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What Happens In Campbell S Cove, Must Remain In Campbell S Cove Campbell S Cove Is A Town Steeped In A Rich History Of Dragons, Witches And Brave Warriors History Tells Of One Viking Warrior Who Rose Above Them All To Claim The Ultimate Prize Hundreds Of Years Later Strange Things Start Happening In The Town Could The Viking Stories Be True Has The Evil Returned Who Can Protect The People When School Friends Peter And George Take Their Summer Holiday With Peter S Granddad It Turns Into An Adventure That They Will Never Forget Peter Must Face A Future He Could Never Have Dreamed Of And Learn Of A Past That Has Been Kept Secret For Hundreds Of Years A Fight For Friendship And Survival And A Struggle Against An Ancient Evil That Takes Them Into The Caves Of Campbell S Cove And Beyond

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    Ok so this is my book which probably means this might be a little bias towards it The Viking s Apprentice is an excellent adventure for middle grade and above Anyone 8 will love this book The feedback and reviews I have had from parents, teachers, and kids have been excellent You can visit the page or my website to see some of the reviews The Viking s Apprentice has been taken on by schools in Scotland as their reading book One of the teachers contacted me to tell me that the book had inspired a non reader 10 year old boy to love reading and look forward to reading time It s a fast paced adventure involving best friends Peter and George who have just begun their summer holidays with Peter s Granddad Granddad lives in Campbell s Cove a town famous for stories of dragons, Vikings and much much The Cove is also famous for it s caves The huge cave system has seen it s fair share of adventures and is about to see another What secrets are there in the mansion What s in the caves Could the stories of Vikings and dragons be true Will Peter and George find the courage to face their fears together Find out in the 5 star adventure The Viking s Apprentice.

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    As soon as I read the plot I went hunting for this book When I realised it was an ebook only I downloaded the necessary apps and away I went head first This is an excellent book, just as it looked like it would be What McLeod does is he has created a world of mystery and magic within our own and even in this first book, for even as I read I could tell there would be a second, is he has engaged readers He uses stories of an ancient time, seemingly simple, but with so much hidden meaning and history behind it, to reveal the past, explain a story and begin an adventure However it is the way in which he does this is what was wonderful by using characters to do the work for him he enables readers to learn alongside the children as they too hear the wild adventures of the past, hearing tales of heroics of Vikings and warriors, dragons and battles.The story begins with Peter and his friend George going to stay with Peter s Grandad at Campbell s Cove for the holidays We learn that Peter does this often and what we know of Grandad is he is a teller of stories, stories about the Cove s history, rich in dragons, warriors, and witches The descriptions in this story are wonderful, but it also allows the reader to create their own images The images created as you read Grandad s stories to the boys about when dragons were fought and villages were under threat are excellent In so few words seemingly complete stories can be told This is another clever trick by McLeod readers are given the same position as the children in the beginning, we, as they, sit impatiently while Grandad recounts his stories This is where our knowledge comes from and we must wait, unless you start speculating like I did, but McLeod gives nothing away until you and the children need to know In other books like Fforde or Colfer or Nix where you know the authors like to play with you so readers only get what the author wants them to have until they re ready, McLeod does this as well, and uses the children wonderfully to do so They are not exactly withheld information, but within the story characters respect the relationship between the boys and the Grandfather, and when questions are being asked the main response is, I think it would be best for your Grandad to tell you, or he wants to be the one to tell you I liked that part, we are being held filled with suspense about what exactly is going on, but there is a reason for it that you know will be better to help gain a full idea of the story That is not to say we stick with the children the entire time through this story McLeod gives us both sides of this saga, and the ambiguity and secretive unspoken and unexplained snippets about the coming danger is very creative This is where we are treated as a reader away from the children there is no information though, only secrets and mysterious figures What I always like is that there are unexplained actions that occur but we see no explanation of meaning we are left to try and figure it out for ourselves For a book suited at this age and audience, it is rather intricate and mysterious, something I applaud.Where this story begins to grow in excitement is when these two stories we ve seen combine and the past seems to return, and perhaps the Vikings and dragons of Grandad s tales are become less of a story and of a reality I am offering no spoilers so don t even try, but I will say that I adored how this was revealed and how it played out I really liked though that McLeod was able to capture the urgency in the story with his writing, you definitely feel that things have become chaotic, or have calmed down, or that there is an eerie feeling This certainly helps create feeling of a story without actually making it blatantly obvious and announcing it to readers.By the end of this book you are hanging out for the next one, McLeod has set up this story very well and he adds just enough to make you want to keep reading about these characters and see the effects and consequences of the events in this book I look forward to continuing this series.This review was also published on my blog

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    THE VIKING S APPRENTICEAuthor Kevin McLeodType of Book Audiobook UnabridgedNarrator Danielle Cohen Length 3 hours, 38 minutesGenre Middle Grade FantasyRelease Date March 19, 2015Publisher Kevin McLeodRating 5 out of 5 stars I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.First off I have to say that there is something about a narrator with an English accent that lends itself very well to the fantasy genre It adds a sense of the different and therefore exotic to those of us in North America Peter and George have just completed public school Next stop is high school, but first they are looking forward to a summer of freedom and adventure.As with every other summer, Peter will be spending it visiting his grandfather, but this time he gets to bring his friend George with him.The two boy s arrive in Campbell s Cove which is not your average village.Viking longships, knights, immortal vikings, dragons, goblins, trolls, witches, ogres and exist in secret deep within the caves This little village hides many secrets and has many fine tales to tell Grandad This is an exciting fantasy adventure tale that readers of all ages will enjoy As far as I am aware, there are three books in this series so far and I will be adding all of them to my To Read shelf I rate both the story and the narration as 5 out of 5 stars ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kevin McLeod lives in Scotland with his wife and their two daughters He has always been a keen writer, and has written many short stories The Viking s Apprentice was Kevin s first novel and is the first book in the greatly anticipated Viking s Apprentice series.ABOUT THE NARRATOR Danielle Cohen is a voice over actress who has worked in both the U.S and the UK She has a professional studio at her home in Vermont To learn about her visit To read of my reviews visit

