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There Are No Direct Records Of The Original Indo European Speech By Comparing The Vocabularies Of Its Various Descendants, However, It Is Possible To Reconstruct The Basic Indo European Roots With Considerable Confidence In The Origins Of English Words, Shipley Catalogues These Proposed Roots And Follows The Often Devious, Always Fascinating, Process By Which Some Of Their Offshoots Have GrownAnecdotal, Eclectic, And Always Enthusiastic, The Origins Of English Words Is A Diverting Expedition Beyond Linguistics Into Literature, History, Folklore, Anthropology, Philosophy, And Science

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    The best English dictionary I ve read Period I was surprised by quite a few entries words have interesting histories, don t they If you are into linguistics or you wish to become a wordsmith of the first rank, this is a must.

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    Quite simply the most entertaining dictionary you will ever come across Packed with gems of quotations and learned etymology but with the lightest of touches and some quite ribald humour.

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    Joseph Shipley provides a great in depth explanation in The Origins of English Words A Discursive Dictionary of Indo European Roots Another book by Joseph Shipley that I recommend is his Dictionary of Early English Words the 1955 edition.

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    Fascinating if you like learning about words and language.