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He Will Fight For Her At Any CostElizabeth Roberts Can T Remember Her Past, And The Present Is Too Painful She Turns To Nightclubs And Drinking To Forget Her Infant Daughter S Death, Her Husband S AffairWhen His Wife S Coma Wiped Out The Memory Of Their Marriage, Chris Roberts Found Comfort Elsewhere He Can T Erase His Betrayal, But With God S Help He S Determined To Fight For Elizabeth At Any Cost She Wants To Forget He Wants To Save His Marriage Can They Trust God With Their Future And Find A Love That S Unconditional

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    Powerful, Emotional, Heartwarming This beautifully written love story was gripping from the very start I was drawn into the plight of the main characters as they dealt with their personal struggles I was impressed with how the author intricately weaves a story for the reader while displaying how the grace of God can lead to healing beyond our imagination

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    Unconditional by author Tanya Eavenson, had me turning pages from the very first It s an emotional ride where two characters, a husband and a wife, must first grow in their relationship with the Lord Then, they can take the bold step of learning to forgive each other especially when the offenses seem unforgiveable The title sets the tone of the novel perfectly Two people are called to love each other unconditionally, despite serious mistakes in their marriage But when they are reminded that our Lord loves us unconditionally, they find the freedom to overcome resentment and hurt from the past Couples who struggle in their marriage would benefit by reading this novel Anyone who wants to experience an uplifting and encouraging story about God s grace and work in our lives will be blessed by it.

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    In Unconditional, Elizabeth, the main character, loses her memory Her husband, Chris, yearns for her to recover and remember him He stays by her side, dreaming day and night of the time when she will know him Finally, she s able to leave the hospital, but unfortunately, she doesn t recall Chris She goes home and resumes life taking care of their baby Eventually, Chris loses hope and has an affair with a woman at work Almost simultaneously, the baby suffers from life threatening apnea and dies Chris is no help or comfort to Elizabeth, so she distances herself from him and depends on the doctor who cared for her baby She also starts frequenting bars The marriage goes into a downward spiral, even though Chris finally ends the affair Elizabeth s family and Chris pray for Elizabeth and Chris s marriage However, it s the physician who cared for the child, who comes to Elizabeth s rescue many times, and she feels close to him There s even an indication that she may have known him at some time in her life, but she can t remember him either On different occasions Elizabeth and Chris try to make their marriage work, but the timing s bad and one of them has decided the marriage is a lost cause The reader sympathizes with the heart wrenching problems, wants Elizabeth and Chris to work things out and find happiness, but what about the doctor The reader wants him to be happy too This is a wonderful book showing life s imperfections, God s grace, His never ending love and answers to prayers.

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    This book is not a happy feel good book It will make you think HARD There were times when I wanted to shake both Chris and Elizabeth and point out to them what they were doing to each other The book will have you laughing, crying and wanting to hurl your book or e reader against the wall at times Tanya Eavenson, superbly captured the drama of this family Their feelings, thoughts and issues were right in front of you Her writing was true to character and believable I finished this book feeling like these were my family members which probably explained why I wanted to shake them A great book from a very talented author This book will not disappoint you 4.5 stars.This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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    Elizabeth Roberts life is turned upside down in a matter of moments A secret from her marriage throws her life in of a tailspin Dr Moore comes on the scene, and I had to wonder, what is his story I liked him from the very beginning and I hope Tanya Eavenson creates a story just for him This book was a great read, one I highly recommend Forgiveness, restoration, and healing play a huge part in this book