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    I lucked out and found Kevin McLeod on Twitter, offering free audiobooks I d missed the deadline, but he was cool enough to pass them on anyway I love cool authors So Before I even get on with the review, I want to send a bit on these covers Candy They re eye candy for me aren t they tots fabu The imagery, the detail, the total awesomeness is just what I love in book covers Believe me when I say, both of these books would have been on my shelf, even if McLeod hadn t given the audio They are what I love most in books outside of the story So, I m raving 5 stars on cover work alone, but on to the actual stories, The Viking s Apprentice and The Viking s Apprentice The Master s RevengeBook 1 The Viking s Apprentice Peter and George were looking for adventure, but nothing like what they eventually found Thanks to an age old, special secret Granddad s been holding to, the boys were in for the time of their lives Filled with trolls, witches, and the fierce of magic, they learned of a legend so amazing, so heroic, they dive right in All I can say is that Campbell s Cove is very luck to have such dedicated people in their corner The Viking s Apprentice is a story that takes you on the ride of any child s life Full of danger, magic and swords, anything s possible My son and I loved the journey The story wasn t too long and McLeod s gift of narration and description made this book a grand read It also helped that Danielle Cohen was a really good narrator Check out The Viking s Apprentice, book one available now and so worth the time For the review of both books Viking s Apprentice The Viking s Apprentice The Master s RevengeKevin McLeodCreateSpace Independent PublishingApril 13, 2013

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    The story is very cute, and nice, but TERRIBLE WRITING The blurb should ve been enough for me to pass on this book, but Vikings Well, who can pass on Vikings I m not going to go deeper into it, but I have edited the terrible blurb, because maybe, if you at least have a decent description, avid readers of quality books can be fooled into buying this book I do respect each and every author THIS IS HORRIBLEWhat happens in Campbell s Cove, must remain in Campbell s Cove Campbell s Cove is a town steeped in a rich history of dragons, witches and brave warriors History tells of one Viking warrior who rose above them all to claim the ultimate prize Hundreds of years later strange things start happening in the town Could the Viking stories be true Has the evil returned Who can protect the people When school friends Peter and George take their summer holiday with Peter s Granddad it turns into an adventure that they will never forget Peter must face a future he could never have dreamed of and learn of a past that has been kept secret for hundreds of years A fight for friendship and survival and a struggle against an ancient evil that takes them into the Caves of Campbell s Cove and beyond YOU RE WELCOME Brave warriors, dragons and witches This is what once lurked in Campbell s cove, and legends speak of an evil Viking warrior who once rose from his grave to claim his treasure Centuries later, strange things start to happen in town When Peter and his friend George arrive in Campbell s Cove, Peter finds out there is a secret that puts all their lives in danger Peter has to face a struggle against evil, while accepting his life will never be the same again.

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    I ll be honest I wasn t expecting much from this book It s really not my thing and not a genre I tend to read, the artwork on the cover is nice I found this author when I opened up my Rebbie Reviews twitter account and thought I d give it a whirl.So, what did I think Well it seemed a little strange, the book opens with vikings and then the next thing you know you re in a school at the end of term I figured it d be some little boy s wild imagination or a school project Peter, our main character is going to spend the summer at his grandad s house in Campbell s Cove Then the book really gets going This is a story like none I ve ever read, it s got everything from kids to vikings to witches, trolls and talking bears Aimed at older children and young adults, it s fun for a wide range of people including those who are fans of the genre, it s well written with good description but still allowing that bit of artistic license for the reader It s easy to read and I could not put this book down, by mid way through I was completely hooked and excited to see what would happen next.I d definitely recommend this book to anyone but any of you guys with young teens Get this book to them 9 10Kevin s next book is in the works now and I for one, cannot wait to read it

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    Action and Adventure..Peter, the main character, visits his grandfather for the summer, during that time a series of adventurous events occur.There are several twists throughput the story line.Overall, this book is a Good Read filled with Action and Adventure for younger children as well as pre teens.Danielle Cohen did ok with the narration.Note This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    This book desperately needs an editor The punctuation was really bad, and often than not I had to re read sentences because they just didn t make sense Commas were desperately needed, but also sometimes placed where they made no sense The writing style felt clumsy and stilted, and the characters were one dimensional and had no development at all The area and it s lore was interesting, and this book had potential, but having to re read every other sentence meant that I never actually got involved in the story and had no idea what was going on There was a lot of telling instead of showing and there was a weird fixation on all the movements on the dog, to the point that I m aware of what the dog did during this story than the actual main character.

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    Wow This writing was bad, weak and clunky It could have used a lot character development and editing Also needed emotions All the character decisions and dialogue felt stilted and awkward This could have been a good read, but it just wasn t.

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    Didn t realize this was a kids book until I got into it which isn t necessarily a bad thing unless it reads like it was written by one Holy cow, the writing was bad Missing commas, commas where they didn t belong, inability to pick the right homonym, jumbled sentences, and just plain rough edges everywhere This is why you pay a real editor to help you polish things It s probably a good story for elementary age but I wouldn t encourage it unless it s a finished version FWIW, the sequel was also free but I don t feel I can suffer through of the same.