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Just a wonderful book I have never read anything quite like it It does not fit the mold for a Christian fiction, because it deals with real life situations The heroine is not one of those sappy, sweet, virginal types who can do no wrong, but a real sinner, one that Christians would find objectionable But the message here is that God loves sinners and can redeem anybody Plus, it s really well written Very funny, the characters are well drawn and vivid I loved all the side characters, especially Lenora, the old mountain midwife with great wisdom and capabilities.It also was easy to read, fast paced, with lots of action and surprises A great read for open minded people who like to explore the spiritual side of life yet live in the real world. Geneva is quite a character While my wife and I were continually amazed at how self centered that the protagonist was, we were both also struck by how many people truly loved this woman There must have been something charming and perhaps a little magical about Geneva to make so many people care for her Perhaps it was God, as Holy Miracle said in the book, showing others that she was a special person We enjoyed being taken away on Geneva s many different adventures from helping her sister give birth to twins in the rain near a swollen river to her flight from a wild boar as she tried to seek help for an injured friend Geneva s suitors were quite a mixed bag and one was never sure who might finally win her heart It must be noted that Geneva sure didn t live a boring life and her adventures kept both of us reading the book until the very end Considering that one of us is not someone who usually reads romantic stories, it says a lot about Ms Hining s storytelling abilities IndieFab Book Of The Year Bronze Award Winner From ForeWord ReviewsA Best Seller In Romance And An Book Club Pick Set In West Virginia, A Sinner In Paradise Is A Heartwarming, Uproarious Affair With Love In All Its Forms Jilted By Her Fiance, Geneva Watches Her Seemingly Idyllic Life Suddenly Fall Apart Bereft And Desolate, She Packs Up Her Nine Cats And Leaves Her Home In Washington, DC To Return To Her Native Hills Of West Virginia Where She Plans Rest And Heal From Her Heartbreak When Geneva S Ambition, And Machinations Run Up Against Rugged Mountain Ways, She Finds Herself Flung From One Perilous Adventure, Romance, Crazy Circumstance, And Heartbreak To Another After Facing Illness, Disaster In The Wilderness And An Encounter With An Old Mountain Man Who Teaches Her That Her Soul Needs Than Men, Courtship, And Adventure, Geneva Finally Finds What She S Been Missing Ultimately, Geneva Realizes She Must Face Herself Before She Is Free To Truly Love And Be Loved I bought this book purely because it was the daily deal The reviews looked good so I gave it a try I had a hard time getting into this book The first part of the book felt so disconnected with the rest I struggled getting through the first part but I m glad I stuck with it It felt like this it was 2 different books The first part was really a drag to get thru and felt choppy and awkward But I kept at it and I would say that about 1 3 of the way thru it became an entirely different book I wonder if a better editor might have solved this problem I really enjoyed the book once Geneva and Rachael went on their drive up the mountain That is where it began for me After that Geneva became real and not such an amazingly immature girl with her silly fantasies.I enjoyed the changes that came over Geneva and her quest to be a better person I liked the religious tone of the book It was a part of the people and who they were and didn t feel preachy or condescending like so many books can be I loved a lot of the side characters and it was easy to see why she loved her home and her people It got a little ridiculous with all these men hot after Geneva She just had to walk into a room and had men falling at her feet What woman wouldn t love that Some of her silly antics in the beginning of the book seemed like a bad episode of Three s company The second half of the book had some laugh out loud funny things It just felt like the author s writing improved as she moved further into the story. A SINNER IN PARADISE is a charming romance set in the beautiful hills of West Virginia The descriptions made me want to sit on the porch swing with a cuddly kitten while the characters live out their fascinating lives The main character, Geneva, has left her fast paced life in Washington, DC to spend some time with her family, who are a well drawn group of funny, real people that propel the story forward and endear you to Geneva As the story progresses, Geneva collects suitors in the same way she collects cats They are all lovable in their own way and she could have been happy with whoever she decided she loved.Deborah Hining s novel is considered Christian fiction, yet is in no way preachy The inspirational themes are just that, inspirational The character of Holy Miracle Jones is wonderful The scenes where Geneva visits with him were some of my favorite parts of the story Geneva s faith was genuine and added to the plot in an organic, important way I thoroughly enjoyed A SINNER IN PARADISE and look forward to reading from Deborah Hining. The path of Geneva s search for true love goes from a sweet but annoying, superficially obsessed and manipulative young woman, to a character transformed Her journey and perils are both internal and external, and develop with a twist in rhythm and readers expectations, from an almost Harlequin Romance beginning a phase which I found somewhat difficult to a wildly adventurous, surprising and dangerous time The open