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My Life Was Complete Happy, Content, Everything Neat And PerfectThen It All ChangedI Was Sold Tess Snow Has Everything She Ever Wanted One Semester Before A Career In Property Development, A Loving Boyfriend, And A Future Dazzling Bright With Possibility For Their Two Year Anniversary, Brax Surprises Tess With A Romantic Trip To Mexico Sandy Beaches, Delicious Cocktails, And Soul Connecting Sex Set The Mood For A Wonderful Holiday With A Full Heart, And Looking Forward To A Passion Filled Week, Tess Is On Top Of The WorldBut Lusty Paradise Is ShatteredKidnapped Drugged Stolen Tess Is Forced Into A World Full Of Darkness And Terror Captive And Alone With No Savior, No Lover, No Faith, No Future, Tess Evolves From Terrified Girl To Fierce Fighter But No Matter Her Strength, It Can T Save Her From The Horror Of Being SoldCan Brax Find Tess Before She S Broken And Ruined, Or Will Tess S New Owner Change Her Life Forever A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance, Not Suitable For People Sensitive To Grief, Slavery, And Nonconsensual Sex A Story About Finding Love In The Strangest Of Places, A Will Of Iron That Grows From Necessity, And Forgiveness That May Not Be Enough

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    5 sparrow stars Tess Snow is a twenty year old college student who lives with her boyfriend, Brax, in Austarila Brax and Tess have a good relationship It s sweet, simple, easy Brax wanted me Brax was safe I loved him in my own way Brax is everything Tess could ever want in a boyfriend Everything with them is perfect Except their sex life Tess has always had different wants and needs than her boyfriend She wants to try to step out of the box with Brax, and what better time to do that then on their vacation to Cancun While on vacation, the unthinkable happens to Tess She is taken Stolen Kidnapped to be sold Tess tries to find ways to escape, get out, but she is unsuccessful She doesn t make it easy on the kidnappers, she fights I would never give up I would fight until I died After being held into captivity for a while, she finds out she is leaving Mexico, going to an undisclosed location She is going to her master This terrifies her than anything Three little words If anyone asked what I was most afraid of, what terrified me, stole my breath, and made my life flicker before my eyes, I would say three little words I was sold When Tess gets to her new home, she is surprised It is big and beautiful She meets her new master His name is Q She doesn t know much about Q All she knows is he is French, rich, handsome, and he owns her That makes him a monster in her eyes Even though she knows these things about Q, there is something about him that excites her She hates how she responds to him She feels something for him that she s never felt before All those things she has always wanted and tried to hide thats no longer possible I hated him, knew what he did was wrong, but my body, shit, my body didn t care Q has some dark desires, but he s not the typical dark and sadistic master You can tell throughout the story he goes back and forth trying to keep his wants and desires in check He doesn t want to go to far, but Tess has her own wants and desires She has a way of pushing Q, bringing out the side of him he tries to cage Come for me, esclave How far is too far Tess is a strong character She is not easily broken She will do anything for her freedom But she s fighting a battle A battle between her mind and her body After tonight, every time I say your name you ll get wet for me I not only own your body but your identity, too Do you deny it No, I don t deny it I m yours Through and through She starts to feel things she never imagined she would feel while in captivity Monsters find each other in the dark I d never felt this way This uninhibited This free I finally found a place where my twistedness belonged In Q s arms He opened my cage and allowed me to fly I can t stop it if my freedom is here Q and TessThere is so much I want to say about Q s character, but I don t want to spoil any of the book There were a few things about him I assumed, but also a few things about him that surprised me I love a good damaged man, so you know I loved Q He was just irresistible And the french I could just imagine his accent and it made me melt Tess was tough She was resilient She knew what she wanted, and she went after it I respected her for that I loved Q and Tess separately, but I loved them together Je suis toi I am yours Nous sommes les uns des autres We are each others This was a fantastic read It captivated me from the beginning and I couldn t put it down We read this story from Tess s perspective, but we get a nice epilogue from Q s p.o.v Beautiful Emotional Conflicting Sexy Edgy All those things and I was expecting this to be a little darker and disturbing It had it s dark moments, but it wasn t as much of a mindfuck as I expected it to be It didn t make me enjoy it any less For those of you that don t love the dark and disturbing reads, it will probably be on the dark side for you There were a few scenes that were on the dark and twisted side, but not as many as I was expecting Overall, I was very impressed with this debut novel A 5 star read for me and going on my favorites shelf Anyone looking for a semi dark, unconventional love story with some bdsm, give it a go I am looking forward to reading from this author in the future ARC kindly provided by author, Pepper Winters, in an exchange for an honest review

