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Small town seventeen year old Vivienne Taylor is a talented euestrian with Olympic dreams and a little something extra going on she is also an euine empath someone who has the ability to read horses minds and moods When she receives a full scholarship to attend Fairmont Riding Academy a prep school with a famous riding program she struggles with homesickness hazing by the school's snooty drama ueen intense competition in the sport of three day eventing and the not altogether unwelcome interest of a hot guy On top of all of that the horse given to Vivienne via the scholarship is an animal that she cannot read or understand When Vivienne learns that her new horse Harmony belonged to the school's vet who recently died in a freak accident she senses that the horse's aloof behavior may be the result of her witnessing this accident But as a connection begins to unfold between Vivienne and Harmony Vivienne begins to believe that the vet's death was no accident at all but rather murder and she resolves at considerable peril to track down the killer Michele Scott lives in California with her family With her days spent in the barn or at the keyboard Ms Scott has forged a flourishing career as mystery writer and is also deeply involved in the world of horses and euestrian riding

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    The good Bitchy rich kids and bitchy teenagers being bitchy and constantly thinking about being in each others' pants Also horses which I am terrified of in real life but can appreciate from a distanceThe bad Awkward writing comes off forced at first full of weird tense shifts that make sense only tangentially and there's a murder mystery in here uh somehow? Also MOST of the book is first person except for the chapters narrated by the boys which freuently lacked the distinct voice the boys had outside their narrative chapters and read like abridged thoughts than honest chapters They often left me wondering why we bothered to go visit Riley's or Tristan's heads at all Vivienne's narration carried us beautifully everywhere else and she was there right away to provide commentary on what just happened SHRUGThe PSYCHIC how do horses understand that a picture of a heart means you really love someone? SO CONFUSEDSo continues my tendency to read uh really awkward YA stuffIt was a pageturner after about 40% And then the murder became resolved and I just kinda went what? That last 8% felt rushed and like it was visiting from left field

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    I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI have mixed feelings about this book I think I like it It sounded entertaining the premise was good and I was really excited about it but somehow I fell on a reading slump while reading it I had to fight through the pages because I couldn't keep my mind on task The story wasn't bad I mean it wasn't like I hated the book I just couldn't make myself sit and finish the goddamn thing It has around 240 pages so it's not that long and I'm a fast reader but it took me a week Yes A freaking WEEK to finish itAfter doing some thinking I came to the conclusion that there were a couple of things that prevented me from loving this book and a few others that still kept me reading The first problem is the multiple points of view The book starts off with Vivvie's POV in first person present and it's great I loved her I love her voice the way she thinks she's passionate she's driven and she's a really good heroine But then when she arrives to this new school we get two additional POVs Tristan's and Riley's Both of them are written in third person present and I couldn't handle it It drove me crazy because I was really liking the story from Vivianne's POV but I found myself cringing every time I was starting a chapter with either of these other two POVs The writing wasn’t THAT bad but it made me confused and it felt a little forcedThere isn't a lot I can tell you about the plot that isn't already in the premise of the book and I think that blurb is pretty accurate Just a little backgroundOur main character is Vivianne who lived in Oregon and attended to Thomas Jefferson High before they granted her the scholarship at Fairmont Academy As a curious thing I found out that Thomas Jefferson is the same high school Sam attends to in Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver Small world people Even in fiction This academy is like a private school and a riding school mixed together the kids mostly rich ones take normal classes and horse related curses in the same place I found this genius I loved that ideaRiley is a boy who attends to Fairmont Academy and one of the first people Vivianne mets there I liked him a whole lot at the beginning he is cute and smart and overall a good guy Tristan is another member of the popular crowd who doesn't really like being with them but has no choice because he made a mistake and now he has to stay with his annoying girlfriend who happens to be the most popular kid in Fairmont He plays the part of the love interest but I didn't really like him as such He was okay I guess but I didn't fall for him and wasn't crazy about how he handled the situations he found himself in The second main problem with the book there is too much going on in the story We have Vivianne struggling with her new mare which won't communicate with her and trying to find out what really caused the death of the doctor And this is supposed to be the main conflict But then when we get the other two POVs we have issues all over the place Riley's family issues Tristan's family AND girlfriend issues Martina's family issues and a couple of other character that appear in the book and they clearly have some issues too but come on The book is 240 pages You can't develop every character's issues find them solutions and leave everyone happy in so little space What I'm trying to say is that the author went a little bit overboard with conflict I know this is intended to be the first book on a series and therefore it shouldn't have to solve every single conflict because then there would be no point in writing the next book But with the few conflicts we get solved by the end of this book the author took what little room was left to solve as much as she could with the fewer words possible So even those conflicts that were solved felt underdeveloped and the ending was really unsatisfying for meOverall I think the premise has potential and this could become a great series but the author has to make some decisions put some order to the messy conflicts and take it one at a time I think there's still hope for this one