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    Title UNCONDITIONAL Author Tanya Eavenson Publisher Astraea PressJanuary 9, 2013ISBN 978 1 62135 116 0Genre Women s fictionElizabeth Roberts daughter, Katherine, has been born prematurely with some breathing problems At five months, she hasn t outgrown them, and Elizabeth keeps a monitor on at all times, and frequently rushes Katherine to the hospital when she stops breathing But this time it didn t work She can t find her husband, Chris, he abandons her and Katherine and when he does show up, Elizabeth recognizes that he s having an affair It s too late Chris loves Elizabeth, but he couldn t keep himself true after almost losing Elizabeth in an accident Even Katherine s medical problems pulled him further away But recognizing that Elizabeth has called it quits, Chris is determined to win her back Whatever it takes Steven Moore is Elizabeth s old fianc Now a doctor, he s the one who treated Katherine, and he s quick to step in to care for and comfort Elizabeth in Chris absence He also goes looking for her in bars and clubs when Elizabeth tries to drown her pain in alcohol Will Elizabeth allow God to heal her pain instead of searching for something to fill the emptiness in other ways Or will she forever be floundering And who will win her heart Chris Or Steven UNCONDITIONAL is the debut novel by Tanya Eavenson Anyone who has ever lost a child and a husband will know the pain that Elizabeth suffers Chris makes a quick turn around when he realizes that his infidelity has lost his wife, and is willing to do anything to win her love.Tanya s debut novel UNCONDITIONAL explores the struggles that married couples sometimes experience, and the decisions they must make after going through difficult circumstances A powerful story of hope and healing Pages 273 2.99.

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    Unconditional was a heartbreaking and emotionally stirring novel of loss, betrayal, forgiveness, and, ultimately, the power of God Struggling with amnesia after a fall left her in a coma, Elizabeth s now, also, dealing with her husband s betrayal and mourning the loss of her infant daughter Chris made the biggest mistake of his life and will try everything in his power to win back his wife s trust and love Their journey of learning to trust in God and each other again was very poignant and a great read I couldn t read it fast enough Eavenson has a real way with words, making the real world disappear and transporting the reader into the lives of her characters Highly recommended Looking forward to reading from this talented author I received a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts and comments are my own honest opinion.

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    Elizabeth awakens to unsettling silence emanating from the baby monitor Jolting to her feet, she runs to the nursery to check on her infant girl and finds her not breathing Panicked, she longs to take her child to the hospital, but her husband thinks she s overreacting In fact, lying in bed, he doesn t even seem to care about her or their child Holding her child her treasure to her chest, Elizabeth leaves the room and steals her heart If she cries, it will be for the child she holds, not for the husband who has let her down.Unconditional is a beautiful story of love, betrayal, fear, and hope It shows the deep despair of a woman who s been let down when she needed love most, and the hope that comes from turning our eyes to the One who never disappoints Can God save her marriage save her from her from herself Her husband her betrayer, hopes so In fact, he s willing to bank everything on that hope But is it too late, and will her emerging memory and a man from her past stand in his way I loved the authentic characters presented in Tanya Eavenson s debut novel, and the promise of love and hope after despair I also loved seeing Chris, Elizabeth s husband, fight for the one he loved whether she reciprocated or accepted it The writing was strong, and the mysterious events from Elizabeth s past provided great intrigue I will certainly be on the lookout for future novels written by this talented new author.

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    Unconditional, written by Tanya Eavenson, is the first full novel that I ve read by Eavenson and definitely won t be the last Great story Loved the character Chriswell, most of the time He was a true guy going through a tough time in a marriage, but the way that he was written was an encouragement to all men and women alike because marriage isn t for sissies It takes work and when Chris finally figured that outhe was able to work at being the husband he should have been all along Eavenson took each of the characters and brought them to life in such a real way This was a story of a woman with amnesiasometimes when I read amnesia stories, I wonder how real they could be, but I thought this was really great Totally kept me guessing as to what was going to happen and how it would all work out Loved that the characters had to depend on the Lord to get them through especially in the tough times True page turneryou ll not want it to end I was given this book by the author All thoughts and comments are my own.

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    What could be devastating to a woman than to lose a child and then discover her husband is having an affair Who wouldn t want to simply give up Drown your sorrows in alcohol That s the dilemma for Elizabeth Roberts Her husband, Chris, realizes too late that his error could cost him his marriage, and the only woman he truly loves But how can he win her back when he s hurt her so deeply This is a story of triumph The triumph of two souls submitted to God who works all things together for those who trust Him It s a rocky road that Chris and Elizabeth must travel but anyone who desires to fight for their troubled marriage may find inspiration and courage to keep up the battle.Tanya Eavenson has done a great job on her debut novel Look for to come