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    This is was the first Pepper Winters book that I read, and I have no regrets None at all After reading this book , I d found my favorite author Everything Pepper Winters writes, I will read it because I know that it won t be disappointing This book is one of my unforgettable reads It is that good I should say this before I review this book that it s a Dark Contemporary Romance, not suitable for people sensitive to grief, slavery and non consensual sex Tears of Tess is about 20 year old Tess Snow who lives with her boyfriend Brax Their relationship is good and sweet, but even though Brax means absolutely everything to Tess, their sex life isn t as good.So while on vacation with each other, Tess gets unexpectedly kidnapped She is taken from Brax and sold Tess does everything she can to escape her kidnappers, but she always fails That doesn t stop her from fighting her kidnappers for freedom, but even though she tries at every opportunity, she s always unsuccessful Tess gets held in captivity for awhile, but then she later finds out that she s leaving for Mexico to meet her new Master.When Tess goes to her new home, she s amazed than anything Her new home is beautiful Her new master s name is Q He s French, handsome and rich.He also owns Tess completely I first read this book ages ago, and I ve read it again a few times because I adore this book I m still confused as to why I haven t reviewed this book before, because it should ve been on the top of my to do list I m going to have reread this book anyways, because I need to read the 3rd book to which I haven t read yet I m telling you, trying to fit in writing and do a little bit of reading in the same day, is tricky I wish the days were longer I m finding that reviewing books is kind of fun actually.As you can tell I haven t stopped reviewing books for the last 2 3 days.It makes you think though, and that s a good thing in my case It s weird giving my personal opinion about something, because I m one of those people that keep my opinions to myself, so to share my opinions with you is a good feeling, a feeling I m not entirely used to Yet Back to the book, I don t think I ve read a BDSM Dark book that tops Tears of Tess Maybe I haven t read a book like that yet, so I m always open to books with a Dark vibe in it It s really strange because I m always drawn to books with the genre Dark in it, and I don t know if that should be worrying or not, but books like that tend to be on my favorites list than any other genre xDBut saying that, Tears of Tess is one of those books I just want to treasure for the rest of my life.

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    Tears of Tess, book 1 of 3.5 Tess dark journey of sexual exploration as she meets her new owner, the enigmatic Q I m not afraid of hurting you I m afraid of how far I m willing to go This series should be read in order Book 1 Tears of TessBook 2 Quintessentially QBook 3 Twisted TogetherPart 3.5 Je suis a toiTears of Tess book 1 opens up to Tess Snow, Tessie aka Esclave traveling with her boyfriend Brax to Cancun, Mexico On a daytrip sightseeing on a motorbike Tess is kidnapped, leaving Brax for dead and her future in jeopardy After a gruesome time in captivity, abused, starved, mishandled and violated on many levels she is sold and hand delivered to her new master, Q aka Quincy Mercer, a wealthy Frenchman living in a chateau somewhere in France But Tess has no interest is submitting nor accepting her new master and puts up a fight.Their attraction is palpable putting both their lives in tailspins and their sexual desires under scrutiny Tess doesn t want to like Q, yet she desires him Q is hot cold and an enigma He warns her of the monster inside of him, which will unfold with story But rest assure, not everything is as it seems This is Tess journey of sexual exploration and growth under the backdrop of her captivity by Q Seven words to describe Quincy Mercer, Q Aloof, complex, noble, elusive, broken, conflicted and commanding Seven words to describe Tess Snow, Tessie aka Esclave Fiery, strong, determined, observant, conflicted, evolving and contradictive.Tears of Tess takes us on a dark at times brutal journey I am very happy were it left Tess and Q That said, I am both curious AND nervous where book 2, Quintessentially Q will take me Suspenseful and dark plot Excellent story telling Swoon worthy and unforgettable hero Solid 5 stars Only think of me and what I m doing There is intimacy in pain esclave Let me make your pain my pleasure Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4.5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating N ABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted N A Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by Patchwork Press, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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    