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    Source Netgalley ARC provided by publisher Thank you Rating 35 Stars The uick version Good for older teens language sexual references and has a lot of potential with complex characters and a well thought out mystery If 3rd person present doesn't bother you you'll probably like it better than I did The long versionSilent Harmony is exactly the type of book I would have picked up when I was a kid and even still today But especially as a teen who thrived on the Thoroughbred series Saddle Club Nancy Drew James Patterson Dick Francis This book immediately caught my eye because it sounded like it had the potential to be a bit of all of the above Oh and don't forget to add the new trend of YA slightly supernatural or magical romance into the mix Vivvie is gifted she's got boys surrounding her up to her ears and she is entirely focused on horses Yup all of the above So admittedly I had high expectations And in some areas this title fell a bit short for me where in others I really loved it The opening chapter pulled me in the voice was compelling and the pacing was great I was never bored and never confused Not once did the early chapters make me want to give up on the book But then we got further in and she arrived at her new school and we gained new POV characters and I wanted to pull on the reins and come to a full friggin halt While Vivvie's POV is told first person present and done well the contrary POV's are told third person limited present and it made me want to scratch my eyes out I hated it It was completely jarring and just ugh It nearly ruined what was otherwise a good book for meThe other thing with this title is that it tried to be too much of the all of the above In the end we had not enough horse activities to satisfy me I wanted her to compete not enough mystery to just be a mystery though it came sort of close and a bit too much of ring a round the boyfriend Also the language and the sexual references make me suggest this book be for older teens onlyI think there is so much potential here and the series could end up being great I liked the characters I loved how complex they were and I really liked the setting Vivvie is a compelling main character a smart heroine and fun I also hope it solves its identity crisis and it figures out what it wants its main genre to be Teen romance Teen mystery or targeted at horse crazy girls Regardless I'd like to see the language and the older content toned down and then I think it could really have wide appeal for an even younger crowdSo what's the final verdict? I'd say a yellow ribbon If the short sections of 3rdpresent were cut I'd put it at almost a blue If you aren't bothered by the POV you like mystery horses and romance you'll probably really like this book so I do suggest giving it a try

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    dnf at page 58this book is psychotic and not in a good way it's literally crazy and deranged and insane and doesn't make sense

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    Posted at Book Hoarder ReviewsFirst off let me say Thank You to NetGalley for the digital ARC of this book I was so excited to be able to read it This book sounded like it had me written all over it Teenage girl with a love of horses? Check? A ritzy prep school? Check? A little murder? Double check Okay so I never went to prep school or solved a murder but I’ve experiences with bothI love books that have a strong female character Unlike a lot of the popular YA novels Viv already had a strong sense of who she was when the story started She didn’t sway or change herself for anyone and I think young girls need role models like that However there is a lot of adult themes in this story so I would use caution when giving it to a younger readerOne of the biggest things that annoyed be about the book was there was not enough of the horse shows in the book Having been involved in horse shows myself I would have loved to see of that With that said I absolutely loved the horse elements of this story I believe that there are people who are true “horse whisperers” and Viv was one of themWithout giving too much away the last thing I wanted to mention was the different point of views As a writer I’ve never tried to to do this but as a reader I know that I love being inside different character’s heads With Silent Harmony that was still the case The only thing that threw me off was the different pov’s weren’t the same While Viv is in first person everyone else is in third I’m sure the author did this because she wanted to add “mystery” to those characters I was somewhat confused by itAll in all I thought it was a great book and I’ll probably read it again in the future If you’re a girl who loves horses or a woman who wants to relive that love you had when you were a girl pick up this book today

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    This review first appeared on my blog Read Books and Live GreenI received this book for review via NetgalleyWhen I first saw the cover I was interested It has been a while since I picked up a book on horses And it sounded like a step up from Heartland Chestnut Hill and Canterwood Crest the series that I had previously read I loved Heartland and Chestnut Hill and Canterwood crest was okay And then I read the summary and it sounded AMAZING I mean horses and a murder with a girl who is like a Doctor Doolittle with horses And there were parts I loved but there were parts I really didn't likeTHE PREMISEVivienne Taylor may come from a small town but she dreams big Her one goal in life is to become an Olympic Rider but that's not all Viv is the euivalent of Dr Doolittle except for the fact that the only animal's minds she can read are horses After getting the chance of the lifetime she leaves her small town of Albany Oregon and heads to Fairmont Academy in Southern California There she hopes to follow her dreams and achieve the beginning steps to becoming an Olympic Rider Moments after arriving she realizes she has been immersed into the world of rich kids who are total jerks Things get worse for Viv when she realizes her horse Harmony has suffered trauma after seeing her owner and school vet die Harmony slowly lets Viv learn her secret and Viv realizes that there was to the death of Dr Miller than everyone originally believes Viv also has to deal with the abuse of her peers and trying to make new friends Summary via me The GoodReads summary sucks but I doubt mine is too much betterTHE PROS 1 I really liked Vivienne She was a strong character who wasn't scared of the evil new kids in her school Instead of conforming to what everyone else was she stayed her own person 2 I really liked the opening chapter I loved reading about the horse and the author wrote that scene very vividly I liked learning about all of the technical terms of what was happening to the horse3 I loved that Viv could read horses minds It was a cool gift and it was really uniue 4 I liked Riley He was a really cool character 5 I love mysteries and I loved how Viv was involved in the mystery of the vet's death I loved how her gift played such an important role in the mystery6 I really wanted to find out Riley and Tristan's secrets Both had secrets and they really kept you reading So that was definitely good7 There were some things left open at the end of the book making it possible for a seuel or series They weren't big cliff hangers but it's enough to make you want to pick up the next bookTHE CONS1 Random third Person POV This is just me but I am not a big fan of third person I never can get into the book So when it started off with Viv's POV in first person I loved it but then there were these random chapters from Riley and Tristan's POVs They were just so weird There didn't seem to be a pattern to them either2 Riley and Tristan although intriguing were gross I mean ewwww I would have liked them so much if I didn't have to be in there minds3 The popular crowd was so cliched You've read the same thing a million times in these books The popular girls are rich smart and awesome riders It is always like that These girls didn't even have redeeming ualities they were just evil4 The ending was way to uick It was like ooohhhh killer Boom crash kissing WEIRDOVERALLThis was a really enjoyable read It was kind of predictable and there were parts that totally disgusted me but I liked the overall book I will definitely be checking the next book in the series outWOULD I READ THIS BOOK YES It was a fun readWOULD I BUY THIS BOOK If I was in the mood for something lightWOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK To those who don't mind the grossness of the guys and who like horses and murder WILL I READ THE NEXT BOOK YESWILL I READ MORE BY THIS AUTHOR YES I am interested to know how her writing evolves

