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    Ranma 12Tomo 4Colección de 19 TomosAutora Rumiko TakahashiEditorial planetadcomic editorialplanetaTraducción Verònica Calafell ¿Habéis leído Ranma o conocéis la historia? Have you read Ranma or do you know the history? Give it a try if you did not read itOpinión 45 🐼Si os fijáis la portada de este tomo es Ranma chico y la del tomo 3 era Ranma chicaEs una lectura fácil y fluida con la ue cualuiera se va a reír con las aventuras y desventuras de Ranma #DomingodeCómic #DomingoConRanma12 SinopsisReseñaEste tomo empieza con la carrera de reparto combativo la cual participan Ranma chica Akane y Shampoo ue es bastante divertida A partir del capítulo 63 Renace el mal absoluto nos presentan al abuelo de Ranma ue como vemos a lo largo del tomo es un pervertido solo uiere las pantis o braguitas de las chicas pero lo hace de una manera muy cómica También vemos a lo largo de este tomo como continúa la obsesión de Kuno por Akane y ranma chica el empeño de Shampoo por casarse con Ranma y matar a Akane y a Ranma chica Si ueréis un poco de romance al final del tomo hay unos capítulos ue luchan por su amor a mí el capítulo Jugando a ser Julieta me ha parecido muy divertidoEste tomo como los otros ue he leído ha sido muy fluido y bastante rápido de leer me ha sacado un montón de risasComo dato creo ue leer estos tomos cuando estés aburrido o depre son perfectos para subir el ánimo y pasar un buen rato de lectura Y lo mejor de todo es ue son mangas así ue puedes ver las maravillosas viñetas ue tienenMi personaje favorito es P Chan SynopsisReviewThis volume begins with the combative casting race in which Ranma girl version Akane and Shampoo participate which is uite fun From chapter 63 The absolute evil is reborn we are introduced to Ranma's grandfather who as we see throughout the volume is a pervert he only wants the girls' panties or pantyhose but he does it in a very comical way We also see throughout this volume how Kuno's obsession with Akane and Ranma girl version continues Shampoo's determination to marry Ranma and kill Akane and Ranma girl version If you want a little romance at the end of the volume there are some chapters that fight for their love to me the chapter Playing Juliet has been very funnyThis volume like the others I've read has been very fluid and uite fast to read it has made me laugh a lotAs a matter of fact I think that reading these volumes when you're bored or down is perfect to raise your spirits and have a good time reading And the best thing is that they are mangas so you can see the wonderful vignettes they haveMy favorite character is P Chan #bookstagramespaña #booklover #books #bookstragram #bookreview #comics #Ranma12#abueloderanma #akanetendo #ryoga #mousse #shampoo #P chan #romance #amor #artesmarciales #aventura #adventure #RumikoTakhashi #EditorialPlaneta #Planetadcomics #tomo4de19 #recomendacionesdelibros #libro #libros #amoleer #leer #megustaleer

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    Part 1 Looking for a Weak Spot Gosunkugi worships Akane He's looking for Ranma's weak spotPart 2 Weak Spot Found Ranma has a fear of cats Genma explains how he got thatPart 3 Cat Hell Ranma gets a note from a fake Akane The real one is right there by his side Ranma Akane and Gosunkugi drop into a pit full of cats to which a tiger is added Ranma begins to go into cat fu modePart 4 Cat fu The cats and even the tiger are terrified of Ranma in his cat fu mode Akane uses catnip on him and then he ends up in her lap and kisses her She hits him and he falls into a swimming poolPart 5 You'd Have Kissed Anybody? Ryoga and Kuno attack Ranma after seeing the photo of him kissing Akane Akane gets mad at Ranma and hits him again Later Ranma goes to take a bath and a cat comes into the room The cat gets in the water and changes into a nude Shampoo and Akane walks in on themPart 6 Shampoo Rides Again Akane throws cold water on Ranma later and hits him again He encounters Cologne for the first time Shampoo explains to Ranma how she was punished and became cursed to turn into a cat Cologne later hits Ranma with her staffPart 7 Attack of the Wild Mousse Mousse shows up Mousse challenges Ranma and if Ranma wins Mouse gets Akane Meanwhile Ranma finds out she's stuck in girl form thanks to Cologne's hitting a certain pressure pointPart 8 The Martial Arts Magic Show Ranma shows up disguised as a male than ditches the disguise and fights in girl form Mousse proves to be a touch opponentPart 9 Cat's Tongue Got You? Dr Tofu temporarily cures Ranma and he defeats MoussePart 10 The Phoenix Pill Shampoo claims Cologne has a pill that can cure what she's done to him by sticking him in girl form Ranma chan works as a waitress at the Cat Cafe Cologne teaches Ranma the 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' techniuePart 11 All's Fair at the Fair Ranma goes to the fair and catches a bunch of fish in a contest He then goes after Cologne and takes the Phoenix Pill form her but it's a fakePart 12 War of the Melons Ranma goes to the beach and enters the Martial Arts Melon Splitting contestPart 13 Naval Engagement Ranma fights Cologne in the water where she rides on a shark Akane jumps in the water sinks and Ranma has to save her

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    Every now and again I've got to re read Ranma 12 Rumiko Takahashi is a great story teller This is one of the funniest manga I have ever read