6 Captivating Stars Words CAN.NOT describe what a beautiful, emotional, gut wrenching, soul searching kind of read Tears of Tess was for me.I simply LOVED it My emotions through outAt 1% when I read I wanted a new label One that said girlfriend who will do anything to be tied, spanked, and fucked all over rather than adored I just knew I was going into something special At 11% I was like OH SHIT At 30 % I had a big smile on my faceAt 46 % I was just a BALL OF EMOTIONS At 68% I couldn t tear away from my tablet, it was just so good.At 86% my heart was beating a million miles At 100% I just had a book orgasm Summary Tess is an ordinary girl from Australia, with an ordinary boyfriend and an ordinary sex life But she wants than the ordinary sex life something less conventional Tess and her boyfriend go on Holiday to Cancun Mexico and all is well until she gets kidnapped and sold to a man who goes by the name of Q Q is no ordinary Master He s no ordinary man and Tess has become his new Slave Disclaimer Let s put that disclaimer out there, because I will get asked this A LOT First off, I wasn t a fan of Captive and not because it was too dark I couldn t find any redeeming qualities in Caleb So if you want to compare Tears of Tess to Captive, please do not It s not the same Tears of Tess has its own unique writing style and plot However, Tears of Tess does have the same feel as Captive, Consequences, and Killing Sarai Hopefully that makes sense I hadn t gone Stockholmy I hated him, knew what he did was wrong, but my body, shit, my body didn t care.He would look after me as long as I pleased him Tess Tess is wonderful, she smart, strong, resilient, beautiful and the fact she is Australian just tickles me to no end Tears of Tess is written from her POV and you completely, 100% FEEL FOR HER I got her emotions, I got her struggles and yes at some times, I was gutted with shock and grief, but I wouldn t have it any other way I loved her Q Oh God Q I think that is my new favorite letter I LOVED Q I want to make babies with Q, I want him to use me, abuse me and do it all over again Could Pepper have written a perfectly, beautifully damaged character I think not Q was P.E.R.F.E.C.T I saw the wealthy, controlled alpha male I also saw the tortured and vulnerable monster Q had such conflictions which rounded his character nicely Q moved with power and undeniable knowledge of perfect control.I will learn who you are one day That is a promise And my promises are law Review The beginning starts out with a lot of character development on Tess part You really get to know Tess and if you are like me, I love character development I really got to know her and her issues When Tess got kidnapped, I felt like I was jolted into a crazy ride and I loved it It would not say Tears of Tess was a difficult read, I would say it was a dark read I love the power struggle between Tess and Q Even though Q had all of the power, the chemistry between the Hero and Heroine just worked for me The main reason why I love this book so much is because I understood Q Even when he was sadistic, mean, and just didn t seem to give a fuck, I got him and I loved him even for it Only think of me and what I m doing There is intimacy in pain esclave Let me make your pain my pleasure And the steam Yes they were my favorite parts Let me clarify, I love steam, but kinky, very different and pushing the boundaries steam, well damn I LOVE IT Pepper did not disappoint If you want something different, you will get it put a man who wanted to hurt in front of me, with fucking on his mind and bondage in his thoughts, and I unraveled like the slut I d become.The monster roared, beating his cheats, salivating at the thought of what was to come Pepper is an excellent writer and I am completely shocked she wrote Tears of Tess in seven weeks That s pure fucking talent I ve said it before and I say it again Reading books like Tears of Tess is the sole reason why I do what I do It s the reason why I pick up a book, write about it and let the world know, because when you write something that it just so beyond perfect, beautiful and good, EVERYONE should know An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewTo read the prologue and it s good, visit, Jacqueline s ReadsI

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    Actual rating 2.5 StarsIt pains me to give this book anything below 4 stars, I really had high hopes when I started reading this book The prologue was intriguing and for about 22% I was really enjoying the direction and pace of the story But after that the story started losing it s allure for me, the captor wasn t what I expected There is a very delicate balance when you are writing a captivity story, you have your two roles Captive and Captor When the line between the two starts to blur, you ve lost me.But I kept reading, hoping that it would get better But unfortunately not I guess the story was too predictable for me, in my opinion this story was a case of the characters had sadistic cravings or urges and couldn t accept this part of themselves This is angst not dark And when it comes to non consent, I only know of one incident where non consensual sex occurred, the rest was just