The Michaela Bancroft Mysteries 1 3 Horse Lovers Mystery ↠ Epub

For a limited time fans of the Michaela Bancroft Mysteries can receive the first three books together for one great low price on your KindleIn SADDLED WITH TROUBLE Horse trainer Michaela Bancroft has worked hard to make it in the man's world of training and showing uarter horses After her husband leaves her for a twenty two year old rodeo ueen she's left with a broken heart and mounting debts Then death strikes and Michaela is suddenlySaddled With Trouble Michaela is trying to rein in her life when she finds her Uncle Lou murdered in his prize stallion's stall As she fends off debt collectors and her ex husband's renewed interest in her Michaela begins to suspect that the killer may be someone close to her When she's nearly run off the road the night after her uncle's funeral Michaela is convinced she's on the fast track to becoming the next victimMichaela’s adventures continue in DEATH REINS IN as Michaela is headed out for a day at the uarter Horse Races with her dear friend Audrey Pratt However a fun day under the Southern California blue skies turns dark and gloomy rather fast when Audrey reveals that her brother racetrack veterinarian Bob Pratt has been missing for a few days Michaela suspects that Bob may be out on a binder and hopes that isn't so as Audrey has recently put her brother through rehab But when Audrey winds up murdered at the races out on the back forty lot next to the parked horse trailers Michaela suspects that Bob's disappearance and Audrey's murder are related She is determined to find out who did this horrible thing to her friend and locate Audrey's missing brotherIn the third segment in this mystery series TACKED TO DEATH A new tack shop and a gala polo match are reasons to celebrate for Michaela until euestrian Sterling Tabor is found clubbed to death with a polo mallet Worse yet suspicion falls on Michaela The weapon belongs to Michaela her prints are all over it and rumors of her alleged affair with the victim aren't helping With her boyfriend Detective Jude Davis out of town Michaela doesn't stand a chance of proving her innocence and clearing her name unless she delves into Tabor's mysterious life and death on her own But in unearthing a real suspect and a motive she discovers a deadly past One that sends the killer after Michaela herselfPraise for The Michaela Bancroft Series“Filled with good murder suspects along with enough twists and turns allowing the reader to guess and guess again throughout the novel”“So well writtenThere are so many wonderful red herrings that it will keep you guessing until the end Terrific plot and characters really add to the reading experience I highly recommend this book”—The Best Reviews“A pleasant and fast read The characters are likeable and the setting is interesting I’m looking forward to her next Michaela Bancroft mysteryrecommended”—Armchair Interviews816 KB

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    A whirlwind trilogyThis set of 3 stories is fantastic Each story keeps you on the edge of your seat They will keep you guessing as these 'who done it' series plays out Darn good reads

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    These books are good and the author keeps the readers' attention when it comes to who the killer is As a series the second and even the third books become a little repetitive with background and character information Overall the books are good though and the trilogy was an interesting mystery read with an euestrian base

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    Enjoyed this series a great deal I wish there were of them

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    These three stories were wonderful If you like horses then these books are a must

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    A relaxing readA relaxing readenjoyed the series easy yet good suspense too also liked the horse connection I would recommend this book series to anyone