heart of Geneva, to passion and her own truth, are wonderfully done Deborah Hining does fine work, a fact that is only fully revealed once this story has been herded into its final corral Wit, great humour, characters that come vividly alive, with a sense of place, speech, and family that is quite wonderful, are all part of her skill Ride it to the end I believe you will really enjoy it. I must admit, I wasn t sure that I d like this book Though the writer s wit drew me in, Geneva, our heroin was a little self centered and a whole lot too big for her britches I didn t think that I was going to like her at all In hindsight, her character is what kept me turning the pages Perhaps a little misunderstood Geneva is a planner and things don t seem to go as planned whether good or bad We have a heroine who has some growing up to do and Geneva s progression to understanding that is the real story.I laughed, I cried, I couldn t wait to get home to bury my nose in the book There were so many twists and turns I even yelled at her Ms Hining has a clever expression that I certainly understand It s obvious she draws characters from real life experiences.Late Summer early Fall is the perfect time to pick up this book In fact sit outside, and listen to nature it ll only add to it s delight. I think that this probably deserves something like a 3.5 or 3.75, or maybe a 4 I say probably because I am not at all familiar with romance genre writing, so I imagine that it could be a very good example of its genre, but I just don t happen to prefer that genre.That said, I think that Hining is a great story teller The best parts of the book are very good indeed the narrative, the exciting parts, some of the dialogue I also think that the characterization is good Hining captures the complexity of human nature Most of her characters are not two dimensional, but have strengths some not discovered immediately and weaknesses, saintly qualities and sinful qualities I found myself disliking certain characters early in the book, but then coming as the heroine did to appreciate them much as I got to know them better. She left the hills of West Virginia to start her own life, but after being dumped by her fianc , Geneva packs up her life in Washington, D.C and heads back to family and the life she left behind The fresh air, the welcoming arms of family and the chance to relive childhood memories seem to unlock some primal urge in Geneva that was fueled by her ex dumping her She finds herself testing the waters of her femininity, her sex appeal and imagining romantic trysts with three men she meets, directing how each scene will play out.Deborah Hining sure knows how to create a quirky tale and sock away some pretty deep messages for our heroine A Sinner in Paradise pretty much sums up what this tale is about What it doesn t say is that there is humor, pretty amazing and beautiful scenes described that are breathtaking to picture and some well developed characters along the way I do have to say, I m not sure what the pull to Geneva is, but that s the magic of wanting love, I guess I received this copy from Light Messages Publishing in exchange for my honest review.My Rating 3.5 StarsPublisher Light Messages Publishing August 28, 2013 Publication Date August 28, 2013Genre Women s FictionPrint Length 427 pagesAvailable from Barnes Noble Indie Bookstore For Reviews More www.2thepointbooks.blogspot.comWhen I picked up this ARC, I wasn t sure what to expect Is it a romance A smarmy cheesefest A fictional memoir Instead, I found it to be an uplifting tale of a woman named Geneva who journeys from the throes of immaturity to a life filled with wisdom and humility by eschewing city life and returning to her roots in rural West Virginia I was happily surprised with how much I liked it The writing was fluid and easy to read I usually hate it when accents are phonetically spelled out, but the author Deborah Hining does it well It s actually easy to read I could hear the accent in my mind.The ebook had some punctuation problems, but that is easily overlooked in favor of the prose.Hining has a knack for descriptive writing Her descriptions of the mountain country where Geneva lives were beautiful, and they transported me to the times I have been in the mountains and experienced that natural splendor One theme of the book every person in your life can be a source of knowledge Every person on earth is equal, and they all have the ability to enrich your life Geneva starts out looking down her nose at the hillbillies she meets and morphs into a woman who appreciates and loves them She learns from every person that she meets.There are religious elements to the story, but it only gets overly preachy two or three times, and those are towards the end of the book when the main character is discovering and trying to fix her flaws.My favorite characters in the book are Lilly and Sally Beth Whenever those two show up together in the prose, you know you are going to get some hilarious bickering I loved it I delighted in discovering that there was to Sally Beth than a bickering cousin She made me want to look at people differently.One reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the ending was a bit abrupt All the concerns that Geneva brings up about her situation are not resolved satisfactorily The ending also leaves the other three men in Geneva s life hanging they were all in love with her It seems unfair to leave them unhappy they were all good men There is also a smattering of mild swearing and premarital sex.I can recommend this book to those in the mood for an uplifting, Christian book.Thank you NetGalley and Light Messages Publishing for the opportunity to review this book.