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Considering that Feist wrote this book over 20 years ago, it was wonderful to see the character and plot devices That said, for all of my enthusiasm with the early plot twists and character development, I was left flat on a few aspects The first after now having read six Feist books , I am disappointed to see how he creates strong women characters, only to weaken or subvert them to minor roles, or poorly characterized actions by the end of each book When will one of these women be allowed to stand up and slay all before them I have a young daughter and will probably not encourage her to read Feist for this reason.The second point is that I felt Feist got bored of the writing towards the end of this book He created another wonderful yarn, only to have it very quickly wrap up with only limited fanfare, killing off a few negligible characters, and halfheartedly tying up ends, as if he had run out of pages.That said, another wonderfully imaginative adventure, introducing Novindus to the reader for I m sure plenty of books to come. This book was bloody brilliant a swashbuckling pirating adventure with some great companionship and friendships The story was fast paced and entertaining The main character nicholas starts off bumbling and unsure of himself and grows into a man over the course of the story There was some interesting magic and discoveries that I thoroughly enjoyed I would highly recommend this book and I m really glad I carried on with my feist reading. Long Recovered From The Ravages Of The Riftwar, The Land And People Of The Kingdom Of The Isles Thrive Nicholas, The Youngest Son Of Prince Arutha, Is Intelligent And Gifted But Vastly Inexperienced In Hopes Of Hardening Him, His Father Sends Him And His Irreverent Squire, Harry, To Live At Rustic Castle Crydee To Learn Of Life Beyond The Halls Of Privilege But Within Weeks Of Nicholas And Harry S Arrival, Crydee Is Viciously Attacked By Unknown Assailants, Resulting In Murder, Massive Destruction, And The Abduction Of Two Young Noblewomen The Raiders Have Come From A Pirate Haven And Are No Ordinary Foe But An Enemy Connected To Dark Magical Forces That Threaten The Lands Nicholas Will Someday Rule If He Survives The King s Buccaneer, the fifth book in the Riftwar Cycle, is another largely standalone story Having read the previous books definitely enriches the experience, but it can certainly be read on its own I have a soft spot for Nicholas, the protagonist of this book His overwhelming need to be good enough, to get his father s approval, was something I strongly identified as a teen when I first read the book and my sympathy for Nicky has never left me, even if like Nicky, I mostly grew out of having to have my father s approval to feel I was a good person Add to that the fact that they pretend to be pirates in the story and how could I not like it So, pirates Funnily enough, despite all I thought I remembered about this novel, there is a lot less sailing than I d expected I do love the time they spend on board their ship the Raptor and their stay in Freeport We discover a lot of new ground in this book, mostly on the faraway continent of Novindus To be honest, I found the first quarter or so before the raid a little slow slow enough I even had a bit of a break at about a fifth in due to other blog reading, though I jumped back in with no problem but once the raid happens and they set sail, I kept turning pages and I got pulled into the rescue story and following the characters on their quest.The King s Buccaneer has some lovely characters Nicholas is an intriguing protagonist and I love his arc from insecure, bashful youth to a confident and competent adult I m conflicted about how his clubfoot was treated however, because on the one hand the fact that it was a symbol of Nicky s fears and insecurities which couldn t be completely cured unless he overcame them was a lovely metaphor, on the other hand why couldn t he have succeeded with the clubfoot He seemed to be doing well enough for himself before Pug helped him cure himself Still, as mentioned before, Nicky has a soft spot in my heart and I loved his story I loved the interaction between Marcus and Nicholas, as they are the perfect illustration of the old adage Sometimes the people who are most annoying to us are those who resemble us most closely The slow move from obvious dislike and distrust to wary alliance and later true comradeship was great to read and it shows that Feist is not only able to write great friendly duo s such as Jimmy and Locky, Nicky and Harry, and Erik and Roo, but less likely friendships as well.The narrative has great secondary characters in Nakor, Ghuda, Amos, Calis, and Harry The latter is rather reminiscent of Locky he has the same exuberant and loyal nature and a similar eye for the ladies It was great to reunite with the three older men and the chance to see of Tomas and Aglaranna s son Calis was interesting too In Margaret we finally get a female character that never lacks agency Whatever happens to the girls and even if, in the end, they are rescued by our rescuing party Margaret never gives up and keeps trying to discover a way to escape her captors This impression is strengthened by the contrast with Abigail, which is a bit disappointing, as where Margaret is described as handsome, not conventionally pretty, Abigail is and while her function as foil for the competent Margaret works, it s too bad that the beautiful, blonde girl has to be a helpless wretch when push comes to shove So it s two steps forward one step back in that regard.The key question in this reread series for every book is has it held up In the case of The King s Buccaneer I have to conclude that yes, so far I think it s held up the best of all of them Not only are we finally moving towards some competent, agency wielding women, we also have an interesting protagonist who has an interesting internal struggle to conquer in addition to the horrific plot the raiders have hatched that he and his companions need to foil Despite the reservations I still have regarding some of the authorial choices made, especially concerning Nicky s foot, The King s Buccaneer remains a wonderful read and one that still leaves me closing the book on the last page with a satisfied smile. This review is part of my Midkemia Reread, in which I read all the books Raymond E Feist wrote, set in the world of Midkemia For on the why and how of this series of reviews, check out Midkemia Reread An Introduction. The King s Buccaneer, written by Raymond Feist.ISBN 0 586 20322 2 and published by Voyager An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers in 1995.Cover illustration by Geoff TaylorThis