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The publisher asked me to review this book Follow the link to the review Oh yeah This is a tough, passionate, confronting, disturbing pick that scab kind of book It places Mad Studies and psychiatry into a scholarly bucket and gives the resultant knowledge a good stir Fine scholarship emerges in this collection, including history, women s studies, disability studies, law and public policy But it is also potently confrontational It rides the power of the word mad and lashes out at readers so that we all confront our expectations.I enjoyed each chapter It is a fine, even and well crafted collection But I want to celebrate one chapter that frankly had me in tears by the end of its first page Please read Jennifer Poole and Jennifer Ward s Breaking open the bone Storying, Sanism, and Mad Grief These fine researchers collected stories of mad grief from the men and women who did not fit into the quiet, linear, organized, rational grief that is codified in our culture It is a breathtaking chapter from an outstanding edited collection. In , Toronto Activist Mel Starkman Wrote An Important New Movement Is Sweeping Through The Western World The Mad, The Oppressed, The Ex Inmates Of Society S Asylums Are Coming Together And Speaking For Themselves Mad Matters Brings Together The Writings Of This Vital Movement, Which Has Grown Explosively In The Years Since With Contributions From Scholars In Numerous Disciplines, As Well As Activists And Psychiatric Survivors, It Presents Diverse Critical Voices That Convey The Lived Experiences Of The Psychiatrized And Challenges Dominant Understandings Of Mental Illness The Connections Between Mad Activism And Other Liberation Struggles Are Stressed Throughout, Making The Book A Major Contribution To The Literature On Human Rights And Anti Oppression