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    35 StarsI really liked the premise of this book For a horsey girl like me it certainly satisfied there I'm sure all horse people like myself would LOVE to have the ability to 'talk' with horses as Vivienne Taylor does here The authors authentic horse know how clearly comes from years of experience rather than book learned theory coming across naturally on the page Vivienne was pretty easy to like and Harmony caught my heartHowever I did have a few little issues with this I found it hard to get on with the chapters that focused on other characters giving their side of the story When Viv what dealing with things other than Harmony I often found her emotions lacking as well I wanted More depth feeling Any yet when it came to the mysteries I wanted less Much less There were a lot of little threads throughout the book come connected to the mane story some not And while it ends with the suggestion of books to come explaining some of these it felt like there was just too much scattered thoughts and possibilities at times I wanted focus on the main story and Viv adjusting to life at this special exclusive euestrian school There were also times where sentences just didn't seem to fit jumping from one thing to another without warning Possibly this is a result of the Kindle edition format but either way it interuppted the flow of the book and a couple of times had me clicking back a page to reread bits to see if it made senseOverall I did enjoy this book It certainly satisfied on a horse front and is sure to be a fan with the majority of horses teens and adults alike I hope there are to come with Vivienne Taylor because despite my issues with the book I'd love of Viv's connection with horses

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    45 starsI was excited to read this book when I heard about it Ever since I was young I always loved horses so I couldn't wait to read Silent Harmony It was good but not great It had many of my favorite things horses mystery and paranormal ualities the main character is able to read horses mindsmoods and communicate with them At the beginning I felt she overdid it with the guys Which turned out to be fine since view spoilerthey were all a part of the Scholarship Girl Game where the first three guys who see the new girl on a scholarship compete to be with the girl in order to win the money of those who placed bets Another thing that I didn't like was that the author jumped from POVs which annoys me It would be fine if it was Vivienne then Riley then Tristan not necessarily in that order but each character's POV would be in every third chapter instead of the POVs being somewhat randomly placed hide spoiler

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    I really wanted to LOVE this book When I saw it in Walmart and read the back I was so excited for such a uniue concept However it did not live up to my expectations The POV of the boys was weak and less interesting than the main character not sure why it was even included honestly The story dragged uite a bit with no real “action” until Chapter 20 It was going to get a lower grade but after Chapter 20 it really did get a hell of a lot better so it got bumped up The author and the storyline has potential but I don’t think it was executed as well as it could have been I gave it a chance and finished the book but not everyone is as happy to do that so I worry that readers aren’t getting to the “good stuff” I loved Viv and her gift and I never saw the result coming could not predict the killer and I love that because it seems mystery books are easy to predict lately I sort of wish the story hadn’t gone to the academy but rather stayed at Viv’s home I much enjoyed her chemistry with her mother brother friends and horse Dean All of that being said if the author continues the series I will probably check it out because I’m curious about Vivvie and her journey through lifeGenevieve

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    Plot There was a lot going on in this book The main mystery was interesting but there were a lot of uestions that never got resolved The plot was entertaining in a ridiculous soap opera kind of way I did feel like the resolution of the mystery was a bit rushed and didn't necessarily make the most senseCharacters I wanted to like Vivienne Her ability to communicate with horses was cool and she really loved the animals But I just couldn't make myself like her Overall I felt like the characterization of most of the characters was inconsistent Martina was the only character I really liked Overall The writing style was what really kept me from enjoying this book I had a big issue with the fact that Vivienne's chapters were in 1st person while Riley and Tristan's chapters were in 3rd person it made the transition between chapters really jarring I also felt like the writing style was very stilted and suited to a children's chapter book but the content of this book was definitely for teenagers not kids The crazy plot was entertaining but the writing kept me from really engaging with it