reluctance.I am a huge fan of anti heroes and have read many books with this type of character The one thing that makes or brakes the book is an anti hero who feels remorse too early in the story Once again the story holds know allure for me When it comes to the heroine, I m all for a feisty and confident character But when faced with imminent danger or the fight for survival, I expect a certain level of submissiveness I m sure this shows how absolutely screwed up I am, but it is what it is Teaser 1 Q stood below, looking up at me Slowly, he inserted his middle finger into his mouth and sucked His eyes flashed with so much darkness I would never see the night again and not think of him His tongue licked his finger with intoxicating grace My lips parted as he mesmerized me Somehow, focusing on him helped dispel my panic, reminded me that Q might be bad, but he definitely wasn t the worst.It was almost a relief when he reached for my hip to hold me steady, his fingers biting into flesh Slowly he poked his finger through the fabric of the dress and found the dampness on my thigh His eyes shot to mine You continue to surprise me I didn t need to lick my finger after all My cheeks pinked as he feathered his touch up my leg and stroked my entrance His finger slipped in my wetness and a groan rumbled in his chest He pulled me closer and like a pendulum I went his to move where he wanted Pressing his face on my chest, he thrust his finger inside me making my knees buckle and I swung slightly in my bindings His hand left my hip to wrap around my lower back, securing me tightly Ah, esclave You continue to lie Your body tells the truth Teaser 2 He reared back, his hand raised to strike I fought the urge to curl into a little ball, and stared right into his turbulent gaze Do it Hit me At least the pain will leave a physical mark that you ll have to see every day He opened his mouth, but then shut it again His hand dropped, settling limp on the bed Something raw blazed in his gaze before he clambered off me, pacing in my small cage What is your name he growled, still pacing His suit crinkled, perfection marred What does Q stand for What is your name Let me go and I ll tell you We stalemated, glaring once again Day by day I was becoming a champion at staring competitions This one, though, I lost Q s gaze set fire to my blood Smouldering and licking with unwanted lust Misplaced lust Lust that drove me mad with confusion and hatred for myself I dropped my eyes and waited Just like that, I was his again An eerie sense of calm filled me Obedience was a balm against the hardship of fighting Why fight when I could make my life so much easier by becoming a robot Turn off my feelings and do as he asked Q stepped forward, putting himself right between my legs His belt was eye level and the heat blazing from his body cindered all my other emotions to dust He was male I was female That was all there was to it My hands moved on their own accord, reaching for his waist Blissful vacancy filled me I floated on a cloud of indifference as I pulled the leather free from loops and undid the buckle ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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    4 STARS Tears of Tess is an emotional, intriguing and captivating story that starts out with a very ominous prologue that managed to grab my attention form the very first page After that there are some disturbing scenes, it is a kidnapping story after all, but nothing that went over the edge of being too dark or disturbing Tears of Tess is the story of a young girl named Tess Snow who gets kidnapped while on vacation in Mexico After that she is sold to a man who plans to own her as a slave Three little words If anyone asked me what terrified me, stole my breath and made my life flicker before my eyes, I would say three little words I was sold During a vacation in Cancun with her boyfriend Brax, Tess falls into the hands of a Mexican human trafficking orginazation The men treat her like an object rather than a human being She tries to fight them, but the she struggles the worse her future might turn out to be If you behave, you will be sold to a gentleman who will treat you like a prized possesion Lavish attention on you Buy you whatever you want And then she s flown over to France and sold into the hands of her new Master, Q Mercer A man whose commanding presense alone manages to make her tremble with fear and arouse her at the same time.As the days pass by, Tess starts to form a friendship with some of the housemembers while at the same time learning about her new Master She s drawn to him, yet he manages to scare her away as well He s a walking contradiction One minute he seems concerned for her well being, the next he s determined on breaking her and pushing her to see how far he can go before she cracks You don t know anything, esclave I want this I ve wanted this for too damn long, and you re wrong that it hurts I m not afraid of hurting you I m afraid of how far I m willing to go It s obvious Q has some demons in his past that still haunt him to this day He seems tortured by his memories and his secret desires and Tess s presense seems to bring out the worst in him Or is it the best Both Tess and Q struggle with their inner conflicting emotions and desires But together they seem to be able to help each other discover their true selves.I would have thought that Q view spoiler had actually bought Tess and that he had a habbit of buying slaven and breaking them for his pleasure But the reality was far from it He turned out to be a savior rather than a monster hide spoiler

