaron? And rather than say anything Aaron climbs out the fire escape and goes to Harmony's place? Again lies and deception none of it necessaryThe friendship and conversations between Aaron and Drew were so girly that for a time I was concerned about the direction in which the relationship was headed I'm not jokingFinally there were so many times in the story that made me stop and wonder backtrack etc Harmony and Aaron have been friends for over four years and her family has never even heard of him? Things like that which made no sense Add to that some typos and misused words segue is pronounced seg way and is its own word not segue way which is what the author wrote I had a difficult time finishing this book I just don't like to leave them unfinishedI'm sorry I just don't think I could recommend this

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    Aaron Foster is in a bit of a bind His fiancee Mandy who was also his roommate has dumped him and moved out During his recovery period his coworker and confidant Harmony Jordan who has harbored feelings for him for the last four years suggests a new roommate for him a landscaper named Drew Easton Aaron and Drew hit it off immediately with many a shared interest until Drew starts unwittingly dating Aaron's ex In an attempt to save his roommate's fragile feelings Aaron conspires with Harmony to break up Drew and Mandy by setting him up with Harmony Even though the play acting goes against everything she believes in and forces her to deny her feelings for Aaron even than she already does Harmony goes along with the plan The plan works even better than Aaron expected until he discovers that he now has feelings for Harmony he never knew were possible A very well written romance by Stallings that unlike traditional romances lingers in the emotional and spiritual love shared by the characters instead of the physical While the plot is pretty standard of many love triangle romances Stallings throws in a pretty nice twist towards the end

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    My mother was a voice teacher at a small college She was also the church’s choir director and was used to working with people with a wide range of musical talent She taught my brothers and I as well as a number of students and choir members how to hit a note just right; so perfectly on pitch that it makes your voice box tickleOne night we were watching a comedian on television who was singing a song off key He was so bad at singing that it was hilariously funnyWhen we turned the set off my mother said “now that was talent”“Talent?” I asked “He was off key on every single note”“Yes” she replied “But people who don’t have talent are off just a little bit He didn’t just pick a bad note; he picked the worst note possible To be that bad takes a lot of talent ”“Eternity The Friendship Series” by Staci Stallings is a lot like that comedian The story is about three friends; two males and a female All of the characters are likeable honest kind gainfully employed helpful and courteous They go to clubs take each other out to lunch and watch football on TV There are no villains no chase scenes no crimes no dead bodies no torrid sex scenes and no evil political plots that are going to destroy the world You’d think a story like that would be boring but it’s notThese friends are in a sticky situation that starts out being awkward and just gets stickier and awkward as it goes One of the characters is going to end up with a broken heart You don’t want any of them to get hurt but there’s no way for them to resolve the situation without at least one of them being devastated At worst all three of them will have their hearts ripped out by the others It keeps you turning the pages because you can’t tell who is going to win at love and who is going to cry It’s compelling not because it’s action packed but because the author makes you careThey say don’t judge a book by its cover Don’t judge this book by its blurb The description of what the book is about does not tell you how well this book is written The blurb makes it sound like the roommate from Hell but that’s not what it really is It’s a story about good people doing good things caring about each other and putting their own wants behind the needs of the people they care for And even though that sounds like it’s going to be a really boring book it’s anything but And as my mother pointed out that takes talent

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    EternityEternity I love the way Eternity played through the entire novel The emotions are intense between the characters Friendships are tested True love comes where least expected

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    Best friend romance is always a bit cliche but it was pretty well done I enjoyed it overall I felt like there could have been a couple of things that could have been done differently with the details but overall cute story

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    I will honestly say that where this novel is not a typical romance novel I don't know if I would classify it as a Christian romance either I think it is a good in between not really one but not the other either A decent read with a good concept

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    An enjoyable read with an interesting premise At first the novel was a little slow but once the plan was in place things picked up nicely I wish Stallings would have given a little details in her descriptions of people and places I couldn't fully visualize what she was seeing Still the characters and seeing what would happen kept my attention nicely There is a life lesson in this novel pointing out that sex is not love and true love is based on relationship Her characters are not perfect and make mistakes but the hope is that they will come to an awakening and learn from those mistakes I truly enjoyed the read and look forward to Book 2 A few things to note in my ebook copy the chapter headings were missing and so the story just continually ran There was spacing so it wasn't hard to tell where one segue would end and another begin This is a clean read romance however I am not sure why it is coined as an inspirational romance in the heading There is no mention of God or faith in this novel so I found that to be a little misleading The heroine does have a wait till marriage stance in the novel but that isn't based on faith but rather fear of no spoiler here I have noticed that Stallings has some other novels that are Faith based I would however title this a clean read romance Update Just finished book 2 in this series and it would be considered Inspirational Romance It was wonderful by the way

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    This is a great love story that will keep you turning the pages and will be hard to put down until you know how the story plays out This is the story of Aaron and Harmony and how they find each other Harmony is the no so special girl who has not been fortunate in her dating life or lack of it She is his always faithful friend who is there for Aaron's ups and downs Aaron on the other hand has never noticed her until she starts dating his roommate You will be glued to this book until you find out how these two people end up together since we all know from the start that this how it ends I truly enjoy Staci's writing because she is always so down to earth and realistic in all her stories Her characters are well developed and we can learn so much from them I highly recommend this book to everyone

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    Aaron's in dire straits his fiancée has walked out on him he can't find a roommate and he hates his number crunching job Who does he complain to? His best friend the one who knows him the best Harmony Harmony listens patiently to Aaron but deep inside wishes he would see her really see her for who she is not just a friend but a womanThis story is really a two for you get two love stories in one book This story is intricately woven together to make a tapestry that is filled with truth heartache love compassion and forgiveness If you have ever felt like you didn't uite measure up or weren't uite good enough you will commiserate with Harmony and later Aaron as they both find out some very important lessons of love This is a very good read I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romance