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What Do An Ex Con, A Former Drug Addict, A Real Estate Broker, A College Student, And A Married Mother Of Two Have In Common Nothing, Or So I Thought Who Would Have Imagined That God Would Make A Prayer Group As Mismatched As Ours The Closest Of Friends I Almost Didn T Even Go To The Chicago Women S Conference After All, Being Thrown Together With Five Hundred Strangers Wasn T Exactly My Comfort Zone But Something Happened That Weekend To Make Us Realize We Had To Hang Together, And The Yada Yada Prayer Group Was Born When I Faced The Biggest Crisis Of My Life, God Used My Newfound Sisters To Show Me What It Means To Be Just A Sinner Saved By Grace

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    This book is wonderful All the characters in the book are like real people with real problems This book teaches how wonderful prayer is, as well as the importance of supporting friends and choosing uplifting friends The book teaches how we can ALWAYS turn to Heavenly Father in prayer and he will be there He loves us Heavenly Father hears us every time we pray Prayers is such an amazing thing I know that Heavenly Father listens to me every single time I talk to him through prayer I would without a doubt recommend this book There was one thing about the book I didn t like The women in this prayer group had small problems along with many serious trials The women prayed for themselves and they prayed for the women in their prayer group facing difficult things All the serious trials and problems turned out fine, their prayers were answered just how the women wanted them to be answered But sometimes our prayers AREN T answered EXACTLY how we want them to be answered Heavenly Father know what is best for us He has a plan for us We just have to have faith in him and know that this is how it is supposed to be With faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, everything is going to be OK This concept was not portrayed in the novel Read a great talk about prayer here love when J Devn Cornish says, I am led to believe that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that the things that are important to us become important to Him, just because He loves us.Prayer is one of the most precious gifts of God to man.

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    After reading 25% into this book I am not intrigued or impressed The herione is interesting but the writing style is very immature At one point the herione is coming home from the womens conference and the writer writes Should I ring the doorbell or use my key A whole paragraph to describe a lady entering her own home is trite enough.My initial impression, unlike most reviews, is that the writer is determined to be preachy I feel as if I am in a sermon on one page and then in a boring journal on the next page I expect writers to eloquently describe feelings and situations and not just write words on a paper.The premise of the book is interesting, but there are too many characters to introduce in the study group Four or Five would have been maneagable By the time she had gone through 4 introductions, I was bored with the new names, etc.Maybe the book will get better I doubt it though Since I like the premise but the writing technique is quite irritating It seems very predictable and I glaze over most of the pages A shorter book with less fluff would have been better at getting across the point.

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    This was a re read and just as good on a third I think reading as the first I d love to say I identify with Avis, but the truth is that I m closer to Jodi, with her insecurities and frustrations, the constant competition between the things she does thinks says and how she d like to behave.There are plenty of moments when I chuckled aloud at some situations or lines that characters said There were also plenty of moments when I paused to think about some of the issues that Jodi was challenged by and to consider what my response would have been or how I might have acted differently to her.I ve read three or four of this series, but am keen to read the whole series this time through.

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    There aren t many books I don t finish, that said, this is one of the books that almost made it to that pile I enjoy Christian fiction from time to time, when written by a good author There is nothing wrong with faith in my reading However this book took faith to the point of being obnoxious.The group of women meet at a Women s Conference in Chicago The premise is awesome except these women come across as sanctimonious, holier than thou, grinning Jesus freaks.Jodi Baxter is one of the most unlikable heroines I ve ever encountered My hatred for Bella Swan is now at an end This book made me want to read TWILIGHT Yeah, that s how bad this character is She won t let her husband have beer, because her father was an alcoholic And OMG what would their teenage children think But having wine is acceptable WTF The thing that really got me was how stereotypical Neta made the characters The former drug addict who lost custody of her children You guessed it African American That really pissed me off The ex con You see where I m coming from I kept reading in hopes that it would get better That Jodi would become less obnoxious.I also have to admit all the Praise Jesus, stuff bugged me.Then there is the car accident at the end of the book Tossed in so Jodi can have some drama Puhleese The last 40 pages just didn t feel right and giving it a happy ending was a cop out This book is part of a series that I definitely won t be reading any of.

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    Well Where do I begin My problem with this book is the main character, Jodi I disliked her so much that by page 282 I told my husband, Why does she even have to be in the book I was tired fo her goody two shoe, I m white so I must be alright act and her judgmental ways And then she is part of a horrible crime and all the Black women who she judges so harshly are there to pray for her and clean for her and treat her like a freaking princess why What has she done to deserve this from them Ughhhhh This woman just ruined this book for me I loved Avis, Noni, Florida, Hoshi, and even Adele and Stu but Jodi If she is the voice for the rest of these books I am taking them off of my list immediately If I didn t like the other characters so much, the rating for this book would be even lower, but that s not fair The writing style is good and the book is good But the stars asked how I feel about the book and all I can do is be honest I loved the concept, but I hated the main character.