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    I can t I just My god, the heroine of this book To say that this book is predictable would be an understatement of the century The first twenty or so present of the book are uses to introduce us to the heroine and her boyfriend They have the most boring relationship on the planet She loves him, thinks he s great and hopes that he will propose to her At the same time, every time she says something good about him, she always adds that he can t satisfy her sexually He is so great, so amazing, she just wished he would tie her up, or spank her once in a blue moon But he is so great Sometimes she even blabs it out loud, but he is all don t be weird, let s forget you ever said that The boyfriend has planned a secret trip The secret doesn t last long though They get to the airport and are asked to show they traveling documents Excitement dies when the girl at the airport asks Do you want your bags checked all the way through Cancun Beside it being a badly planned secret, another thing bugged me if they are traveling to Mexico, why would they want their bags checked somewhere else What a stupid question to ask At some point the boyfriend whips it out a jewelry box and says I got something for you She is all Aww It turns out it s a promise bracelet See, he is great She just wishes he would bend her over over some furniture once in a while But other than that, he is a fantastic boyfriend Aw, and the bracelet is beautiful, it promises so much Anywho They arrived to Cancun She is all I ll show you how much I love you, changes into a sexy little number and whips out a vibrator Here I thought Ok, it s happening, sexy time I was sure her boyfriend was going to be all Nope We don t get to know what his reaction is, because she jumps in and starts explaining that she wanted to spice things up, starts apologizing and next thing you know, 20 seconds later he is coming while she is just lying there But still, he is great, so great, she loves him so They go on to have a great time, cruising around on a scooter around Cancun They stop to get a drink at some god forsaken place and she gets kidnapped by a group of dudes, who beet her boyfriend up and delivers her to Q Of course it s horrible, she just got kidnapped and sold to some dude in France She still thinks of her boyfriend and how much she misses him But damn if Q s sadistic ways doesn t make her feel good But of course she get all hot and bothered for him, remember, one third of the book was used to tell to the readers about her fantasizing about kink I can t help but think that her earlier fantasies were used to justify what happens later in the book It s like saying Yeah, it s horrible, but remember her wanting that in the beginning of the book So it s all good At some point later she gets an opportunity to escape and runs She knows she is in France, but has not clue what part of the country But she plans to get ahold of a phone and tell her boyfriend that she is on a way to the Australian embassy to get papers fixed and will be coming home Son of a mother f cker, you have no freaking clue where you are Ugh She gets to barrow a phone with an intention to call her boyfriend to tell him where she is and who took her It rings and rings, he doesn t pic up and she leaves him a voicemail while wondering Omg, is he dead Did they kill him, omg At this pint she has been in captivity for three weeks.Dead people don t charge their phones, you dumb ass Don t even get me started on the fact that she cut her tracking device off, so she won t be fallowed, just to throw it on a floor of a moving car SHE WAS IN The amount of stupidity this heroine possesses is mind blowing Then there was some rape drama Of course Q came running to rescue her Remember how she got rid of her tracking device Then it turned out that he is not a bad guy He actually buys women to save them The fact that he threatened her not to escape, put a tracking device on her, used starvations as a punishment, allowed his friend to rape her with a knife handle and called her a bitch after she was raped by coupe of guys while trying to escape, is beyond the point He is a good guy at heart, that s all author wants you to know Oh, and right after the very same day he brought her back home after her attempted escape , she felt broken Broken as in He is my master, I belong to him, I will never run again Do what you want with me I just had to DNF the book after that I felt my brain cells were dying with every page I read.

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    5 stars for this twisted disturbing dark novelYou really are insane I hurt you you should run and never come back Fingers lassoed around my wrist, tugging me closer I m not something you can tame I m not a man who will sprout poems and treat you nice I m Not That Human.

