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One Woman, The Fate Of The World In Her Unknowing Hands One Man, Sworn To Destroy Her A Love So Strong It Defies Nature In A World Of Obsession, Deception And Betrayal, The Line Between Good And Evil Fades, But One Truth Remains Absolute Darkness Must FallFor Centuries, Werewolf, Dominic Ridolfi, Has Battled The Demons Of The Night, Upholding The Sacred Pact To Protect Man From Vampires Yet When Sent To Destroy The Long Lost Cacciatori Heiress, The Vampire Prophesied To Free Her Kind From The Curse Of Darkness, He Finds Himself Reluctant To Complete His Task The Innocent Beauty Awakens His Humanity And Dominic Finds Himself Not In The Role Of Assassin, But Savior Though He Surrenders To The Passion She Ignites, He Knows That Loving Her Is The Ultimate BetrayalSwept Away In A Whirlwind Romance, Kate Loses Herself In Dominic S Mysterious World Of Opulence And Seduction But Dominic Has A Secret He Knows The Truth About Kate S Past, And Her Future, Truths With The Power To Destroy Them Both Only In Her Dreams Does Kate Sense The Growing Darkness Within Every Day, She Draws Nearer To The Truth About Her Shaded Past Dominic Saved Her Once, But Can She Save Herself From The Darkness Within But It On At

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    I loved this book It has a little bit of everything romance, comedy, drama, suspense, and action.The plot is compelling, the heroine is relatable, the hero is delicious, the author s voice is fresh and witty, and the dialogue is natural The story flowed well and I was sucked in from the start I can t wait for the next one

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    I was provided with an ARC copy of this book by the author for an honest review.Meet Kate, who has no idea that her mere existence could be the salvation of one race and the down fall of another Meet Dominic, who is sent to assassinate Kate in order to save his race from the prophecy that is Kate Kate is a vampire and Dominic a werewolf and their families are mortal enemies Kate is oblivious to this fact.Killing Kate should be easy for Dominic, after all this is what he is trained for This is what he has spent he life doing However, Dominic was not prepared for the beauty and compassion that Kate oozed OK so I didn t know what to expect when I read this book I read it blind without first seeing the blurb and I was quite impressed with this debut book by Elle Bright.The book flows really well, which always makes it easier for you to be absorbed into the plot The characters are well developed and easy to fall in love with The language used in the book is real, language you use yourself in everyday life that only helps the flow I love the little one liners that were thrown in here and there and I found myself smiling at these The book isn t all comedy though there is a lot of heartache, betrayal, angst and downright hating going on ok so that might just be me with the hating.The plot was intriguing and well developed As this is the first book in a series the author has done a good job of not only laying the foundations for the following books but giving the reader a satisfying ending to the story that runs through this book while leaving you wanting .Looking forward to the next instalment of Kate and Dominics story.

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    What happens when your the one sent to kill the vampire heiress, the one that could destroy all that you know, only to have the shocking feeling your looking at your soul mate Your body is not held to the ground by gravity, but a beautiful kind hearted woman Dominic is about to find out Dominic is the big strong fearless alpha, a great warrior but is he about to betray his family and his entire race for Kate.This book is the first from indie author Elle Bright, and what a way to begin Fall from darkness is a stunning get away fantasy into the werewolf vampire world, interwoven with tension, romance, darkness, heart break and love Dominic is strong and sexy, Kate the kind hearted E.R nurse, they have such a great intense chemistry together, the story has a deep story line and wonderful in depth characters,with a wicked plot, that keep you reading this fast paced book This book is pure escapism at its best and i cannot wait for book two A great piece of fantasy writing from Elle Bright, highly recommended From niccis book blog

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    .Kate loves chocolate..I would have agree so do I Kate Dominic Alexander will take you into the depths of their world s.Someone will win Someone will lose The price is high for each betrayal.within each of themit s an..oh so dreamy..hotter than hell Superhero kind of book..Where the park hadn t changed a bit,as though frozen in time like a photograph kind of bookTo the TO DO LIST.PICK THEM 24 167, 72, 48, kind of book.Who is Katerina Cacciatori What does she want with Kate What is the prophecy Whom is protecting whom From the sweet the provocative words that terrify her.You will be in awe of the book you will love the author, She brings the story of love , of family, a best friend, happenings from the past that set you into the present well for the future We will be waiting to see what happens next

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    This book was a gift from the author Elle Brightfor an honest review This is her debut novel and it is a wonderfullywritten story of love, family, vampires, werewolves, ancientprophecies, and betrayals Kate is a nurse who is attacked one nightand Dominic rescues her and they develop a relationship that leads tolove When Dominic reveals the secret that he knows her true heritageand Kate is a vampire and he a werewolf Kate leaves him thinking he iscrazy Later after she finds out he was right,she also learns thetruth about her heritage and the prophecy written about her Thisstory is well written and the characters come to life on the page Icouldn t put the book down I read it from front to back in onesitting I hope there will be a book two, I would love to hear about Kate and Dominic.

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    WOW I was super stoked when I received an ARC of this novel from the author I LOVE vampires and werewolves so I was super excited to start it Let me tell you the author did not disappoint I was so sucked into Dominic and Kate s story and the secret Oh the secret he is keeping from Kate Can their love survive Is it possible for an assassin and the one you re sent to kill to fall for each other This story had everything I was hoping for..lust, love, hotness, vamps, humor, and a little suspense Kudos to the author on delivering a great story that kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat

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    I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Fall of Darkness If I could describe this book in one word it would be WOW The author is amazing with descriptions, character development, and the story line It was a hard book to put down, and found myself lacking sleep, because I had to know what was going to happen Dominic and Kate s story captured my heart This is a must read

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    A book that truly made me question love and sacrifices For what truly is love without sacrifices Theirs was the greatest of all sacrifices beautifully portrayed Absolutely amazing The love of a women, thoughtless intensity, branded on his heart Captivating Going against nature Forgetting sins, forgiving before, nothing done that would stain their love Entirely enlightening

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    Expected much The characters seemed childish, the insta love was ridiculous, the fact her parent accepted the insta love was even ridiculous, the love triangle. UGH A word of advice.

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    This book has it all romance, the excitement of a paranormal world, betrayal, comedy, sacrifice, well developed and lovable relatable characters, and a great story telling voice This book is a Wow This author definitely has a bright future She is one of the best kept secrets of her genre I love to read, but even books I thoroughly enjoy take me a couple of weeks because of my crazy schedule Not this book I read this in under four days because I couldn t help but make the time So, you have been warned this book will own your life until you re done Even then, good luck getting the characters out of your head