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    Yada yadaIt was supposed to be cute and corky, a group of women all with different beliefs and morals getting together and ending up really believeing in God, and yada yada but it was slow and the characters names were weird and I couldnt keep them straight in my mind There were also alot of characters to follow and none of them really stuck out I always am intrigued by books set in my city, the great Chicago so although it had that Home bound aspect it still didnt pull me in.

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    I must admit I did not finish this book, so it possible that my rating here is unfair On the other hand, if I feel the need to abandon a book, I think I do have some right to say it s not good I hate abandoning books and if the book is mediocre I will still muscle through it , but I hate wasting my time on a bad book and having a perpetual scowl while reading it that is likely to leave me wrinkles even I read about half way through this book, and felt uncomfortable the entire time I do enjoy Christian fiction from time to time, but this book read like a giant stereotyped cliche I was uncomfortable with with the stereotypes and patronizing behavior about African Americans and Latinos For example, the Latino family has a daughter named Esmeralda, but the main character and the white cop call her Emerald they don t bother to try and ask if that s correct, or to repeat the name slowly for help with pronunciation, and no one bothers to correct them I m white and hearing impaired, but even I know that Emerald and Esmeralda are not the same Maybe I am sensitive, but that section came across as flippant to me I was also irritated by the sanctimonious and and self important attitude of the main character, such as her negative attitude towards her husband having a beer with the guys while watching sports, but being okay with wine because that s different, and also acting like being gone for 2 days should cause her family to throw her a welcome home party That seemed odd for a woman who has been married for 20 years and with teenaged children The plot line of the book was also odd it read like a combination of a lengthy dull journal and a snap shot of a Christian conference without any underlying plot The only plot I could find was offer a sacrifice of praise to Jesus, renew your prayer life, and totally trust in him, then all will work out fine The theology of the book concerned me, because it came across as a name it a claim it kind of Gospel, hinting that faith can conquer all, and if you just have faith and believe, then God will do as you ask and give you happy endings on this earth Again, I did not finish the book, so it is possible that last part may not be true, but as the plot was otherwise boring, the main character unpleasant, and the stereotypes uncomfortable, it wasn t worth it for me to find out for sure.

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    Jodi Baxter, life long Christian, attends the Chicago Christian Womens Conference with her boss and fellow church member, Avis Her first surprise is an unexpected roommate, Florida a recovering addict who is 5 years sober Her second surprise is the boisterous way some of the women at the conference praise the Lord Her third surprise is the multi national prayer group she is assigned to The ladies decide to continue the prayer group requests via email, but circumstances finally make them decide to meet every other Sunday Jodi admires the way some of the ladies so openly offer praise to Jesus, but she is definitely uncomfortable doing it herself A tragedy in her own life helps her recognize what she has in common with the diverse members of this prayer group They all share the forgiveness and marvelous grace of a loving God.Not a great literary work, but thought provoking Do I truly praise and thank the Lord for all He has done for me Most of the time Do I get like Jodi and let the busyness of the day crowd in on me and not take time to go to the Lord in prayer unfortunately YES The one aspect of the book that was disturbing to me was the idea that if we praise the Lord enough and pray sincerely enough He will answer our prayers the way we have asked all difficulties and situations will be tied up in a nice ribbon It just doesn t work that way This is the first in a series of books and I will read the next book in the series just to see where it leads.

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    I can t even rate this it would be like rating a coloring book although I do have some favorites of those and there is such a thing as a good one and everyone knows a bad one when they see one Reads too much like it was purposely written for a nascent Christian chick lit market and released before it had been revised enough Many female Christian readers drawn to this might enjoy Fannie Flagg I think her books respect the reader , especially in the way they employ humor and the way she develops the reader s relationship w her characters Yada Yada feels like a book that the author needed to write to get her sea legs.

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    WOW this was an amazing book about a diverse group of women, both young and old, from completely different backgrounds and religions and one that has not accepted Christ yet who fall into place together in a prayer group at conference The women want to stay in touch after the conference and create the Yada Yada Prayer Group Jodi Baxter, one of the main characters, is so easy to relate to in her thinking about religion and her relationship with God Her notions are challenged toward the end of the book when a tragic event occurs that shakes the entire Yada Yada group I plan on reading in this series of books.