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    Attention Please Pepper Winters shared bonus epilogue for this book Pls click this link to download it your reading Oh my sweet God I definitely LOVED this dark and twisted love story And I fucking enjoyed every damn second DQ, Master, Ma tre, Quincy I think you captivated me too Oh God, I need help WARNING Some parts of the book was really, really disturbing and not easy to read it If you re under age 18, pls think twice and then read it Remember my fingers inside you, esclave Remember how wet you were Even then, your body knew you belonged to me QUOTES from the book All of them are my favorites And If you haven t read the book yet, I wouldn t recommend to you read them He licked his lips, worshipping awe and rapture in his gaze Je suis toi I am yours.I shook my head Nous sommes les uns des autres We are each other s I m not afraid of hurting you I m afraid of how far I m willing to go Only think of me and what I m doing There is intimacy in pain esclave Let me make your pain my pleasure Two things I wanted most in the world for Q to die a miserable death, and for him to fuck me Q was no longer the devil.He was my master and I belonged to him You think I m done with you, esclave I nuzzled her ear, licking softly I ve only just begun Remember my fingers inside you, esclave Remember how wet you were Even then, your body knew you belonged to me I promise to protect you, ravage you, hunt those who hurt you, and give you the life you deserve My fortune is yours My secrets are yours And I will give you the corpses of the men who hurt you You stole my loneliness I may have given you wings, but you ve become my gravity I ll never be free of your force I m yours Isn t that what you wanted He shook his head, temper flaring You ve given up You aren t mine unless I make you mine Je suis a toi Monsters find each other in the dark You may not be mine but i m fast becoming yours I want to hurt you.I want to own you.I want to devour you.I want to make you mine.I m already yours view spoiler I came back to be your everything just like you re becoming mine You don t know what you re offering I m offering you my pain My blood My pleasure I m offering you the right to whip and fuck To debase and harm I m offering to fight your needs with my own I m willing to join you in the darkness and find pleasure in excruciating pain I m willing to be your monster, Q hide spoiler

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    4 esclave stars Monsters find each other in the dark This is one of those books where I am kicking myself for not having read it already To be fair, it s a dark one and I was afraid of it going in But surprisingly, I expected it to be a lot darker than it was so I was very happy that I could read this book without freaking out at least, as much as I expected to Tears of Tess is about Tess, who goes on a surprise trip to Cancun, Mexico from Australia with her boyfriend Brax The two of them have been together for two years and while she loves him, Tess is a little underwhelmed in the bedroom department She wants excitement, passion, than just flat on her back Having trouble communicating this, the couple just sort of avoids the elephant in the room It s while they are out being tourists that Tess is taken, kidnapped and sold into the sex trade.Tess finds herself as the new property of Q, a terrifying yet handsome Frenchman Yet as much as Tess hates Q for who he is and what he represents, he is the only man who has ever been able to give her what she yearns for, and it brings her an immense amount of shame As time goes by Tess is bewildered by his behavior and struggles with guilt over her feelings for Q and her devotion to Brax I hadn t gone Stockholmy I hated him, knew what he did was wrong, but my body, shit, my body didn t care This is one of the few dark novels where I have genuinely ended up liking the antihero He wasn t perfect, but he never cast blame on Tess for the situation she was in In other dark novels, the guy always finds a way to wriggle himself out of the blame, and Q never did this Q admitted what he was, a monster, but he took care of Tess in any way he was able to Was her experience in his home all sunshine and rainbows No, but it could have been much, much worse.Ms Winters is a great author because she threw the reader a curve ball and made them rethink everything they had previously read, and look at the facts in a new light I literally read this book in one sitting because I was so riveted by the story I was reading It s always so darn amazing to find a book like this, that captures your attention and doesn t let go until it s over Only think of me and what I m doing There is intimacy in pain esclave Let me make your pain my pleasure So why not a perfect 5 stars view spoiler I really took issue with the knife rape scene with the Russian and how Q had let him get that far I was feeling the same way Tess was after when she realized as her master he was supposed to protect her and he didn t, he turned away I also took issue with the rape scene, I felt it was a blatant see, it COULD be worse addition to the story to make Q look better when it wasn t needed It wasn t needed because we found out later he was rescuing all of these girls, so he was in fact already a good guy hide spoiler