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The diverse elements of a Southern Gothic nightmare converge and occupy the same stage History files on a bygone era are ripped open and rewritten in temporal games with eternal conseuences at the intersection between heaven and hell between the visible and the InvisibleMississippi Bureau of Narcotics Captain Michael Parker is an unlikely player in a struggle for the soul of America A ghostly pale embodiment of evil becomes his obsession and his tormentor leaves a trail of bodies across the SouthAs snipers ambush Michael and his agents on frozen fields of regret and the woman he loves is stalked by death he learns that he is not alone as he has to fight for his life against enemies seen and unseen

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    I have just begun this book but it pulled me in from the start I'm intrigued can already tell it is going to be a most enjoyable read

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    A fast paced succinct thriller Set in the Halcyon days of the late 60's of Vietnam; free love and deadly mind altering substances It chronicles the rise of Michael Parker from young earnest Drug Enforcement Agent and his journey through the subterranean world of the drug culture; to a wiser cynical captain of his own team of dedicated soldiers in the war on Drugs Temple had a long and distinguished career in this field which no doubt provided him with ample anecdotal material for the story His prose is fluid and engaging This is a first novel to be proud of Barbra Lee

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    Great book The descriptions were so vivid I felt like I was there in person Very interesting I just didn't realize all the under the table deals existedLooking forward to the next two books Merle you did good

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    Oh my I'm at a loss as to how to describe this book The words that come to mind are hot mess but almost everyone else who read it gave it 4 or 5 stars I'm trying to figure out why they liked the bookAn older friend in Memphis is a friend of the author's mother Several months ago my friend who is originally from Tupelo invited me to go to Tupelo with her to the author's book signing She told me that he was a better writer than John Grisham who lives nearby in Oxford MSThe event was enjoyable and the author seemed to be a nice man so I was rooting for his book The author is retired from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics He said that this book recounted some of his experiences I'm not sure how true to life it is since the author was happily married for many years before his first wife died following an illness and the main character in this book is not married partly because he devotes his life to his jobTemple makes the mistakes that many new authors make using way too many adjectives and long words when a short word would do This is the introduction for the main character of the book Michael Parker a young adventurer roaming the lush green woods and limpid streams of Parker Grove Temple describes Michael's relationship with Dixie Lee She brought the music that his temporal ears couldn't chart and stirred in him an emotional conflict that clouded his mind and confused his language He was in loveThe first chapter of the book begins with the violent murder of Reggie Morris The rest of the book takes us through Michael's life and we learn why Reggie was killed The first chapter got my attention but as I read the next two or three chapters I uickly lost interest in the book and decided not to finish it I started to write my review when I saw that everyone else liked it so I decided to give it another chance and I finished itThe book got better as it went on but the author couldn't seem to decide if he was writing a drug enforcement mystery thriller or a religious tract We read about drug deals murders and all kinds of other illegal activities while the main character is trying to find religion The two themes didn't mesh together well for meBy the time I got through the convoluted story to Reggie's murder at the end of the book I had to go back to read the first chapter again to remind myself how the book startedI think I'll stick to John Grisham's books Thankfully my friend has not asked what I thought of the book

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    I was anxious to read this book first of all because Merle hails from my home state and second because the book sounded like one I would enjoyI read with relish every word wanting to learn the ending yet not wanting it to endA Ghostly Shade of Pale easily garnered my five star rating and I look forward to reading compelling stories written by Merle Temple Read ityou will not be disappointed

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    This book is a MUST read I could not put it down The author's descriptive language is what draws you in The book is thrilling and full of suspense I can't wait to read the seuel A Rented World

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    Wonderful thrilling read You won't want to put it down

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    This is a great summer read heck it's a great all year read I grabs you and sucks you in and you can't put it down

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    This book really surprised me Not at all what I normally enjoy to read but was extremely difficult to put down Looking forward to Rented World

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    Fabulous book It grabs you and you're in for a wild ride Can't put it down Can't wait for Merle Temple's next book