adventure is set 10 years after the events recounted in Prince of the Blood and tells the events of Nicolas, the third son of Arutha and Anita conDoin.Nicolas and his squire Harry are sent to Crydee where Nicolas is to learn about the day to day life at the frontier Nicolas is expected to act as the squire of Duke Martin conDoin and Harry as squire of the Duke s son, Marcus Nicolas nephew Crydee is attacked from sea and completely destructed during the night Several townspeople and members of the court are abducted and taken away, including the Duke s daughter Margaret and her companion Abigail Here starts the long and dangerous journey to rescue the noblewomen During the journey it becomes clear to Nicolas that is at stake than the lives of those who were captured.A fantastic book again by Raymond Feist Start and don t stop reading this book which is, according to my opinion, better than the previous book about Borric and Erland Feist gives most of the characters of the previous books a key role in this adventure and at the same time adding new characters The interaction between the characters in a complete new part of Midkemia the isle Novinous makes this page turner.A summary of the main characters of this book and I ve surely forgotten several Ghuda Bul , former mercenary and now owner of the Inn, The Dented Helmet Nakor, Isalani monk Amos Trask, Admiral of the Prince s fleet of the Kingdom Navy Lawrence, the assistant pilot Nicolas, youngest Son of the Prince of Krondor Harry, Son of the Earl of Ludland and Prince Nicolas squire Arutha conDion, Prince of Krondor Anita his wife Geoffrey, the Duke of Krondor Prelate Graham, bishop of the Order of Dala Princess Alicia, Anita s mother William, Knight Marshal of Krondor Baron Jerome, Master of Ceremony Mr Rhodes, First Mate of the Royal Eagle.Pug, The Magician Gathis, seneschal of Pug s estate Solunk, porter of Pug s estate Lady Ryana, guest at Pug s estate Duke Martin of Crydee and his wife the Duchess Briana Marcus and Margaret, son and daughter of Martin and Briana The Lady Abigail, daughter of Baron Bellemy of Carse and companion of Margaret.Swordmaster Charles Horsemaster Faxon Housecarl Samual Anthony, Magician Mastercook Megar and his wife Magya Tomas parents Rulf, the senior stableman and his sons Tom and Sam Vasarius, a merchant in fine silks and perfume Huntmaster Garret Calis, son of Tomas and Aglaranna Robin, a page working for the housecarl Captain Render Little Harold, one of Captain Render s band Patrick of Duncastle, Sheriff of Freeport William Swallow, head of the Captains Peter Dread, one of the seven Captains James Scarlett, also one of the seven Captains Brisa, odd girl at Freeport Arjuna Svadjian and Saji interviewing Abigail and Margaret Mikola, Hetmen of the Zakosha Riders Tuka, wagoneer Prajichetas and Vajasiah, two mercenaries Dubas Nebu, Captain of the Second Company of his Radiance s Own Keeler, owner of a hostel in The City of the Serpent River Anward Nogosh Pata, merceant Vaslaw Nacoyen, Chieftan of the Lion Clan The Lady Clovis, formally Jorna Iasha, the Rajana of Kilbar Pickens, acting First Mate on the Royal Eagle Gregory, acting bosun s mate. Another very enjoyable read. This was a good read It s well written, but fairly standard stuff I thought it was a significant step above Prince of the Blood It follows Nicholas, the youngest son of Arutha of Krondor He has a deformed foot from birth, and has always felt inadequate as a result His father sends him to his uncle in the rougher backwater of Crydee for some seasoning After some brief hardship as his uncle s squire, the town is raided and two of the royal women are kidnapped They go on a quest across the world to rescue the girls, and along the way Nicholas learns to assert himself As I said, pretty standard, but Nicholas is a well drawn, likable character And some of the supporting characters have their moments as well.To my tastes, the villainous forces here are too abstract There is no believable face of evil in this book nor in the last Its also marred by a Pug ex machina, which is telegraphed from almost the very beginning, and still manages to be annoying and a trifle anti climactic when it occurs But there is a lot to like in this book, including several women in the book who manage to have personalities and not merely be objects for rescue or romantic interests though they do fill those roles as well.As with the first series, I have liked the last two books, but still find myself doubting whether I want to continue I guess someday I will go on to one of the early series It looks like there are three groups of books to choose from for a next step But I don t feel in any rush to do so. Hmm I have mixed feelings about this book Taken alone, the plot is ok although it sometimes feel like a teenage boy s kind of story, where the guys get to save the girls, and while the girls are the intelligent and strong kind, they still need boys to rescue them It starts off well, and in Feist s great style of character development Unfortunately, a third into the book, and things start to get very cliched including the almost classical bad but not evil pirate archetype Still, there are still parts that are golden, the action is good, and the pacing of the story is still excellent Taken in the context of the Riftwar Saga, with incredibly powerful characters like Pug and Tomas, their absence felt very shabbily explained away, and the whole plot, from start to finish felt a little like a rehash of A Darkness at Sethanon the overall events took the same path All in all, it s an ok read if you want to fill in the gaps of Midkemia s history, but if you re expecting Feist to be in form, then you ll be disappointed. I think I am running out of reviews for fantasy books that pretty much consist of I liked but didn t love it This is better written than most of the ones I ve been writing about, and the plot at least takes the quest of a motley crew someplace reasonably new, but at its heart, it s another unlikely companions go on a quest for something Again, if I hadn t read so much fantasy recently, that would roll off my back.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook The King s Buccaneer is the second and final book in the 3rd published subseries of Raymond E Feist s Riftwar Cycle The story stands alone from the first book and takes place 9 years later It has different main characters and a separate story, although we see some returning secondary characters In some ways, this is of a sequel to the first series than anything, but I guess this is an ongoing plot thread that we ll see throughout the various subseries.The previous book focused on the twin sons of view spoiler Prince Arutha hide spoiler